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The Face of Jacko -- It's Bad!

12/17/2007 2:11 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Looking like a character from "Star Wars," a wrapped and bandaged Michael Jackson haunted a Las Vegas bookstore over the weekend. The funk of 40,000 years!
Michael Jackson's bandaged face -- see photos
The mummyish 49-year-old former King of Pop hit up a Barnes & Noble with his three kids -- and it seems The Plastics -- click to launchhe may have come fresh from a surgeon's office -- in Iraq! Leave me alone! Jacko's disintegrating face made headlines a few years ago, when he was seen in court -- with a nose that appeared to be falling off. Makes me want to scream!

TMZ is awaiting a response from Jackson's rep regarding the bandages. It's unknown if Michael was able to speak.

Donda West -- The 911 Call

TMZ has obtained the just over eight minute 911 phone call made the day Donda West died. At one point, one woman is clearly overwhelmed and begins hyperventilating as the 911 dispatcher attempts to give instructions on how to perform CPR.

: the content is graphic.
911 Call - click to hear
West died last month after undergoing several cosmetic surgery procedures by Dr. Jan Adams. The coroner has performed an autopsy, results are still pending.

Bill Clinton's Secret Service: Screw You!

Bill Clinton: Click to watchAn autograph hound outside of Nobu in NYC just happened to have a copy of former President Clinton's book, and repeatedly begged the dapper ex prez to sign it as he left the fish house.

Watch the footage -- Bill finally tells one of his Secret Service dudes to grab the book -- the autograph hound says, "Is he gonna sign it?" The edgy Secret Service dude says, "No."

Listen to the ink seeker's reaction. Priceless. We're told Clinton did sign the book.

Ryan Seacrest: Primps His Ride

Metrosexual poster boy Ryan Seacrest nearly chipped a nail while fixing a flat tire on Saturday. From flatiron to tire iron!
Ryan Secrest
After a treacherous day of holiday shopping at The Grove mall in L.A., Ryan noticed the flat and wasted no time getting his manicured hands dirty. He's better than Jiffy Lube!

Appears as if Ryan has no problem checking under the hood.

Crappy Cars - click to launch


No Avatar


It's Michael's face TMZ. Mind your own business.

2470 days ago


WHO CARES????????????????????????????

2470 days ago

Florida Sunshine    

So who the F__k cares? Who the hell is Kanye (and Donda) anyway.? Just some more of the trash that music in America has become. Just somebody that the Media goes GAH GAH over ,and uses up REAL news minutes. Like who cares what the F__k Bitney is doing every minute of her trailer trash life. You can't take the Redneck out of them - even with $100,000,000 -- which they waste. WHERE HAS "CLASS" GONE IN AMERICA??????

2470 days ago


you quys need to stop all they are trying to do is clarify what has happened so that people shut up and stop making remarks i think that it was a good thing and they wouldnt post the call unless kanye was ok with that so and to those that disrespect the caller YOU SHOULD TRY TO DO THAT u stay calm when ppl wont stop talking an one of your loved one isnt breathing and you cant do cpr you try it then you can say that she is a moron

2470 days ago

Blah blah blah    

Geez - if they had shut up and listened maybe she would have had a chance. How many times did they say "We're getting ready to start CPR now" Don't get ready just freaking do it..............

2470 days ago


i pray for them

2470 days ago


I'm a fire/meds dispatcher and this is pretty common. Callers need to
stay calm and realize this is not their drama, it's not about them, it
is about the patient. The only thing is, while the call taker stayed calm,
he needed to take charge much sooner.

2470 days ago


I cannot believe (yes, I can) that some idiot is actually blaming President Bush for this lady's death! What is wrong with you people? I would rather have W. than a socialist or a muslim in the White House.

2470 days ago


This 911 tape should not be allowed for public hearing. The media has no respect for family members and their loved ones lost in death. Show some respect. As for those you who do care for Kanye West; go to your Mother and give her plenty of hugs and kisses. Kayne can't do that with his Mother. He didn't expect to lose his Mother so early in his life and in hers. Put yourself in his place. Nobody wants to be at such a lost.

2470 days ago

Jim Wright    

One more for the fire! The big wheel of life continues to roll...lmao.

2470 days ago


It was so frustrating to listen to this 911 call. I mean I understand these women were under stress and they were firghtened but dear God, get it together. Id hate to think that because this woman wouldnt listen to the 911 operator in the first place that it would be the reason for her not being revived. She called 911 for a reason and wasnt even listening the the operator, instead listening and talking to everyone else in the room. Its horrible. I wonder what Kanye would think or has thought if he has listened to this 911 call.

2470 days ago


wow she looks so hot in that lether vest shes the best dressed

2470 days ago

Ralph Cramden    

Why would you let any one CUT on you anyways ?
You are what you are !!!
See what could happen !!
Why ?
Do you see what these people look like after going under the KNIFE ?
Looks pretty freaking PAINFULL to me !!!
I mean, Damn !!

2470 days ago


as a nurse or medical assistant or for any profession in the medical field you should be trained to know cpr already...from listening to that 911 tape i find it very sad being a certified medical assistant my self that the nurse who made the call was moron enough not to know cpr....redicilious how all those nurses handled them selves a little tip of advice to them go to cpr class and learn cpr and if you can't handle being in the room then walk out that goes for the nurse who was hyperventilating.... and the one who wasn't listening learn to listen to the 911 operator he was trying to help you second of all you all don't know who poseted the 911 tape up so don't put the heat on and don't be hatin on kanye

2470 days ago


The woman on the phone on the 911 call helped Mr West's mother die that day,If she would of shut her mouth and listened she could be a hero in this sistuation instead of Mr Death's right hand man.Something tells me that in this woman's whole life, she has had a problem with shutting her mouth & listening.I bet she is a know it all that knows nothing.

2470 days ago
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