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Eva & Tony: Femme Fatale Is a Fraud

12/13/2007 6:42 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Eva Longoria and her basketballin' husband Tony Parker are firing back against scandalicious Internet reports which claim the NBA star has been putting the full court press on hot French model Alexandra Paressant. Not only do the Parkers believe that Alexandra's story is about as real as the New York Knicks playoff hopes, but they claim the model has pulled this kind of crap before. They are saying she a golddigger!
Eva, Tony
In a statement to TMZ, Eva's rep Liza Anderson, says "These allegations are completely, 100% false and untrue. All high profile couples fall victim to these sorts of things in the course of their relationships. It appears that this is not the first time this woman has used an athlete to gain public notoriety." Eva says, "Tony has been nothing short of the perfect husband." As for Tony, he says, "I love my wife. She's the best thing in my life, and I have never been happier."

Last year soccer star Ronaldinho, who Paressant had dated, sued her for alleging he partied before World Cup games. What's the French word for "indiscreet hussy"?


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Tony is 25 & has a $100M Spurs' future & a pre nuptial agreement - so who is "Desperate" now?

2485 days ago

Bunny Rabbit    

Well, I don't know if this allegation is true, but my best friend was out to dinner with her boyfriend in a famous restaurant in the city of Lyon in France and she saw Tony Parker having diner there with his manager and he kept looking at her and crap.

At the end, while her boyfriend was in the restrooms, he asked her if she would like to go for a drink after, or something..

So i don't really know if I believe this chick and the text messages she's provided, but I sure believe he is a bit of a cheater..

2485 days ago


TMZ you're slipping - I read this on MSNBC four hours ago.

He cheated.


2485 days ago


It is man's human instinct to cheat. I have 6 brothers and all are their own individuals that each have this in them. Just accept it can happen to you no matter who or what you look like or how well you take care of your man.

Even we women cheat (I admit I have) but do it because our man ISN'T taking care of our needs or just because we can and it's not because it is our inbred instinct.

I do not condone cheating and I've haven't been cheated on but if it were to happen, I wouldn't assume it had something to do with me because I accept my man for who he is. If you end up with someone in the industry - and want to be with him - you have to accept that the temptations are unlimited and cannot expect him to never fall prey.

Men are simple. I don't know how many have told me that from sport stars to rock stars right down to the guy next door.

If more women just accepted that yes their man looks at other women, reads playboy, watches porn or fantasize about someone else while with you - it would be such a happy marriage.

Like my Dad raised me - if you can't beat 'em - join 'em. (or just accept them)

My guy likes it when I wear my Celtics apron with only high heels on during games and play bar maid. He even MAKES me watch the games with him now.

Come on Eva! put down the credit card and makeup and put on an apron!!!!

2485 days ago


So he loves his wife? Does that mean he didn't bang the living stuffing out of another chick? No it doesn't.

Instead of proclaiming his "love" for Eva his statement should have been filled with denial of the claims, proof that he was somewhere else doing something else when this model claims they were hooking up, and a denial that he knows her at all.

2485 days ago

Bunny Rabbit    

This was on X-1 know, the site that got the "EXCLUSIVE" you guys like to brag about so much - two days ago.

2485 days ago


How come Tony never denys it...only Eva...all he says is "I love my wife"!!

2485 days ago


"Heather" - that is a hard to believe story & "random" - your story is too random & carefree. Maybe elaborate on the point you are making?

2485 days ago

Bunny Rabbit    

Shut up random...your idea that you should lower your expectations of a person in order to meet the sleeziness of their behavior is really a sign of poor self esteem and no self worth.

The fact that you feel the need to brag about dating rockers and actors etc. further points out your insecurities. What have YOU accomplished - other than being a sexual play thing for men who have accomplished things in their lives? Trying to be important and successful by association?

People rise to the level of expectation that you put on them, and those who don't can go play in traffic.

2485 days ago


I know lots of men who LOVE their wife and still have sex with other women. Sex and love (especially in the current cultural climate) are not mutually exclusive.

Don't get me wrong - I think they SHOULD be... but they're just not.

2485 days ago


Of course he cheats. He's a basketball player. Basketball players get all the girls. I believe it.

2485 days ago


"Random" - First of all, humans don't have instinct. Second of all - there are millions (or at least thousands) of men in this country who are in a committed relationship and have never strayed. As for the ones who have, please don't excuse it by saying, "that's what men do." It's degrading and a little pathetic.

Frankly, you sound like you may have settled in a relationship that isn't fulfilling and now you're trying to sqaush your emptiness and insecurities by going along to get along. If that's true - I feel sorry for you. Everyone deserves to feel unconditionally loved and cherished.

2485 days ago

dont blame the playa    

its definitely true IMO...check her myspace comments on Sep 30 2007@ 8:30 AM .... job tony!

2485 days ago


I give this marriage 6 months tops.

2485 days ago


triple old G

2485 days ago
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