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The Face of Jacko -- It's Bad!

12/17/2007 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a character from "Star Wars," a wrapped and bandaged Michael Jackson haunted a Las Vegas bookstore over the weekend. The funk of 40,000 years!
Michael Jackson's bandaged face -- see photos
The mummyish 49-year-old former King of Pop hit up a Barnes & Noble with his three kids -- and it seems The Plastics -- click to launchhe may have come fresh from a surgeon's office -- in Iraq! Leave me alone! Jacko's disintegrating face made headlines a few years ago, when he was seen in court -- with a nose that appeared to be falling off. Makes me want to scream!

TMZ is awaiting a response from Jackson's rep regarding the bandages. It's unknown if Michael was able to speak.

Donda West -- The 911 Call

TMZ has obtained the just over eight minute 911 phone call made the day Donda West died. At one point, one woman is clearly overwhelmed and begins hyperventilating as the 911 dispatcher attempts to give instructions on how to perform CPR.

: the content is graphic.
911 Call - click to hear
West died last month after undergoing several cosmetic surgery procedures by Dr. Jan Adams. The coroner has performed an autopsy, results are still pending.

Bill Clinton's Secret Service: Screw You!

Bill Clinton: Click to watchAn autograph hound outside of Nobu in NYC just happened to have a copy of former President Clinton's book, and repeatedly begged the dapper ex prez to sign it as he left the fish house.

Watch the footage -- Bill finally tells one of his Secret Service dudes to grab the book -- the autograph hound says, "Is he gonna sign it?" The edgy Secret Service dude says, "No."

Listen to the ink seeker's reaction. Priceless. We're told Clinton did sign the book.

Ryan Seacrest: Primps His Ride

Metrosexual poster boy Ryan Seacrest nearly chipped a nail while fixing a flat tire on Saturday. From flatiron to tire iron!
Ryan Secrest
After a treacherous day of holiday shopping at The Grove mall in L.A., Ryan noticed the flat and wasted no time getting his manicured hands dirty. He's better than Jiffy Lube!

Appears as if Ryan has no problem checking under the hood.

Crappy Cars - click to launch


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katherine moore    

I hope and pray to God that Donda West wasn't a victim of her own government because of remarks made by her son about the Bush administration.


2466 days ago


the woman making the phone call to 911 could partially be the reason that Kanye's mother was not revived. I do realize the stress in an emergency situation. That call all together was frustrating. If she closed her mouth and listened to the professional the issue could have been assessed via telephone in a more timely and efficient manor. It was very frustrating to hear that 911 call.

2466 days ago

katherine moore    

Everyone at TMZ should take the time to read the website;

2466 days ago


Why are u guys posting the 911 tape of Kanye's mom? That's real disrespectful, just trying to put some news out, should be ashamed of yourselves.

2466 days ago


The 911 call was very frustrating. I almost cried. Especially the way the lady wouldn't listen to the operator. I'm surprised at the operators patience. I would've been screaming at her to pay attention. You could hear him get frustrated and then he started talking calm again. I know how stressful and scary the situation can be but you have to find a way to remain calm in order to help the person that you are calling for.

2466 days ago


For some of you to think that President Bush is so "dumb", you really try to give him credt for alot. LOL. Think about it.

2466 days ago


Why is it okay to print things like this? Do you have any shame at all? I feel guilty just READING it. It's not right. We don't need to know all of this, and chances are they don't want us to, so why are you putting it out there.

You're cowards. You didn't post my last comment, sent days ago saying pretty much the same just to another story. So much for freedom of speech.

2466 days ago


I hate kanye west any way.

2466 days ago


My God, it took them over five minutes to calm down and listen to what the emergency operator was saying. That ignorance alone could have contributed to her death. My condolence once again to Kanya

2466 days ago


OMG you people and Keyne west are so stupid.

2466 days ago


The woman on the phone is a complete moron. She is not even doing what the 911 dispatcher is asking her to do in a timely manner. I'd rather be resuscitated by a crack head than this woman!

2466 days ago


I didn't listen to the 911 tape, what the hell am I going to gain from that? Anyway, I guess I'm the only one laughing at those celebrities face on normal peoples bodies, the Sharon Stone one kills me.

2466 days ago


Being a Nurse and listening to that 911 tape.. was completely frustrating. The woman on the phone was not listening!!!!!! Over 7 minutes went by before they even attempted to do anything the right way. The 911 operator in my personal opinion should have been a little more aggressive in making this woman LISTEN.
Word to the wise, attend a CPR course....................... Listen and follow instructions.

2466 days ago


God forgive me for being so judgemental but when I heard the hysterics in the background of this call-all I could do was wish I was there to tell all the ladies except the one on the phone to shut up and get out! And when that one started hyperventillating it surely didn't help! If there were 3 in the room-as it sounded-I wish the 2nd would have taken the hyper one elsewhere so the caller could have focused strictly on Dr.West! Who knows that it would have helped at that point since she was already "cold & clammy" but imagine if this were a 911 tape concerning the one YOU love! What good did it do to release these tapes I wondered and then it hit me, to remind folks to remain calm in the face of emergencies! God Bless that dispatcher and the women who tried to stop a death that had obviously already occurred!

2466 days ago


If those stupid women would have just shut the hell up maybe the lady would be alive. I know it must have been upsetting but they wasted valuable time and she probably could have been saved with CPR. I don't understand how someone could call 911 for help then just ignore them. I don't know how many times the 911 operator had to repeat himself and it was like they didn't even care that his help would save her. They really need to be sent to prison for their neglect and not being able to shut up. Its probably going to be considered racist but it seems that some black people have this thing where they talk and talk and talk not really saying anything just to be intimidating or trying to look smart or happens all the time around me. I don't know why they have to talk like that. And not all blacks are that way either. I think that is part of the problem in this situation because they couldn't shut the hell up.

2466 days ago
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