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Cher Reanimated in Malibu

12/20/2007 2:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

She's adapted her look for three generations ... over her six decades ... and now she's gone skatersaurus nana! Believe!

The hypertaut 61-year-old was snapped outside a Ralphs supermarket in Malibu, wearing her Fallout Boy cap, X-ray bifocals, skull jacket and bile-colored matching scarf -- a look completed by orthopedic jeans and a granny goth pedicure. Turn back time!

At least one of the ageless dudette's friends is also dressed as a cartoon character. Hot Flash!


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The problem is so many people, even the tabloids and entertainment news always overlook how wonderful Cher is from the INSIDE. They don't realize that Cher has come a long way being around since the 60s. Cher may not have wanted to get into the singing part of her career but because of Sonny Bono, she is here and I'm glad Sonny was with her. He made Cher what she is today... a legend and a huge star! People don't realize how happy she's made millions of people, what she's done for us not just by looking good but singing for us and acting. We have so many beautiful voices but then we have some that aren't as good and Cher added another great voice on records and brought us joy and entertainment in our lives. She is also not just an entertainer but she's a very sincere woman. She has been involved in so many things like charities and organizations, I'm not sure I'll remember to name them all! Do you see many celebs be so involved in a lot of things, just to help others? She has a lot of money and she doesn't use them just for plastic surgeries or buying properties or any expensive clothes or furnitures for her house. She has such a big heart, she'd give her money to anyone in need. She gave a boy with Muscular Dystrophy from Alabama $300-500 for his medical needs and donated I think $30,000 to Operation Helmets. The reason why I don't recall the exact amount of money is because she isn't all about money or paying for her looks or something to make herself look like a snob because she is not a snob! It doesn't matter how much she spends or what she does to herself. What matters is who she is inside and what she means to her adoring fans. If you were a real true fan, you'd look at her from the inside, not the outside. Cher is a human being with a brain, a heart and true feelings. She has real feelings and I am sure they've been hurt before (if not now) because of what you tabloids say about her and now what you say about her daughter's weight. She is a mother, just like any other mother in the world. If you are a mother, how would you like for the newspapers all over to follow your daughter around and write about how she carries her body? Cher has standards, values, morals and of course she has faults just like the rest of us do. She has self-respect and respect for everyone, her fans and family, friends and those she worked with. Why not try getting to know her more by watching her interviews and reading about her? I recommend "The First TIme" by Cher. All you people who had to bash her, including the tabloids only look at her from the outside because you don't learn enough about who the real Cher is.

2405 days ago

Gabriel Della Notte    

Like Cher, who gives a crap what TMZ says. We all know how comfortable she is in her own skin & like she says, "if you can afford to have work done, why not?" Us fans will love her no matter what any rag or low-life website says!

2405 days ago


cher looks fabulous!!

2405 days ago


Are you guys crazy? Don't you wish your mom or grandmother was that cool!? She's stylish, takes care of herself and gets out of the house!! That's more than I can say for my mom!

2404 days ago


Just as Cher got her Academy Award booklet on how to dress like a serious actress and followed their advice, I'm sure she will take TMZ's advice onhow to dress like a 61 year old woman and give it the consideration and treat it with the respect it deserves. Cher is Cher - there is no one like her. There will never be anyone like her.

2403 days ago


Cher is in better shape than most twenty year olds. What's with the TMZ put down? Cher is dressed like a normal person, doing what normal people do. Shopping with friends.
It's nice to see Cher looking so good. Hope she's happy and doing well:)

2408 days ago


It's really nice seeing a picture of Cher.. I wish she would come out of hiding and do a concert or movie or something.. Miss her!!

2408 days ago


Isn't that her sister with her?

2408 days ago


I sure hope I look like that kind of gramma when I'm that age! You look great Cher!

2408 days ago


The ageism that TMZ displays time and time again is disgusting. What's up? Does the TMZ team not age? Harvey doesn't seem too young himself.
Cher looks great, and even if she didn't, so what? People should be allowed to age without the ageist comments of the ignorant TMZ staff.

2408 days ago

Never inked up!    

Another one who won't just age gracefully. Her face is just as bad as Joan Rivers. I could care less about what kind of shape she is in. Walking around dressed like a 20 year is always a bad idea.

Not to mention now we are seeing woman in their 50's and 60's in the regular world who think they can "pull if off".
Oh well, its entertaining to watch I suppose. We love to make fun of these ladies. Too bad they don't know we are laughing at them.

Oh, also don't give me any crap because most of you woman know I'm right.

2408 days ago


OK, I'm old: who's the little girl supposed to be (othern than cute as a button)?

2408 days ago

mickey lou    

Cher may be in good shape but her mind is completely gone! She should just sing & not talk!

2408 days ago


I think Cher is in a marvellous shape! And no matter how many surgeries. And since she's s..ageless..she can wear whatever!
I'd call this 'TMZenvy'

2408 days ago


The little girl is dressed as The Flash and she is a cutie. Cher
looks great. If I made the kind of $$ she has made, I would look at
good when I am 61 Nothing wrong with making yourself
better. At least she isn't wearing bandages all over her face cuz its
falling apart from too much plastic surgery like MJ. i seen her on
her farwell concert tour and she looks just as good as she looked

2408 days ago
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