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K-Fed to Brit -- January Doesn't Work for Me

12/17/2007 4:02 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned K-Daddy's lawyer is going back to court tomorrow morning in the never-ending custody war.

We're told Federline's lawyer, Mark Vicent Kaplan, will ask Commissioner Scott Gordon to delay a hearing next month where Spears will ask to restore some of her custody rights. In addition to custody, the Commish was supposed to decide if Britney could start driving her kids again. But Kaplan is asking that the hearing be put off 'til April.

We're told Brit's lawyer will show up and oppose Kaplan's move. If Kaplan succeeds, it will probably be April before she has a shot at regaining some custody rights.

We're also thinkin'....Kaplan may ask the Commish for sanction against Spears, who was too sick to sit for her deposition last Wednesday but not that sick so she couldn't party the same night.

Stay tuned.


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Ding Dang Y'all    

Neither one of these lunatics deserve children.
And I do still feel sorry for Britney as K-USER took advantage of an insecure young woman, to use her for her fame, get money for his other baby momma.
He just has a better lawyer than she does, and seems willing to listen to him. Anything to make more money off of Britney.
Her family should be ashamed....

2502 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

southern girl, what planet do you live on!?! Oh, this is just one big conspiracy by the courts to ruin Britch's good name! Hey IDIOT, last time I checked, the courts RIPPED AWAY her custody rights and she has resisted the courts at every chance. She just blew off yet another deposition. Just how stupid are you? Explain to me just why the courts did this to her,....oh, your fantasy land does not permit a real answer! You are just a bitter, angry person that had some boyfriend or ex husband 'screw you over'!

2502 days ago


Brit you are so getting screwed over in this deal.....please get you some attorneys that will look after you. It's a real shame when a sleazeball like GayFed is awarded kids in the first place. I would check to see if there was some kind of love triangle between GayFed his lawyer and that judge. The judge is not listening to facts but is being perusaded by the media, public and his 15 minutes of fame. Who judges the judges anyway or do they just have a free reign to play God.

2502 days ago

southern girl    

Hey Team Kevin,
What exactly does KMooch do all day again? Where is he employed to support his 2 other children?? I seem to have forgotten the name. It's real tough being a stay at home deadbeat when your ex wife is paying for a nanny per child, driver and your food and house oh, and car. I would have him start itemizing where that $15K goes. I would also call in a call to child and family services on a dead beat no child support paying dad on behalf of shar. Her lawyer needs to get more aggressive. I'd slap Kaplan with a deposition request on his fitness and all PRIOR, not present, bad acts. Yeah, he's a great dad and role model, by being unemployed, smoking weed and bringing strippers home (old enough to be his mom too). He doesn't get caught doing anything because no one cares where he is plus he's holing up and waiting for the payoff. As a mom of little ones myself, I'd call a spade a spade. At least when Britney has the kids, she's with them, not being babysat by a nanny or his mom.

2502 days ago

liz, fla    

49. Brit you are so getting screwed over in this deal.....please get you some attorneys that will look after you. It's a real shame when a sleazeball like GayFed is awarded kids in the first place. I would check to see if there was some kind of love triangle between GayFed his lawyer and that judge. The judge is not listening to facts but is being perusaded by the media, public and his 15 minutes of fame. Who judges the judges anyway or do they just have a free reign to play God.

Posted at 3:15PM on Dec 17th 2007 by SamD

you are a moron - how olf are you 12???????????????????????

2502 days ago

2 1/2 Volts    

I heard they digitally slimmed her down in the new video "Pieces of Me"

Can't they just digitally make her disappear!

2502 days ago


Good for team K-Fed! Give her a taste of her own medicine. By April she should have dug herself a hole deep enought that she will never climb out. Looks like it's over for dumbazz Brit! She is a total loser and doesn't have clue about ANYTHING..moron.

2502 days ago


Posted at 3:17PM on Dec 17th 2007 by BRIT'S UGLY
k-fed's lawyer himself he is using the media and presenting into court and the judge is "allowing" it...Judge ito the second.

