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Contestant: The Prize is WRONG, Bitch!

12/14/2007 6:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A "Price is Right" contestant claims that she received a damaged vehicle instead of the BRAND NEW CAR!!! she was supposed to get after winning on the show -- and she's pissed!
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In court papers filed today in L.A. County Superior Court, Donna Tillman claims she came on down in June 2004 and won a new Pontiac GTO Coupe, worth $33,495. Not bad, right? Here's where it gets screwy. Tillman claims her car got bounced around from Australia to San Francisco to Pasadena before being delivered to her.

A year later, Tillman says she took the car in for some maintenance work, and was told by her local dealership the car had "existing front end and structural frame damage" and that the repairs had been done in a way to "conceal or hide the damage by persons unknown."

Tillman is suing the show, CBS, the car dealership and the transport company, claiming negligence and breach of contract and seeking unspecified damages.

CBS declined comment. The owner of the dealership in question tells TMZ there is "no record in any way, shape or form" of the car being damaged. A number for the car transport company could not be found.


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When you win your lawsuit, go out and buy that 1967 Goat you really wanted! I saw that piece of crap you won in 2004. I fully support your guts for not putting up!

2458 days ago


Hey Jackboy, you're retarded... Donna is not a glue sniffer nor a scam artist... She won a car that was damaged by someone that is not related to her... Donna is a respectful person and would not purposely try and rip someone off. Why would she spend money to try and get what is rightfully hers even if the case got dropped.

Everyone loves Price is Right, but I think TMZ is right by saying the Price is WRONG.

2458 days ago

Here comes the judge    

Wow..................Now this is news! Shame on The Price is Right!

2471 days ago

Uh huh    

You'd think someone wouldn't b*tch too much when they didn't have to PAY for the car in the first place no? Tho I think the dealership involved and CBS should look into doing something about the car.

The only issue I have is with the 'year later' part. Did this person think to maybe...just maybe...look into this issue sooner? Because it puts alot of time between when the car was received and when this person decided to 'finally' complain about it.

2471 days ago


Whoa. Shame on the price is right. ;( They put her in danger. In a bad accident, it might not perform as well as it's supposed to, and frame safety features could fail. Shame on them!

2471 days ago

Uh huh    

Oh let me rephrase that.....I can understand why CBS isn't saying anything: THREE YEARS???? NOT ONE YEAR BUT THREE??? There has to be some sort of variation of statute of limitations or something. Or perhaps someone didn't read their signed contract when receiving the items won on the show.

Makes it look a whole lot different. That's like me taking a car won on a game show, getting it into an accident, getting it repaired, then returning to complain that 'it doesn't work right - give me another'.

Stupid stupid stupid.

2471 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

To bad Bob's retired, he would kick her a$$, Just ask Happy Gilmore!

2471 days ago


Awwww, whiney little woman didn't get a new car ;( boo-hoo. Probably15% of America doesn't even have a car and she has the audacity toeven complain? If it is a safety issue, then yes, they need to fixit. However, if it is just a dent or a scratch she needs to shut thehell up and be happy she even got a car.

2471 days ago


Lesson to everyone.....Even if a car is supposedly new, Spend a few bucks and get a Car Fax report on the VIN number. You can do it right online in a matter of minutes. The VIN # is prominently displayed on several places on the car, including on a sticker on the inside of the open drivers side door and there is a plate with the number you can see through the botttom of the windshield by the drivers side of the car. Anyone getting a car, new or used, should get a report on the VIN number.

2471 days ago


She's suing over 3 years later? She probably damaged it herself. You know how those female drivers are.

2471 days ago


does this broad have any kids that might have driven the car, wrecked it, and had it repaired w/o her knowing it? i was a teenager once and did many stupid things and covered them up so my folks wouldn't know! come on folks, 3 YEARS later and she wants her a replcement car or some other monetary kickback?? whatever! my BRAND NEW $30k plus car is a little over 3 years old and i wouldn't take it back to the dealer and say, oh, yeah, the AC just stopped working and i think y'all owe me something'!! get a job and buy your own dang car with your own dang money and you won't have to worry about the piece of crap you on on a game show!!!

2471 days ago

a guy    

#2- WHY DON'T YOU WAIT FOR THE FACTS BEFORE YOU JUDGE YOU IDIOT. This happened in 2004, so why is this now being brought to light. #2 IS AN IDIOT. IDOT. IDIOT.

2471 days ago

a guy    

Sorry, I meant #1. number one is an idiot. you stupid f...

2471 days ago

I laugh at other's misfortunes    

Is she suing Bob Barker for sexual harrassment too?? Bob says "Donna Tillman.......GO ON DOWN!!!!"

2471 days ago


Every one of you would do the same thing if it happened to you!!!

2471 days ago
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