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This Is Not Marcia Cross' Wax Figure

12/17/2007 7:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Desperate Housewives'" living, breathing and facially-immobile, porcelain wonder, Marcia Cross, gave Nicole Kidman a run for her wrinkle-free injectable money at a children's reading in Beverly Hills on Saturday. Mommy, why doesn't the pretty lady move?
Marcia Cross
The beautiful 45-year-old mother of two is statuesque -- literally! The frozen-faced actress read excerpts from "Snow People" -- how appropriate. Brrr!

Who needs Madame Tussauds, when you've already perfected a waxy, impermeable and stilted demeanor all on your own?!


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Yeah, while her skin is like porcelain it doesn't have the puffed up botox-y look or the translucent over micro-dermabraised one; she looks good. My friend was an extra on Desperate Housewives and she said that Marcia Cross is stunning in person.

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2463 days ago

Angelina's Brother    

It's funny how people who have had botox get treated like they have comitted a crime. I work in a place that gives botox and people MUCH younger than Marcia Cross are coming to get it. Shock horror, NORMAL people get it, too. I've had it and I'm 23. It made a difference, even if it's preventative!

2463 days ago

who dat    

Pam Anderson looks hagged out not only because of all the sun. Hep C and many years of anal have worn her out.

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Why does someone who looks as though they bathe and shampoo on a regular basis, dress appropriately and not look as though their wardrobe (except for red carpet events and award shows) look as though they dress from Salvation Army castoffs get blasted? Only, of course to elicit responses which is the reason for this website. And it is an interesting respite from a very boring job, for those of us who take the time to res pond when you've annoyed or amused, TMZ. After the endless photos of the "young users and abusers" with their unkempt looks and ridiculous lifestyles (what is a lifestyle, anyway????) photos of people who are overpaid celebrities looking worse than I do any day of the month, Marcia looks absolutely lovely. But then, you did get many responses and will get many more before this item moves along the giant roll of photos.

2463 days ago


she looks great.............and she is a natural beauty

because she is a light skinned gal with red hair

she was smart enough to always stay out of the sun

and this is the result!!

people---learn from her!

2463 days ago


Marcia looks great & is a great actress also.

2463 days ago


This is what Botox looks like...a tad too much between the brows and on the forehead. The cheek implants are somewhat highly visable as well...but it IS Hollywood! She still look better than the majority.

2462 days ago

Roaming Tigress    

Marcia Cross is gorgeous. Even Ricardo Antonio Chavira can vouch for that, calling her THE quintessential woman.

2462 days ago


You guys are crazy! Marcia Cross looks beautiful! I've actually met her a few times and believe me, she's even more stunning up close and in person. Some of these women can't win with you guys. If they dare go out without makeup - you call them a "train wreck." If they look attractive your staff calls them a "wax figure" and "full of botox." Enough already...We should all look so fabulous at 45!

2462 days ago


get a freakin life! she's beautiful! you guys need to get out more often rather than being stuck in your office like disfiguired inbred cavepeople reporting on what purse Paris bought and who's baby Brittany is pregnant with. It's no wonder you guys don't know what BEAUTIFUL and GORGEOUS is anymore, you're stuck inside looking at each other's UGLY faces. Get away from these FAKE Blonde B-i-t-c-h-e-s and focus on the REAL celebrities of Hollywood. The way you guys constantly report on these serioulsy screwed up girls makes Hollywood look cheap and trashy. And i for one do not believe hollywood is like. so, take my advice and do .US ALL a favor. =]

2461 days ago
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