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Casey's Uncle: We're Shocked ... And We Aren't

12/20/2007 11:30 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ spoke with retired Baptist preacher Odus Jackson, who is Jamie Lynn Spears' baby daddy's uncle by marriage. (You still with us?)

Uncle Odus tells us that Casey is a "fine young man" who has always been courteous. That sentiment is apparently shared by many in his small town of Gloster, Miss., where we've been told over and over again Casey is a good kid from a good family.

As for Jamie Lynn, Uncle Odus says he has only met her once, on Thanksgiving of this year. As for news of her pregnancy, he says he found out, like the rest of us, on Tuesday night. He tells us the family was "shocked' and yet "we aren't." As a pastor, Uncle Odus says he's seen "this type of thing" more often than he'd like.

For the complete interview with Casey's Uncle Odus, check out TMZ TV Thursday night.


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To I don't watch Price is Right Anymore, did you finally just get a job or what?

2465 days ago


57% of all births in Memphis are to teen moms. The south sucks.

2465 days ago


depending on the state - but just because he's over 18 does not mean it's statutory. In TN, you can be 3 years apart (i am pretty sure) no matter what age mean if he was 19 and she was 16 that would be okay. Of course, it's up to the parents to press charges and if Madam Spears won't do it, then there is nothing anyone else can do. Obviously she was okay with them having sex because apparently they lived together.

2465 days ago

just me    

#53. don't speak unless you know what you are talking about. It is GLOSTER, MS. I was raised there and believe it or not, I was a few years over 21 with a college degree before I got "knocked up".

2465 days ago

What Would Xmas Be Without Warrants Served In Annas Death    

Hey, if'n ya'll are gonna slam us, at least get the terminology right: It's "mobile home trash." We have our pride, you know.

2465 days ago


not hot

2465 days ago


#75 we hear about how wonderful your parents are but what about you. What have you accomplished for yourself and your child? Also is the dad of your girl involved? I hope she turns out ok in the long haul. Teen pregnancy is epidemic and with all the birth control available shame on all for not practicing abstenence or at least birth control. Jamie Lynn is another example of the over sexualization of youg girls. Boys sure are lucky these days.

2465 days ago


aren't these people supposed to be the "Master Race" or something like that, i mean drove thru Kentwood, La and that was an interesting experience and i'm a tex-mex...

2465 days ago

Kawika 3    

Isn't this Illegal ??
Most people would be going to jail...

2465 days ago


If your president would promote family planning a bit more, this would happen less. Hardly any teenage pregnancies in Europe!!!

2465 days ago



2465 days ago


all I can say: It RUNS IN THE FAMILY!!!!
geesh these sisters are soooo BAD MODELS for their fans!!
I hope producers/advertiser BOYCOTT them to teach these girls some lesson!!!

and what's the next show of Nickolodeon? : am 16 and am preggy-ready!!!

2465 days ago


diaphram, condoms, female condom, morning after pill - has america ever heard of these?????????????

2465 days ago


your president promotes ABSTINANCE - hahaha - see how many youngsters listen to him. If they even can name their president :)

2465 days ago


To #72 are so off track it is scary. You said at 16 you know what decisions to make and what not to make. So at 16 you had a baby and your child is now 9. I am curious, is the childs father in the picture? Has he paid child support? How old was he when you became pregnant? How much have your parents taken on for you and your child? Sorry but you are so wrong. You said Jaime Lyn will be a wonderful mother! I doubt it. She has been living with a 19 year old young man. Where are hte parents in all of this? Excuse me but she is a minor...and apparently her book writing mother sees both of her daughters as nothing but the almighty dollar come to save her from an honest days work. Frankly I am sick to death of the Spears family and see Britney in a grave next to the other train wreck Anna Nicole Smith. And it looks like Jaime is right on the same track too. As for the family of the 19 year old...I am sure they are not surprised and he will get tired of her in no time just as she will get tired of him and all the responsibilities of being a parent. Believe me it is easy in the beginning. But even after your child becomes an adult your job is not over...who do they run to when they have problems? Mom and Dad. It never ends. So Jaime says she will be responsible....I doubt it. She wasn't so far, just like you Erin. You chose to be sexually active at a very young age....a totally brainless decision. If you think it has been hard so far, just wait! The best is yet to come! As far as calling the Spears family any names like trailer trash, it happens in all familys. The thing is it should not be happening. Kids are growing up too damn fast...babies having babies. Kids who legally cannot even get a job having babies...and who supports them Erin? Me and the rest of the tax payers who are damned tired of it. Your little story is sweet but I sure as hell wonder what the real story is? You are 25 now? Grow up. Tell me, would you wish to see your 9 year old have a baby in the next 5 or 6 years? Try being a grandparent at 30 or 31 and supporting another kid for the next 18 years or so..or will you push it off on the rest of us tax payers which you more than likely are doing with your 9 year old.

2465 days ago
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