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Will Tisdale Survive Jennifer Grey Syndrome?

12/20/2007 3:48 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A nose job may have fixed her deviated septum, but it has rendered Ashley Tisdale (even more) unrecognizable. Who's that girl? Mira Sorvino?! Sarah Michelle Gellar?!
Ashley Tisdale
Known mostly as the chick from "High School Musical" who isn't dating Zac Efron, Ash showed off her new beak on Wednesday, after canceling concerts last weekend due to her surgery. Tisdale may have recovered from rhinoplasty, but will her career?! Ashlee Simpson's never did!

In the early '90s, "Dirty Dancing" star Jennifer Grey's face-altering nose job went so well -- she barely worked again!


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Junie T.    

I think Ashley Tisdale looks awesome. I thought she looked great before and I think she looks good now. My children both love the High School Musical movies and the Suite Life. She'll have future work on talent alone. She totally stole almost every scene she was in during HSM2. Plus, she really can sing. The photos that are on this web page are so not fair to view a before and after. The hair color is different, the make up is different, and the lighting is different. I think she basically looks the same. Jennifer Grey is a different story. She really is unrecognizeable. She's pretty too, but in an ordinary way. I loved the movie Dirty Dancing and even married my Jessie at the same gazebo in the movie...but, I wouldn't say Jennifer Grey ever stole the show. That was Patrick Swayze. If she was a better actress she would have gotten work.

2442 days ago


That's cause Jennifer Grey had no freaking talent. This girl actually does.

2442 days ago


Her nose looks the same. She just has some swelling still on her face. Her hair is darker now and she's not wearing much makeup. That's it! Leave the poor girl alone. It's no wonder young women have so many self-esteem issues!

2442 days ago

smells like Britney Spears    

I don't know why she bothered to get a nose job. She's still ugly.

2442 days ago




2442 days ago


I agree with those who are saying, your looks give you character and it puts you apart from anyone else. I think Ashley should have kept her old look, she is almost unrecongnizable now. But if she really did the surgery to improve her breathing then I can kind of understand why she did it. Why do the hollywood stars have to be PERFECT?

2442 days ago


Posh Spice was born in 1973 and thus could not attend President Kennedy's funeral in 1963. I not surprised that no one caught this in the comment section. It seems like young people really don't learn history today and also don't really have a perspective about important current events.

2442 days ago


This is soooo annoying! She looks the same - minus a bump! BFD! Get over it.

2442 days ago


She looked better before. Her face had character, now she looks very generic and bland. Too bad. Celebrities are sooo vain !!!

2442 days ago


She's pretty, hot and adorable. But is she lonely? I seem to see her profile on a celebrity dating site
She has a great profile with attractive photos there. What is she looking for there? Date, love, or friends...? omg, can't believe it.

2442 days ago


it's not her nose that makes her look different. It's the fact that her hair isn't bleached and she isn't wearing any make up.

2442 days ago


She looks pretty hot to me...and better looking with the nose job. One of the few cases where plastic surgery actually worked.

2442 days ago


I think Jennifer Grey is beautiful with her new nose. Millions of people get nose work done every day. It doesnt matter what anyone else thinks of their nose only them. If she had her nose done before dirty dancing it wouldnt have taken away her acting ability. Altho I must admit I thought she was prettier than the girl that played her sister in that movie. Even tho they made her seem like the ugly duckling. I think Ashleys new nose is nice. Was done for health reasons and thats all that matters. If they keep them from working because of a new nose they dont know talent in the first place.

2442 days ago


Ashley is a great role model for kids and whoever said that her "nosejob is the only scandleous thing about her" is right. She is a really decent versatile actress, but so was Jennifer Grey. I do hope that the pic TMZ shows us is just a bad one because realistically part of her charm was how she looked. I tried to imagine some of the goofy faces she made on Zach and Cody and can't imagine her with her new look doing those same goofy faces. I am 46 years old and if I had a daughter, Ashley would be a great role model for her, but I don't have a daughter I have a 5 year old son who is in love with her and he didn't recognize her when I showed him her pictures

2442 days ago

Rick Da Ruler    

OMFG...What a huge career mistake this gurl has just made...I thought ole Dr. Jan wasn't allowed to butcher up people anymore right now...I mean she was FAIRLY CUTE at best lookswise anyway, but now she should probably look into changing her last name legally to CLYDESDALE...LMAO

2442 days ago
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