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Did "Survivor" Lunch Lady Lie to Swipe $50K?

12/18/2007 2:57 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The "Survivor: China" lunch lady who said she'd been demoted to "cleaning toilets" by her school, and got $50,000 of sympathy cash from the show because of her story, is having her tale flushed out -- by the school.

As reported yesterday, Douglas, Mass. School Superintendent Nancy T. Lane said in a statement that Denise Martin actually got promoted from "cafeteria employee" to "custodian" -- at a higher salary and with better benefits before she appeared on "Survivor." Lane says, "I watched my own jaw drop when [Martin] said that, because it's absolutely not true."

Today, Martin appeared with Lane on CBS' "The Early Show," and apologized profusely for what she said, though she stopped short of admitting that she'd lied to get the money, and won't give back the $50K. Mark Burnett Productions didn't return a call for comment, though CBS said yesterday, "If these statements were misleading or false, we hope that she will take immediate and public steps to clarify her remarks."

Now, how about a nice big helping of that tasty Sloppy Joe?!


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Nice one thanks the for the good info!!!!!!!

2450 days ago



2501 days ago


What a b*tch. I actually believed her. They should fire her mullet a**

2501 days ago



2501 days ago


You know everyone has difficulties in life. What makes this so sad is that she had to lie and distort the facts. I thought this was very sad. I hope she gives the money back to Mark Burnett. Now that would be the right thing to do LUNCH LADY or Custodian or what ever

2501 days ago

Sister Golden Hair    

What a liar! I am sick of people being so money hungry. LOSER!

2501 days ago

Candy Cane    

The Lunch Lady was wrong but Superintendent Nancy T. Lane was beyond tacky to write her letter. This should have been handled out of the public.

2501 days ago


Why is this b#tch getting her job back after lying like that? She should be canned and all that money she got should be paid back by the end of January. If she doesn't get it back FAST, she should be charged with grand theft. This b#tch is getting way too many advantages. Why are lies and grand theft being REWARDED? What does this teach the kids at that school, that a person can break the law and lie and be rewarded for all that bad behavior anyway? Nice lesson for all those kids to learn, Superintendent Lane. Yep, you just taught all those kids in your district that CRIME PAYS! Way to go, moron, no accountability for wrong-doings, great lesson you are teaching all those kids.

2501 days ago


I don't quite believe the school either. The truth is somewhere in the middle but really who cares. Denise deserves that additional $50k, and I am sure that the Nancy T.'s in management were rude to her, told her she was distracting and put her on the night shift.

2501 days ago

2 cute!!    

Damn, I felt bad for her all season b/c ppl. were so mean behind her back! She was one of the 3 most popular on this season....she's as big a disgrace as Richard embarrassing for her daughter.

2501 days ago


It's not like she didn't get something for 4th place. She probably already got $50K. As for school superintendent Lane sticking up for what they did, she had every right to do that! Denise lied to gain sympathy and made the school look bad. She whined about it in the game to Amanda also. The skinny blonde was right, she sucks at life - too bad.

2501 days ago


And to lie so easily on national live tv. She must have had practice!

2501 days ago


you can't get promoted from being a lunch lady to custodian. the school is lying!!!!!!!!!!

2501 days ago


She is just playing the game till the end....its all about the money--- and most of them lie to get it

2501 days ago

bigmikemillerfromthe bronx    

so what denise may have lied,the game is never over.remember the game is about getting an advantage by any means necessary which includes lying,betrayal,scheming or by being cutthroat.this is reality television;however,if i waere the person she was talking about and what she said was not true,i would blast her publicly and demote her back to her old job and never let her amount to anything while working for me.with that,she should give the money back,but on the otherhand mark was suckered( supposively) and should not require that she return any money.. other than that,i dont give a fat rat's butt.i'm not getting the money. bigmikemiller.

2501 days ago
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