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Amos Goes Ape****!

12/14/2007 5:52 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A word of advice: don't disturb Tori Amos while she's working.

Two fans learned that lesson the hard way and ended up with a verbal smack down from the crotchety singer before they were unceremoniously booted from her Wednesday night concert in San Diego. Code Red!

The piano playin' mama was in mid song when she suddenly began lashing out at the girls: "It's a privilege to sit in the front row. I reserve those seats for people who appreciate music. Get the f--- out!"

So much for being silent all these years.

UPDATE: A rep for Tori's record label just contacted TMZ with the following statement: "Tori doesn't sell front row seats to her shows. She'll pick fans that are in the back row and she will upgrade them. It is a privilege to get picked. Apparently these two girls were on their cell phones all night... It was her sticking up for her other fans that missed out on the opportunity."


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YESSS! Go Tori!!! Inconsiderate little bitches need to be told who's boss!

2442 days ago


She lets people sit in the front without charging them so I say she has every right to 86 the brats. Right on Tori!

2442 days ago


Awesome! Nothing is more annoying than rude-ass people who don't know when to put their cell phone away. Rock on Tori!

2442 days ago


I guess some people have never been to show where its RUDE to talk while the performing is playing.

Its not about living "in the States" where manners are bad. Bad manners are around the globe. If you think this is not the case you live in the ages of the dinosoaur...tell Fred and Barnie I said 'Ello.

Good for Tori for sticking to what she belives in.

2442 days ago


As a longtime fan and concert attender of Tori Amos shows, I have never seen her stop the show for something like that. I think it is fantastic that she told them off, the fans at her shows are unlike any other fans I have seen and are for the most part rude. They stole those seats. Trust me, she would not have done that if it was not needed.

2442 days ago


Right on Tori! And why should she "civilly" speak to these rude girls talking on their cell phones during her venue disturbing the surrounding guests? Should Faith Hill have leaned down and quietly asked that idiot who grabbed her husbands crotch not to do that again? Please!

I was a Blue October's show at the Greek 2 months back and 8 rows center and obvious friends of theirs (or felt they were) talked the whole show and there was 7 of them chit chatting away! I didn't say anything because I was with my boyfriend and his 16 year old daughter and didn't want to embarrass them - I won't let that stop me next time!

It amazes me the rudeness of people these days that do that.

2442 days ago

Check Again    

Tori's rep needs to look at the people in the front row- it's the same people every night.

2442 days ago


That's uncalled for school bully behavior. Those girls should contact a lawyer.

2442 days ago


Tori's management is lying. It is the same 20 or so obnoxious entitled regulars who sit the in the front row night after night WHO DO NOT PAY FOR TICKETS at all. They wait around until Smitty comes out with the front row tickets to get in. Rarely do they pay for seats. Perhaps some do for the number of all of them, perhaps a few tickets get purchased and they wait to see how many get in front. Night after night it is the same vile few who get to sit in front and who are arrogant about it.

If they truly loved music then they would PAY FOR THEIR TICKETS

2442 days ago


Has Tori Amos even been relevant since the 90's? I think not. Let the bashing begin, you sandal-wearing hippies.

2442 days ago


I used to really be into tori. I think her best era was 'scarlets walk' where she seemed to be experiencing a very deep and profound spiritual shift. I don't know if she feels this type of behaviour is empowering, or where the hell its coming from. But its ugly behaviour, and i personally feel is indicative of a mid-life crisis gone wrong. Just because you've got fans cheering you on, doesn't make it right. I don't care how she justifies it. And her little daughter natasha is sitting at home while she's acting like a lunatic, screaming profanities.

Ego is an ugly thing my friends! It destroys the best of we are witnessing the destruction of what internal beauty was left in amos. -nate/21/chicago

2442 days ago


I hope those concert goers sue her. I think it is unprofessional for her to stop her show mid song to verbally abuse those audience members and also remove them from the concert they paid too see even if they did not purchase front row seats at first. Public humiliation such as what she did to those two audience members far outweigh the offense Ms . Amos was acting out against.
What she should have done is had her handlers quietly remove those two audience members and send them back to their original seats and bring two other audience members forward to the front row in their place. This could have been done between sets without much fanfare thereby maintaining Ms. Amos image and the positive energy of the show. Unfortunately I think she chose to take the low road in this case.
Finally, i have to say that those two audience members broke no laws unless it was posted at the venue or printed on the tickets that cell phones were not permitted. They were rude to use their phones during the concert yes but if there were no stated rules banning the use of the phones then they were not treated fairly or justly in being booted from the entire concert instead of just losing their front row seats.

2442 days ago


I would give both of my big toes to see a front row tori show! Stupid bitches!

2442 days ago


you people are idiots... "get lawyers"??? what the hell is the crime??!

2442 days ago


She is a performer and the audience interaction is very important to the quality of the show. If she did give those tickets away for free and she found the people disrespectful, then good for her. Too many times people in audience feel entitled to disturb the other people around them with innapropriate behavior. The Artists do see this from stage and can rarely do anything about it. I have seen people throw full glasses of alcohol at singers while performing, disgusting. People have no problem throwing coins (Which damage instruments and hurt like hell when they hit) Stuffed animals, underwear (yeah thats fresh) as well as themselves full force onto stages at performers. Also artists generally don't want there shows filmed or recorded without consent - something that can be done on many cell phones now days, hence camera and phone bans at many venues.
Lets talk about Pot. You tokers go ahead and enjoy yourselves, don't worry about that cool artist you are going to see who has completed re-hab and is trying to stop. We all know that smoke doesn;'t spread in a room. LOL
So while your all bashing Tori for overeacting, remember that she is the one working and putting her art out there for people to enjoy.

2442 days ago
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