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Will Tisdale Survive Jennifer Grey Syndrome?

12/20/2007 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A nose job may have fixed her deviated septum, but it has rendered Ashley Tisdale (even more) unrecognizable. Who's that girl? Mira Sorvino?! Sarah Michelle Gellar?!
Ashley Tisdale
Known mostly as the chick from "High School Musical" who isn't dating Zac Efron, Ash showed off her new beak on Wednesday, after canceling concerts last weekend due to her surgery. Tisdale may have recovered from rhinoplasty, but will her career?! Ashlee Simpson's never did!

In the early '90s, "Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Grey's face-altering nose job went so well -- she barely worked again!


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She's a pretty young woman who had some facial surgery to feel better about herself..good for her! At least she didn't inflate her breasts or lips to stupid ginormous proportions. You look mahvelous, go and put on some mascara!

2496 days ago

Dyna ™    

She can breathe better now, big deal. That doesn't change her looks! The bleached out hair did that.

2496 days ago


She's not wearing makeup! When you ussually wear a ton, and thenyou wear none, your gonna look diffrerent. Also her hair is a diffrerent color. Good grief, I think she looks great, dont really notice the difference.

2496 days ago

That Girl Amy    

I don't get this High School Musical crap. I had to turn the channel after about 10 minutes... but this girl looks much better with her new nose. I don't know. She looks quite pretty, and much more approachable, like the girl next door. Before, I got annoyed with her "I'm hot, and I know it" face. And she wasn't.

2496 days ago


I thinks it the hair color and lack of makeup that is throwing people off more than the nose. Give her some time to heal and she'll get back to normal.

2496 days ago


Let's be realistic, if the media had not blown this story way out of proportion, no one would have noticed the difference in Ashley's new nose.

Jennifer Grey's looks were dramatically changed after her nose job.

BTW, what is up with TMZ's new makeover?????

2496 days ago


I think it looks great!

2496 days ago


She should've never had plastic surgery. I think she looked A LOT better with her old nose. Now she looks like so many of the other young hollywood starlets. She looks plain. At least her old nose gave her a unique look.

2496 days ago

Brad Williams    

Well, She was cute. Now, not so. I can't see her "unique" factor anymore.

2496 days ago


Whoa, she looked way better before. Now I wouldn't look twice at her.
"Flaws" add character. They are what makes people beautiful and unique.

2496 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

..............It ISN'T JUST the NOSE!!!!.............Look at her!!!!............WHAT ELSE WAS DONE, BESIDES ENHANCING HER SKI SLOPE NOSE?!!!!!!!!

2496 days ago


someone should have talked to her before she f'd her face up!

2496 days ago


NOT an improvement. She could've had the "deviated septum" fixed without cutting half her nose off. You know, some of these ladies go get parts of their bodies cut off that were only helping their appeal in the first place. Some people think are larger nose is pretty on a lady. I am an ears person myself. Love GIGANTIC ears........can't help it, born that way. Now these people that go and get their ears pinned back or pared down - not for me.

2496 days ago


The angle of the pictures are different. She isnt wearing any eye make up. I think that contributes to her looking different.

2496 days ago

Your'e Fired!    

...Nothing UNIQUE.....Looks like EVERYONE else now..........YAWN!

2496 days ago
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