2502 days ago


If the Judge has any fair play in him at all he will reject the sanctions and the delay. The longer he keeps those kids away from daily contact with their mother the higher the chance that the bond between mother and child will be broken forever. The court appointed monitor is enough protection for the kids and their presence in her life might help her gain the will to overcome whatever demons are in her mind. Certainly, after all these tests drugs are no longer an issue and the constant Pap coverage will also keep them safe.

Judges should be oriented to the safety and welfare of the children and having them share their lives with their mother is absolutely in their best interests and to their benefit.

2502 days ago

just wondering    

..anonymous #54....100% !!!!!!!

2502 days ago

Annonymous -    

all of you are just pathetic and bringing this on before the holidays, I would just drop it, once and for all, please if their is a link for kevin on here, take it off, he is no use in being part of the hollywood wars of divorce and child custody cases, because this is worthless - if you still want to talk about this, make it aftter the new year please - harvey do us all a favor, go spend time with your family and stop talkin non sense -


2502 days ago


jr and Annonymous why don't we spread the word to boycott all blogs,seriously maybe they will quit hounding her no clicks on the blogs means no money...tues,wed,thurs,

2502 days ago


Posted at 3:10PM on Dec 17th 2007 by Mischief

2502 days ago

Julie G.    

Wow!!!... Some of you are debating whether if Britney was partying or not on that day of deposition... It doesn't matter really... The point is Britney still had her legs around on that day... She decided to not use her legs over there to the court on the day of depos and decided to use her legs around out to do something on the same day into the night. ( whether partying or not,).... If she wants to have her rights, then she needs to put her legs there at the court on all cases to show she wants her kids that badly, not making excuse because she cannot stand the Kaplan, the lawyer, or the judge or who ever she hates. But in this case, Britney made the excuses not be there. for small insigficant reasons. If she been to all cases, not miss one, then it would be a different story... For me, I think K- Fed shall retains his parental rights to have the kids for time being til there is a good reason for him not to have the kids via the judge. I have seen with my cousin's divorce case her ex husband made excuses to show up too. My cousin Shelly made him pay her 5 thousand dollars every month since her ex husband owns 2 homes, and owns a big buisness. Before the divorce, He only show up once in his son's basketball game, and not attending enough to the both children -daughter and son's extraculactivities. Why?? He went out to see another woman during his late working hours...lost the interest to have the prorities of being a parent at the beginning.. it took Shelly some years put up with it , finally had with it. Same thing... Britney and K- Fed is not the only in the divorce case. like that. How can you say it is not fair to Britney or how unfair for K-Fed fighting?? It is the way it is.. The court only looking out on what they are ability to do in every aspects, not favoring the both,,,mostly in what their children needs in. It is still same old news!!!

2502 days ago

snark in the sav    

Um, #11, just staying off drugs, not driving drunk, and not hitting your kids doesn't automatically make you a good or fit parent. Sure, there are worse parents than she is, but there are many, many much better. Not being the worst possible parent doesn't mean she deserves to get custody back. If nothing else, she should be keeping a low profile and following her lawyers' advice and trying to look like she is making an effort. Say what you want about k-fed, he's at least got that part down.

#56, brit's downward slide has gotten *worse* since she had the kids, not better, so why do you think getting custody would help her "overcome her demons"? i don't think that chance is worth the kids' well-being. i think the judge *is* oriented to the children's safety and welfare, and that's why she has limited custody and the oversight of a court monitor (who, btw, has not made very positive observations about her parenting skills).

i forget who made the michael jackson comment, but i agree with you completely--he shouldn't have those kids either.

after brit didn't show for the deposition, she wasn't just out getting gas that night, she was at the four seasons. if she had such severely debilitating anxiety in the morning that she couldn't leave the house, she should have stayed home that night, even if she was completely better. she just doesn't seem to get that when you're in a hardcore custody battle, appearances *do* matter--even if you aren't a celebrity who's under 24/7 coverage. going out that night just made her (already suspicious) failure to appear seem even more like she was just blowing off the deposition because she doesn't care about her kids.

2502 days ago
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