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Will Tisdale Survive Jennifer Grey Syndrome?

12/20/2007 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A nose job may have fixed her deviated septum, but it has rendered Ashley Tisdale (even more) unrecognizable. Who's that girl? Mira Sorvino?! Sarah Michelle Gellar?!
Ashley Tisdale
Known mostly as the chick from "High School Musical" who isn't dating Zac Efron, Ash showed off her new beak on Wednesday, after canceling concerts last weekend due to her surgery. Tisdale may have recovered from rhinoplasty, but will her career?! Ashlee Simpson's never did!

In the early '90s, "Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Grey's face-altering nose job went so well -- she barely worked again!


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its not just her nose that is different. she dyed her hair darker it seems which also makes her look different. everyone knows her as having this bright blonde hair.

2496 days ago


She looks like Anne Heche!

2496 days ago


She really does not look good or maybe we just aren't used to it. I like girls with character. Shoot I am a deviated septum and I think my irregular nose is great. I wanted to have surgery done but this is my nose and I will go down with it.

2496 days ago


she is still fugly - nose job or not, which i think the nose still looks like a funnel cloud. She should be hanging out with Rumer Willis - fugs of the same feather flock together.

2496 days ago

Shitney, please drop of the face of the planet.    

this does'nt even look like the same chick in the 2 diff pics. what happened to her mouth? she does'nt look good at all.

2496 days ago

Jennifer R.    

Hey, guys... news flash: having a cosmetic "nose job" is NOT the same as having a deviated septum repaired. This surgery had ZERO to do with function and everything to do with looks. Why don't you just call a spade a spade? Duh.

2496 days ago

Just my opinion    

she is a cutie either way!

2496 days ago


"...rendered Ashley Tisdale (even more) unrecognizable." LOL.

2496 days ago


Leave Ashley alone TMZ! She only looks very slightly different, but
I think that is more to do with make up as someone else said. This
is a sweet young girl who has done nothing deserving of being on your
website (thank goodness!). I guess now that Britney has a better
bodyguard it's harder to get to her and your bored.

2496 days ago

Phony Tony    

She's cute.

I got a chubby just lookin' at her picture.

2496 days ago


Ashley Tisdale is one of the more talented younger actresses in Hollywood - she can play any role to perfection.

Her comedic timing is fantastic.

More importantly, she is a terrific role-model for her fans (her 'nose-job' is the most scandalous news item that TMZ can dish up on her).

She's cute & sexy.

2496 days ago

Merry Christmas    

Unfortunately, the nose job makes her less attractive somehow. I find this girl to be an anomaly.

2496 days ago


ummmmm.....yeah......i had my nose done last year and it really affects your smile for a good month or so. thats why her upper lip looks completely weird and stiff, because physically you cant move it.

and please, celebs, stop using the "deviated septum" excuse. when you go to get a deviated septum fixed IT DOES NOT CHANGE THE OUTSIDE OF YOUR NOSE. but since you are already under anesthesia, a lot of people choose to get cosmetic rhinoplasty at the same time. which she OBVIOUSLY did. i don't think its really for anyone to judge her new look....maybe she WANTED to look like every other vacant hollywood barbie with no distinguishing features.....

2496 days ago


She need to have some work done on those bags under her eyes next!

2496 days ago


AWFUL - She looked better before...unique.
Now she looks like an ordinary boring girl. Nothing was wrong with her nose and at least it was unique! Now she looks completely different and pretty much unrecognizable...

2496 days ago
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