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Pitbull's DUI Rap: You're Wasting Your Time, Papo!

12/21/2007 1:54 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Latin rapper Pitbull (real name: Armando Perez) was collared in Miami, Fla. at 3:14 AM by Miami-Dade Police -- and it sounds like he had some pretty funky moves for the po-po during his arrest.
According to the police report obtained by TMZ, Perez was stopped after flying past a marked cop car in his silver Mercedes, doing 93 mph in a 55 zone. At first, the rapper wouldn't get out of the car, and when he did, the officer writes that he "could detect a strong breath odor of alcohol over the gum he was chewing," that Pitbull's speech was rapid and slurred and his eyes were bloodshot.

Results of the sobriety test weren't pretty either: he couldn't do the finger-to-nose touch, he was swaying, and basically mangled the "walk and turn" portion of the test, losing his balance, stepping off line and starting without being told to do so. And more than once, he told the arresting officer, "This is a big waist [sic] of time your time papo."

Pitbull was arrested and booked, with bail set at $1,000. The rapper was featured on Lil' Jon and the East Side Boyz' album "Kings of Crunk."

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I have seen him perform a few times and ocassionally while he is on stage he will down a bottle of Grey Goose, however i think it is wrong to say he "lacks musical ability" when everyone overlooked what was one of his best albums El Mariel just because it did not have a whole bunch of this "Hip Hop" that you can do a dance to. I also think it is wrong to say that Miami has been overrun by "bald headed rapping bozo'z" (this comment can be taken as racist) how about you take a listen to some of his music and we all will see who really lacks musical talent such as his.

2440 days ago


Oh and 1 more thing how is that a Cuban gets sent directly to jail, while Paris Hilton and all these other blonde haired bimbo's get to parade around crashing their cars and geting exsessive amounts of bail? Thats just messed up.

2440 days ago

John Acosta    

He is just another "Rappo" Wanna be, Dont be a looser
because of rapers behavior our world is destroying itself ,
lets go back to eighties with Meavy Metal. RAP SUCKS!

2440 days ago


El Cubano went to jail because it was a drunk bitch. bitch. that's why. Espero total su gente va revenir.

2440 days ago


pitbull what were u thinking?drinking and driving is bad in florida the police get extra bonus for this.
now u r all over internet as bad cuban shame on you. but still got your cd lay low on the alcohol and drink redbull.
love u r fan aly

2437 days ago


look u ain't gotta like pit. but don't hate b/c ur lazy ass won't get out and make money. u just jealous cause ur ugly ass cant rap.

2397 days ago


Nice one thanks the for the good info!!!!!!!

2395 days ago


Nice one thanks the for the good info!!!!!!!

2395 days ago


Obviously none of all have ever listened to pitbull....hes hot and his lyrics are flawless from enligsh to spanish without skipping a beat and no tired sound- El Mariel and Boatlift are great records

2427 days ago


Could someone please email me and tell me why Mr. Pittbull is also called Mr. 305? I was only wondering what this means.

2419 days ago


He was also featured on Super Sweet Sixteen LOL He sure is a badass

2443 days ago

Give Me A Break    

He looks like the kind that would make a girl's momma proud.

2443 days ago

Im just sayin    

I think I will call him, "Mini-Me"!

2443 days ago


Just another dirt bag piece of garbage in Miami. Poor city has been destroyed by these bald headed rapping bozos!

2443 days ago



2443 days ago
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