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Britney Makes Midnight Run with Trunk Open

12/22/2007 2:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A TMZ photog was at Hyde last night when he spotted an unusual car -- a white convertible cruising down Sunset Blvd. using its spare tire on the right rear -- and with its trunk ajar. Get out the way! It's Britney!
The single momwreck and future auntie headed over to Rite-Aid drugstore to buy some "stuff for my babies" -- where she parked her car in a handicapped spot. Perhaps she can't read them funny blue picture signs.

After buying a stuffed horse, Britney went to make an exit, but had to deal with a starstruck drugstore diva before she could continue her late night errands ... or whatever the hell it is she does driving around at all hours.


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Ima Skank    

#67 Spurs. I feel the same way you do about that sleezie bitch. However, as far as your comment about spell-check goes, it will work on YOUR computer also. It's y'all (for you all), not ya'll.

2462 days ago


With her uncovered pigeon toe, there's a lot of free flow air needed for the rest of the car to be liveable.

2462 days ago

just me    

#141. TMZ are such c**ksuckers. But then it is well known that Harvey is a homosexual and so I guess one must expect that.

Posted at 3:58PM on Dec 22nd 2007 by just me

Where is your proof? Waiting. Still waiting. Nope. I don't see it. Oh wait, I get it. You don't HAVE any proof because your comment is nothing more than an opinion to make yourself feel better. Did it work? Are you happy now? Is your day complete? Idiot.

Posted at 8:25PM on Dec 22nd 2007 by Spurs

Yo Spurs! What "just me" said about Harvey Levin being homosexual is true. I guess Harvey is not the sort to boast about being queer or the sort to parade around with a bunch of queers on gay pride day but he don't make no secret about it either. I don't know what proof you need to satisfy you, I mean like if that's the sort of sexual thing that excites you and the proof you need is a peepshow or a roll in the sack with Harvey, I suggest you find a perch outside his bedroom window or go knock on his door and ask for what you want. But if you are willing to accept less than that as proof, like a report from someone who sat down with Harvey Levin in his office and interviewed him to do an article write up about Harvey and TMZ for Radar magazine, you can read that here:

"Sultan of Sleaze" is the title of the article. It's a long article but you will find reference to Harvey's homosexuality on page #3 and page #4. But if reading about it is not enough proof to satisfy you, maybe you might want to go knock on Harvey's door and ask for proof to satisfy you. If you are a pretty boy and Harvey is attracted to you, you might get it.

2462 days ago


I'm sure she had to park in the handicapped parking because the paparazzi was in all the others. Headlines should read....."TMZ driving young celebrities over the edge". Leave these people alone! Someone should follow the paparazzi around and report on everything they do. I know they aren't perfect people either.

2462 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

i thot it was pretty well known that he is gay! not to say something without proof or to be slanderous, but it appears that many on his staff are too.who really cares anyway, unless you're homophobic. i thot everyone knew it!

2462 days ago


A true idiot she is! Maybe she should go live with her lover from 2 years a go. This guy sounds like the best deal for Britney. Must have been great sex, spending a week together and never coming out of the house. So what he's 49, she is 26. Match made in heaven! Plus she can be one of those nascar wifes then. Rick Beaman + Britney Spears = Mr. and Mrs. Beaman. Think about it Rick, you can have your cake and a little more!

2461 days ago


172---that video is on x17video, not x17 on line.
Krissy---the video does NOT show any police escort to the sushi bar, which you had to have known about by reading about/seeing it on x17 or some other site. The only thing shown is off duty cops ansd security guards escorting her to her car. Nowhere does Britney look anything but delited by the attention!!!!

2461 days ago
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