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Casey's Uncle: We're Shocked ... And We Aren't

12/20/2007 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spoke with retired Baptist preacher Odus Jackson, who is Jamie Lynn Spears' baby daddy's uncle by marriage. (You still with us?)

Uncle Odus tells us that Casey is a "fine young man" who has always been courteous. That sentiment is apparently shared by many in his small town of Gloster, Miss., where we've been told over and over again Casey is a good kid from a good family.

As for Jamie Lynn, Uncle Odus says he has only met her once, on Thanksgiving of this year. As for news of her pregnancy, he says he found out, like the rest of us, on Tuesday night. He tells us the family was "shocked' and yet "we aren't." As a pastor, Uncle Odus says he's seen "this type of thing" more often than he'd like.

For the complete interview with Casey's Uncle Odus, check out TMZ TV Thursday night.


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student looking to study us law and law enforcement after hhigh school in MA    

The US does have statutory rape laws that say any peron 16 or under has sex with andult (age considered 18) is a statutory rape even if both people who diside to have sex.
i dont understand why he isnt being charged with that its not right

2468 days ago

riverwood stinks archer lodge rules    

y would she get pregnant @ 16? shes starting to act like her sister. i personally think she should get help. i watch her show on nickeldeon. i hope she will make the right choices i dont want 2 britt spears

2468 days ago


I'm so disturbed by this. She's suposed to be a role model for little girls ! She is No better than her sister now. Hell a least Britney was married when she had kids now whose the tramp?

2468 days ago


I'm not getting why everyone is saying "haha, look at the redneck". Is it because of the man's southern accent? To me, the poor guy's response seems measured, not overly judgmental, and fairly appropriate.
"He was a nice kid, she seemed nice too, this is unfortunate but we will deal with it, this isn't the first time a teenage girl has gotten pregnant"

What the hell did you expect him to say..

2468 days ago


....and I thought Jamie Lynn Spears would learn from the mistakes her older sister made and be a better example. Guess I was Jamie go bald in about 1-2 yrs.....let the baby come....then the bald head pics will come...can't wait.

2468 days ago

Jazzy Jay 18    

Jamie Lynn is 16 and this boy is 19. Am I the only one seeing something wrong with this picture? I mean by Law you have to be at least 17, to date someone under 20. She got pregnant by him, and he's 19, and shes 16. Are we seeing the likeabouts of a Britney Jr.? Are the SPEARS in All a really not good family? Where was Jamie Lynn's mom, while she was making her rounds.....? I don't know the answer to that but, maybe she was with her........getting her own self a piece of the pie. IDK

2468 days ago

Carly in Ohio, 15    

I am disgusted at the reactions that have been posted here. You can't preach that she's just a child, then call her a whore. I'm not advocating teen pregnancy in the least, but I'm also no advocating the crucifiction of a CHILD. I implore those who are so critical to walk into any high school across the US, and there is probably ateast one or two pregnant girls. She is NOT Zoey 101, she is a real, living, breathing 16 year old girl who is in a relationship. Granted, I know nothing about their relationship, but it wasn't just some random guy she hooked up with in a club. Efforts should be made to respect her privacy and promote her well-being, not assault her character and compare her to her sister The're different people. And until you all have been in Britney's shoes, perhap you shouldn't be s quick to judge her, as well.

2468 days ago

Stop blaming Lynne    

It's pretty sad any way you look at it that these two girls are so starved for attention that they feel they have to be involved in these crazy situations. However - I'm really upset that people are blaming Lynne Spears for the trainwrecks these two have (and in JL's case - will) become. Brit has been out on her own for HOW LONG now?? Before she lost her mind - nobody was pointing a finger at that she's practically certifiable - everyone says "Wow - what a bad parent Lynne was...for raising a daughter that turned out the way she did". Lynne didn't make the choices for these girls...they did. I don't blame my mother for the choices I make. Granted - being 16, JL should have had a little more supervision ... but what 16 year old really listens to their parents anyway? And it's not like JL didn't know where babies came from...

2468 days ago

Matt--Almost Done With LS!    

NOT STATUTORY RAPE based on her age...Im a 3rd year law school student and I just wanted to clear up the law. Each states staturoy rape law is different, here is LA's:

La. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 14:80 defines the crime of carnal knowledge of a juvenile (i.e. staturoy rape) as follows: Carnal knowledge of a juvenile is committed when

(1) A person who is nineteen years of age or older has sexual intercourse, with consent, with a person who is thirteen years of age or older but less than seventeen years of age, when the victim is not the spouse of the offender; OR

(2) A person who is seventeen years of age or older has sexual intercourse, with consent, with a person who is thirteen years of age or older but less than fifteen years of age, when the victim is not the spouse of the offender...

And this depends on their age at the time of the act was committed, so basically (2) applies because he wasnt 19 at the time. So its NOT STATUTORY RAPE because SHE WAS NOT "LESS THAN FIFTEEN YEARS OF AGE" (i.e. SHE HAD TO BE 14 YEARS OLD (or 13) AND HE HAD TO BE 17 OR OLDER at the time the sexual act was committed. Since she was over 14 years old she had the legal right to consent to the sexual act.

2468 days ago


#176 -- kids didnt ruin britney, britney ruined britney. and britney is ruining her kids.

2467 days ago
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