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Brit Hearing Over -- Fat Lady Won't Sing 'Til Feb

12/18/2007 3:55 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

So the Britney/K-Daddy hearing is over and the Commissioner has 86ed the one scheduled for next month, and that can't be good news for Brit.

We're told that next month, her lawyers wanted to convince the Commish to restore her right to drive with her kids. She also wanted more custody rights. Now that hearing has been pushed back to February 19.

K-Fed's lawyer subpoenaed our video showing Brit partying the same day she claimed she was too ill to sit for her deposition. Mark Vincent Kaplan wanted to put all of Brit's custody requests on ice until she sat her butt down for her depo. It seems Kaplan got his wish, at least temporarily.

We're guessin' Brit's new deposition date is sometime before February 19.

Stay tuned.


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Over It Already    

I like TMZ - but I'm SO OVER Britney coverage... this women obviously does not want her children. Her priorities are herself, gas station visits and pink wigs. Come on man... why are you giving this problem child so much coverage???? There just has to be more celebrity news more worthy of this "I just want to be seen" chick. If it's the trouble-factor, then cover Amy Winehouse more, or cover Daniel Baldwin to this extent. Those are folks who are struggling with problems beyond their control unlike Ms. Spears, who seems to thrive on chaos in order to gain the coverage you are giving to her. Am I alone in this?????

2464 days ago


3 words...trainwreck in progress...question...Where's HER mom, ya know, grandma Spears? This girl needs to check-out of tinsel town and head down a spiritual journey to a peaceful, quiet, and natural setting to find her God because all she has been shown is a lotta howta make-a buck-a shakin booty for the last 10 years. Or is mom, I mean grandma, too busy collecting $$$$$.

2464 days ago


If Britney died tomorrow, which i hope she doesn't, what would TMZ do? Why not rag on Ashley Simpson for a while. She really sucks.

2464 days ago


Why does she even want more custody rights? She pay no attention to the kids when they are at her house and is going to have an accident with them in the car if she gets to drive with them. She should just go ahead and marry that fat foreign bum she goes with and when he OJ's her the kids will get all that is left of her money. K-Fed will keep the kids and never run out of money and can stop trying to get famous. Happy ending all around.

2464 days ago


Brit could care a less, She makes it more than obvious she doesnt want her boys. Kudos to K-fed for stepping up and making sure these boys are safe and in a stable atmosphere.

2464 days ago


Those poor kids look scared to death from all the paps when she drives them around or maybe it is her driving.
All she does it go to the gas station and starbucks. Can't that wait until after she returns the kids

2464 days ago


I don't think she cares about her kids and she probably won't show up for that hearing either. She's such a horrible mother. Those kids are going to be scared for life because of her. Partyin' is too important to her and she's not going to stop. What a loser.

2464 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Listen, Rerun. I'm not FIBiker. Go read some of my stuff, like post 95 in the last Brit story, or my Carmen posts, or many others. Saying that is as bad as Biker alleging drug use in the Carmen story, which you obviously objected to. Quit stalking or harrassing my posts, because that's not an argument for mental wellness considering you objected to Biker's posts. What, since you don't like Biker's posts and I happen to find many of them funny, and said so, it's ok for you to turn psycho on ME? I can find Biker funny if I want to. Buzz off, get to know what I post, which is not racist or anything else, then get back to me if you've got the guts.

2464 days ago

southern girl    

This is so sad that a judge can be in a lawyer's pocket. I would check on the relationship between gordon and kaplan (golf buddies or something). why did the hearing have to be pushed back when both sides agreed to another date? she should have to pay for their time and that's all. Kaplan himself is a lying, greedy sob. He said he wasn't out to punish her yet he wanted to push this back until april?? that's longer than all of this has taken to date. That is ridiculous! He's going to threaten to hold the children from seeing their mother more because she won't sit for a depo that is only to take her kids away for good?? Let's see, how about she's passed all of her drug tests when he swore she was a user and attended all of her classes and baby proofed her home. That's what matters, not if she wants coffee! I'd hire someone to follow the judge and kaplan and see who gets coffee and the like and put that on tmz and maybe take their kids away! The monitors have already said the boys are bonded with their mother and she loves them. That alone should get her more time with her kids. There is a monitor there people! Britney, take the depo and get aggressive on this thing or get someone who will get that snake in the grass! For crying out loud, Courtney Love, Michael Jackson, David Hasselhoff and Charlie Sheen have more time with their kids! CA judges are crazy!

2464 days ago

That wasn't Cuba's hand    

Why do we not see pictures of Brit out the kids anymore? Did she loose ~all~ rights and I missed it or has she actually been keeping them out of the way of the flashing camera lights?

2464 days ago

Britney Supporter    

I have to agree with #14......Britney is getting boring and predictable as well as the out come of all the court preceedings. As a mother of 3, it is plain as day that she does not give a damn about her kids! i use to feel sorry for her having to deal with the paps on her 247 but since she does nothing to change or better her situation, there is nothing to feel sorry for except for those two boys! i would take them in a heart beat!

2464 days ago


Mushy Gushy- dork working on commision.

ha ha

2464 days ago


Everytime I read about Britney the tune of the Wiz of OZ song "If I only had a brain" comes into my head, with "I" changed to "she". I'll bet she'll have a new lawyer at the next hearing because this one will dump her, too.

2464 days ago


i luv u britney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2464 days ago


Dear southern girl ,give it up sweety .I dont want them following my ex Kevin cause'in ,iff'in they do he might leak my real secrets .Just leave it alone ,Kevin could really ruin me iff'in he wanted too .That why Im trying to lay low (as you can tell) ,do me one favor ....dont poke the monkey !!!

2464 days ago
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