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Dramatic 911 Call -- Part Two

12/17/2007 1:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

We have more of the frantic 911 call made by Donda West's friends and family. In the second part, one woman is clearly overwhelmed and begins hyperventilating as the 911 dispatcher attempts to give instructions on how to perform CPR. Click to hear.

Warning: The content is graphic.
Donda West 911 call part 2


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Poor lady. It's such a tragedy. I don't blame TMZ at all for posting this. The tapes were aired on the major Entertainment news programs today. TMZ has a great reputation of bringing us beaking news first. They are simply doing their job.

Also we live in a different time. If you are a celebrity you will have ABSOLUTELY no privacy. I don't think it's right but it's an absolute fact of life.

In the beginning I believed that Vanity killed her. I was like, "Why is a woman in her late 50's getting plastic surgery anyway?!"
Especially since it is well known that as you age, you don't heal as well.

However, I'm really starting to just think about the pain the family is in. It's so very sad.

I think it was harder for me to feel sympathetic towards Kanye, because he seems so unbelievably arrogant. But I can definitely sympathize now.

The worst part of it all is that this was TOTALLY avoidable. I think that will be the most difficult thing for the family to deal with.

And didn't two doctors refuse to operate on her prior to him settling on Dr. Adams? Did know one do any research? A background check on him? They didn't think that was important?

I'm still upset that Dr. Adams was accused of sexual battery and that still wasn't enough to tarnish his reputation prior to the death of Ms. West. Sooo sad.

Anywho, I do feel sorry for the family. I know that coming to terms with this will be extremely difficult.

Espicially when it comes to the friends. Let me tell you, that was something. I won't even say what I was thinking while listening to that tape.

But I feel sorry for the friends as well. They are going to be looked down upon. Simply because people want answers, and they were with her during such crucial moments, it's sad.

At least her friends were there and she didn't have to die alone.

I don't know anything about the family, and I still don't understand it. What made her think that she needed a body lift and breast-whatever?

I mean, I would think that in your late 50's you would have developed a different view on life. That you would have moved beyond the superficial after living so long and seeing so much.

At 58 years old why in the world would you feel the need to impress anyone? Wouldn't you be beyond that?

It's just really sad.

It's not like she was 300+ pounds and needed gastric bypass surgery, to save her life.

I just don't get it. Didn't she know the risks? Did she think about what her death would do her family? What made her so desperate to have a different appearance?

And also, with all of the money and resources they have they couldn't find SOME doctor that was board-certified and willing to operate?

Why didn't she just take the advice of the first two doctors she consulted? Why didn't she listen to them?

And what's with the "Out-patient surgery"? Since when is it okay to send someone home immediately following major surgery? I mean really? Did ANYONE have common sense? I mean that doesn't even half-way sound feasible. If a Dr. told me he was sending me home following major surgery, I would have run out of his office and declared him a nut.

I can understand if a person's judgement is clouded because they want something so badly. But what about friends and family? Did anyone voice concerns?

I can't believe it. Bizarre.

So many questions, not many answers.


2469 days ago


Oh man!! Now thats comedy!!!

2468 days ago


Some of you guys are brutal! These women came to check on their friend and was thrown into this spiral of events. The dispatcher should have yelled into the phone to snap the woman out of her obvious state of panic. SHE WAS IN PURE PANIC AND Terror, this is how you react. You can't think rationally in a panic until you are snapped out of it. And on top of that the other lady hyperventilated out of panic and seeing her friend like that! Ther is no telling how long she was like that when they discovered her. It sounded like a pulmonary embolus.

The doctor is at fault for letting her come home not the ladies. People with wounds are discharged with home health nurses that come out to the home and assess and change the dressing etc. This doctor obviously did not care about his patients. Dr. West just trusted this "doctor". He probably gave her an on the spot exam to diss the other docs to act as if they are just covering their behinds by telling her to get a check up. Some docs do that, especially the unscrupolous ones. There are a lot of non surgical things she could have done like non surgical rhinoplasty where a moldable injectable solution is injected and shaped in the noe. Botox, a small diet may have helped her lose some of her boobs. Dental work and tooth whitening would have made her look years younger.

Like alot of mothers, she has worked hard in her career and raised her son. She finally was able to do something for herself to make her look as young as she feels. Such a great loss. This is also why Star Jones did not want to publicize her surgery because she did not want to be the poster child for gastric bypass and encourage others to follow her example and have results like this but the dumb public slammed her for trying to be responsible. she even said that this was something she came to a decision about with the help of her docs to save her life from obesity.

2468 days ago

Mz Sexy    

What's sad is that her life probably could have been saved. The people in the house and the lady on the phone caused a total distraction and wasted a lot of time! They didn't even know how to do CPR but claimed that they did. I can't believe this!

2468 days ago


The people on this tape killed her with their stupidity. Seriously, are they retarded? I have never heard anything more frustrating...that 911 guy probably hit his head through a wall when he was done with the call.

2468 days ago


This is ridiculous, I cant believe that TMZ would post this. TMZ should be a shamed of themselves. Especially at a time like this in someones life, they would add misery to this man's greif. For one minute everyone should forget what they feel about Kanye (the haters) and think that this might have been one of your family members. And for the people assistanting Kanye mother during her time of need should have really listened to the 911 dispatcher, she may have still been alive today. May Donda West Rest In Peace & God Bless Kanye and his family.

2468 days ago


What a bunch of retards....They all have blood on their hands!

2467 days ago

one who cares    

You people are all insane. This poor woman on the phone was in a panick and was helping the other woman while speaking to the operator. Instead of wanting to criticize- probably simply because you know shes a black woman on the phone, you should ask how yourselves, how would you have reacted in the same situation? Its obvious that they cared deeply for Dr. West. You can hear the people in the background trying to revive her and crying and begging her to wake up! You all will go to hell. You evil, racist, judgemental, fake, hypocrites!!!! And Harvey, you and your people are no bettter. I pray for Kanye and his family...Trust this, he will make it through- would you????

2467 days ago
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