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Ike Laid Out

12/21/2007 12:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Ike Turner made a final appearance yesterday in a spectacular gold-studded lilac suit, with a golden Fender Stratocaster by the side of his coffin.

The elaborate silver coffin was topped with a massive spray of white flowers at the Angelus Funeral Home on Crenshaw Blvd., where hundreds filed past to pay their final respects. TMZ spotted accused murderer Phil Spector in the queue.


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this picture is so wrong and should be taken down. are you human dont you have any respect for anyone?? havent you ever heard in the saying "rest in peace". you should not disrespect him or his family like that regardless of his past. how would you like to see a picture of a family member or someone you cared about being exploited like that?? thats just plain wrong.

2462 days ago

miss info    

TMZ are you serious??? why in the world would you decide to post that picture? it doesnt spark debate or controversy or get attention, it just makes your site lose cred and become something like National Inquirer or Star. Totally tacky. Step it up Tmz, seriously! I am so disappointed in you. STop the TACKINESS already!

2462 days ago


Long ago in the late 1800's and early 1900's is was common to take photos of people in a coffin due to the fact that family members couldn't make it due to the lack of transportation.......What's your reason now, TMZ? To be like Hmmm.......

2462 days ago


Jeffery Miller, Ijust wanted to say something in response to your post. I was feeling the same thing about how cruel poeple were twards your Godfather, a person whom propbably none of them have meet. I am sorry for your and the familys loss. My father met and hung out with, and drove your Godfather around L.A. Ike brought in the new year with my dad and Kato. He said that he treated him as though he had always knew him. He also said he was generous and kind. I know he will be missed.

2462 days ago


I came to this website today to verify that TMZ removed this photo. Much to my surprise, TMZ DID NOT. I am really shocked that you have not listened to your customers in this regard. Most of the posts ask you to REMOVE THE PHOTO.

I stated I would never come to this site again. Today I gave you a second chance. Today was your last chance.

Regarding this comment: "65. It's pretty funny that you guys are totally okay with TMZ disrespecting living stars all the time. It's okay to stalk people... Come on, guys, feed a hungry kid, plant a FIGHT"

I was NEVER OKAY with some of the video and pics that TMZ has chosen to post. In the past, I chose NOT to look at the video, or scrolled past the photo. THIS photo OF IKE'S DEAD BODY is the LAST STRAW for me.

It is not a matter of seeing a dead body in a coffin, or seeing the coffin photo in an unexpected way on the web. My disgust comes from all the feelings and pain and grief that his loved ones are feeling right now, and how those family members and friends would feel so betrayed and disrespected to see the photo. If MORE OF YOU who do not see that this photo is DISRESPECTFUL would start to think of SOMEONE ELSE BESIDE YOURSELVES, you MIGHT be able to see a different perspective.

Hugging a tree or buying a hybrid or any of those other unrelated, condescending remarks have nothing to do with the LACK OF RESPECT THAT TMZ has shown by posting this photo. AS I STATED BEFORE, THIS IS THE LAST STRAW FOR ME.

If you cannot write another point of view without offending others, you should not post.

2462 days ago


One more thing: Why do you have to go so LOW and disrespectful in your "reporting," TMZ? Dirty, distaste, shock value, and disrespect DON'T ALWAYS SELL. You have talented people working for you, and the direction of this site and this company is WRONG. You can still take the high road and have all that you have at TMZ. You all have to look at yourselves in the morning.

2462 days ago


Thius picture is disgusting. How could you put it up. Let the man rest in peace.

2462 days ago


Are you kidding me?

And this is still up?

My God, TMZ, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

2462 days ago


I am glad Tina stayed far far away from that funeral. She does not need to put up with Ike's family talking about her behind her back. If they have something to say to Tina why don't they tell her in her face. Why is it that evrytime something happens to Ike they want to hear from Tina? Leave the woman alone. I feel bad for Ike's family but they need to shut their mouths up about Tina. Tina is the best and would always be the best.

2461 days ago


RIP Ike!

Oh yeah, If you'd actually like to know the truth about Ike and Tina's relationship from someone who was there and not the BS that her movie put out, go here:

But then,,, you people can't stand the truth, can you?

2461 days ago


People go and get a life. I quess you all are calling tina's son, the ikettes and everybody else a liar. That's what it sounds like to me. There are so many people who says thr same thing that Tina is saying. For your infromation Tina is actually mixed her you know how to read you would know that.

2461 days ago
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