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Jamie Is a Foxx

12/17/2007 4:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Temperatures reached ri-damn-diculous levels in South Beach on Friday -- when Jamie Foxx roamed shirtless (and possibly underwear-less) in Miami. Matthew McCona-who?!
Jamie Foxx
Holding a cocktail and sporting shades, low-cut shorts -- and little else, the abs-olutely slammin' 40-year-old showed off his fine features, after hosting his Foxxhole radio show. Dranks to that!

Who wouldn't want a booty call from Jamie?!


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Well, there goes breakfast. Thanks alot. Ewwww.

2510 days ago


Everyone!!!!!! leave Jamie alone he is about to go through mid life crisis give some credit

ms. unique

2510 days ago


My daddy looks fine!

2510 days ago


I like him, but this photo is horrible. My grandfather who would have been about 120 right now used to wear a hat like that!

2510 days ago


Miguel is Hater!!!! and all ya'll on here are Haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

2510 days ago


unbecoming of Mr. Jamie.

2510 days ago


to # 21 buttons/// why try and make this a white/black issue. Is that all some people think about? Just looks like Jamie is having a good time to me....

2510 days ago


You little girls that are making drooling comments, you have NO CLASS and must be desperate. Jamie, low budget picture. As my grandpa would say, "Take off big brothers pants and have your mom and dad buy you your own!"


2510 days ago


Look, Like if we have not forgotten who Jamie Fox is. He is funny, that meaning a laugh all the way around. Come on now, In Living Color...... Next time I hope it all comes off and you guys can take a picture of that....(But I hope it's not too cold;)

2509 days ago


For all those gross comments, you obviously gay or never had or will have a asiatic brother like this. This is all natural. Thick not too skinny and clean. This is how your man should look. Gross, PUHlease, Your man must be fat and pasty! 40 is the new 30 and Jamie Looks real tasty, real tasty, real damn tasty. I mean G DAMN!

2509 days ago


Can he not afford to buy some pants that fit? A belt that works?
Black-white-Barney Low class (period) Arrest him for indecent exposer. I do not want
my chidren to be exposed to this on the streets of America
Other countries do not care, go there.

2509 days ago


The pink drink is GAYYYYYY

2509 days ago

Renee Gibson    

When I read this blog, I can truly say that I'm glad I'm not white. Apparently, if you are pass 23.5, you're no longer sexy. Once you get past a size 1, you're not sexy any more. That's according to white America. And people wonder why there are so many eating disorders in America! You guys are really brutal. I'm so glad people of color don't share the same beauty standards! It is okay for people of color to be 40 and sexy. Hell, we can even go up to double digit sizes and still be considered cute! Isn't that amazing?

I mean, seriously,these standards of beauty are ridiculous. Ladies, I run 30-40 miles per week, and there is no way in hell I could hold up to the brutal standards set on these blogs. Just that kind of exercise alone gives you a nice ass and some bigger legs. And when I turn 40, I hope I look half as good as this.

I think Jamie is still sexy, so is Wesley Snipes. And what has one got to do with the other? Are they ugly because they are dark skin? If so, get the hell over it. Everybody can't be high yellow and pasty white.

2509 days ago


Keep it in the BEDROOM please.

I do not need you to share anything of this sort with my eyes or my babies, in public

Thank you!

2508 days ago


What does age or color have to do with having class?
You should be ashamed of yourself Jamie! At least put on an extra long shirt since your pants don't fit you.

Our country is going down hill because people just don't care what they say or do anymore.
This is disgusting.

2508 days ago
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