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Jamie Lynn Advised by "Zoey" Co-Star, 15

12/21/2007 1:19 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Knocked up Nickelodeon darling Jamie Lynn Spears is bound to get advice from anyone within earshot -- and TMZ caught JL's former "Zoey 101" co-star Alexa Nikolas giving her two cents worth -- and then another nickel's worth!

It's unusual hearing life advice from a worldly 15-year-old -- who also chats about why she left the show and whether the two young stars talk anymore. Juicy!

In 2005, Page Six reported that Britney stormed the set of "Zoey 101," and "screamed at a 13-year-old co-star who had been feuding with Jamie Lynn -- leaving the traumatized tweenster in tears."

After Britz chewed out Alexa, calling her "evil little girl," the source added, "Alexa was in tears. She was sobbing and totally upset." Now Miss Alexa has some advice for Jamie!

Alexa is moving on up from "Zoey 101," we hear she's got a new reality show with Lionsgate.


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Wow.. it's so funny how MUCH this ugly gossipy queen obviously craves and deeply enjoys the attention given. She looks like she's never gotten 5 minutes of that her entire life.
Let's see.. we are taking advice from a little girl born in 1992 who is yet to begin living her life and she has the naivete and ignorance to preach "responsibility".
How many abortions and mistakes will this twit make by the time she is 18?
You, little girl, weren't very responsible when you risked your job over rivalry and inappropriate behavior against another castmate. If you want to preach "responsibility", you might try acting a little more mature first! You are obviously still jealous cause Jamie is about 1000% prettier and more famous than your childish and catty fat ass.
Must suck when you are in the business and still such a nobody!
What a nasty looking trailer trash cow!

2498 days ago


Wait so Jamie lynn is having a baby at 16 and this other girl is the bad guy. First she didn't say anything bad at all towards Jamie or her sister. Second anyone with any sense knows that Lynn Spears is the one to blame for putting her kids in such a unstable environment. When Brittney was at her peak Lynn would always talk to this DJ out off Dallas and she would always push Jamie Lynn to talk to them when she didn’t want to. They said then which was about 5-6 years ago that she was trying to push Jamie into the business and that they hope it wouldn’t back fire.

2494 days ago


Just from reading the last few I have to say I agree this girl seems too grossly over the top. Yes , i feel that Jamie Lynn made a big mistake getting pregnant but there's nothing she can now do about it now. The baby is innocent & will be coming into this world shortly. This former co- star Alexa is only 15 and has a lot more growing to do, she isn't in any position to give advice. What, we are suppose to believe that she went to a hole in the wall looking sushi place and there they were TMZ just waiting to interview, ( Yeah , rIght) , I too smell a set up. And there she was inviting men from TMZ to sushi, telling them they were so nice. Stupid, you shouldn't be telling strangers how nice you think they are............ you called Jamie a child at age 16 and your 15 what do you consider yourself????

2492 days ago

rabbit on the moon    

From what I read, Zoey 101 already ended production. The final season just hasn't aired yet.

2491 days ago


she is really nice and NOT STUPID!
is Britney is foult that she got fired from zoe 101

2490 days ago


Nick needs to take Zoey off the air now! I dont let my kids watch it anymore. By selling this story, they showed everyone that they could care less about the young fans of the show! She may want to defend her mother now...but when she is a mother and can think like an ADULT- that is when she will ask herself as many other moms are "what kind of mother sells stories of their children"

2486 days ago



2482 days ago

michael edwards    

watch when she starts talking about britney how she moves her head and cocaine maybe? i feel sorry for this girl.

2482 days ago


well, she's a former "nick chick" turned "disney darling"... lolz!!!

2445 days ago


She left Zoey 101 because she had been having some feuds with Jamie Lynn which weren't too big, but Brittney came on the set, pissed off at Alexa for having problems with her little sister. She was screaming at her, calling her an "evil little child." They said by the time Brittney's rant was over, Alexa was in tears. She was only 13 years old when that happened. After that, she quit the show and the rest pretty much explains itself. Hope that helped anyone with questions about why she left. On a side note, Alexa rocks, in my opinion. She's nice and pretty, and a good actress.

2445 days ago


Oh come on people, like non of you guys have ever made a mistake. Leave the girl alone to sort her and the baby's life out from now on. Alexa Nikolas is so arrogant it's annoying. JLS has made one mistake compared to BS, they're not the same person!

2444 days ago


lol omg- it's nice to know that other people feel the same way about jamie's pregnancy. it's just funny how jamie is expectnig support when really she needs a good kick in the a$$. if my daughter were to get pregnant that young- i wouldn't give her that much support- im tellin ya, britney's kids, jamies kid- the mothers themselves- are gonna be so much more screwed up in the future, it's difficult to picture what'll happen next- im betting that britney will committ suicide. but- then again you have to realize celebrities have more pressure than others. but it still leaves no room for excuses. one of my friends lived next door to jamie and went to school with her. nobody likes her. at all. im assuming shes one of those stuck up whores who expect everyone to bow down to them. does anybody have any intrest in the future spears? i wonder if jamie will announce a soon to be marriage. oh gawd- this family has attention whores written all over them

2479 days ago


I think alexia does seem quite mature and i do really like her and all that but i dont get why the hole world is making a big deal out of jamie lynnspregnancy. Okay shes young but she isnt the same age as alexia, truee they have the same birthday but jamie lynn is 1991 and alexia is 1992 so they are a year apart. Jamie lynn is

2438 days ago


okay.. what i meant was jamie lynn is 16 years old and perfectly legal 2 have sex, yeah she is young but come on shes nearly 17 years old!!!! shes old enough to make her own decisions and if she had an abortion she would still get judged, i think its unfair to judge her so much.

2438 days ago


oh and to the person who thought it was bad alexia said the tmt crew were nice and invited them to sushi i think she was just being polite because she is a nice girl, i thought it was kinda sweet! and no i dont think it was a set up, i think it is possible they bumped into alexia and her friends and stopped for a chat.

2438 days ago
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