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Britney Makes Midnight Run with Trunk Open

12/22/2007 2:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A TMZ photog was at Hyde last night when he spotted an unusual car -- a white convertible cruising down Sunset Blvd. using its spare tire on the right rear -- and with its trunk ajar. Get out the way! It's Britney!
The single momwreck and future auntie headed over to Rite-Aid drugstore to buy some "stuff for my babies" -- where she parked her car in a handicapped spot. Perhaps she can't read them funny blue picture signs.

After buying a stuffed horse, Britney went to make an exit, but had to deal with a starstruck drugstore diva before she could continue her late night errands ... or whatever the hell it is she does driving around at all hours.


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I'm glad to see two posts in response to Brit parking once again in a spot designated for people with disabilities. As a person who uses a wheelchair, I rely on finding a handicap spot close to a curb cut so I can quickly get out of traffic. Because a chair is low, and SUV and other vehicles can be so large, the wheelchair user is often in the vehicle driver's "blind spot" and cannot easily be seen while cars are backing out of a spot. When a person who really needs that parking spot is forced to park elsewhere, it puts everyone at risk. I once had to bail out of my chair when someone in an Escalade nearly mowed me down backing out of a parking spot. Plus, using a wheelchair, my van lift opens to the side. That's what those "hash marks" or stripes are for next to the handicap parking spots---areas where parking is prohibited so that people using wheelchairs can open their lifts and exit without hitting a car parked too close to them. May Brit never be in the position to HAVE to use the handicap parking spots she now uses for her convenience only.

2461 days ago


Paps or no paps, she should have made sure it was closed. It is called being a responsible driver. She is not. As far as parking in a handicapped zone, well, that just shows that she doesn't care because after all, she's S--tney. She can do whatever she wants, at least in her mind. This trash needs to be thrown in the garbage. And where were all the cops in town. I am pretty sure they don't do there coffee and donut stops all at the same time, or do they.

2461 days ago


Imposition of Fine: Unlawful Parking in Disabled Space
42001.13. (a) A person convicted of an infraction for a violation of Section 22507.8 shall be punished by a fine of not less than two hundred fifty dollars ($250).

(b) The court may suspend the imposition of the fine if the person convicted possessed at the time of the offense, but failed to display, a valid special identification license plate issued pursuant to Section 5007 or a distinguishing placard issued pursuant to Section 22511.55 or 22511.59.

(c) A fine imposed under this section may be paid in installments if the court determines that the defendant is unable to pay the entire amount in one payment.

Added Sec. 9, Ch. 555, Stats. 2003. Effective January 1, 2004.

Guess she thinks she's holier than thou.

2461 days ago


Good advice Debi, Merry Christmas to ya.

2461 days ago


She can do what she wants. She is a megastar.

Posted at 12:47PM on Dec 22nd 2007 by jeff

So what you are actually saying is, is that she is above the law. Wrong loser. NO ONE is above the law.

2461 days ago


Handicapped people shouldn't get special parking privleges, why are they even out of the house. They should be locked up or left on a deserted island so I don't have to look at them. I hate when those legless freaks want a piece of me, sign this, endorse that, uggggg. Why can't they all just die so i can park where I want and get my freak on.

2461 days ago


Leave her alone. TMZ exists only to harass people!

Posted at 1:04PM on Dec 22nd 2007 by Carol

Well, if that were actually true, then every single article on the TMZ site would be about people being harassed by TMZ. They are not. Perhaps you should actually read the other articles, not just the ones about your idol, S--tney. Nice try though. Idiot.

2461 days ago


You woud think she would just stay home. Its like she wants to be in the magz all the time. STAY HOME SOMETIME. OUT OF SIGHT OUT OF MIND!!!

2461 days ago


I'm thinking she KNEW it was open but figured she'd get more attention if she left it open. And she was right!!

2461 days ago


She is a danger on the road. I wouldnt want her to be in the car beside me or headed at me!

2461 days ago


So what ,it's no wonder she is going nuts,give her some space already,Anybody would crack under the pressure the media is putting her under, and get a live of your own,jerk off's.

Posted at 2:05PM on Dec 22nd 2007 by wolfie-69

Hey d--kwad, SHE goes looking for the paps because she is an attention-whore, so why don't you f-off and get a life of your own. Ya'll might wanna get spell-check too. Idiot.

2461 days ago


I must have missed this Norman Rockwell painting. I have seen his Vermont cottages with smoke drifting from the chimney and the children singing Christmas Carols. I missed the one of Mom full of cocaine and oxycontin barreling around in the middle of the night on a spare tire with the trunk open because she has to buy dime store garbage.

2461 days ago

Damn Shame    

Everyone thinks she's a screw up, she doesn't love her kids, she's a meth addict, she's whatever you people decide she is. You take what sites like TMZ as gospel truth. None of us know what is going on with her or her life. Do we know what she does at home (besides thinking she uses drugs)? Do we know what is on her mind? Have you ever heard of putting up a brave front for people? Should she go in hiding or live her life? If she's on drugs then let her get help. What I or anyone else think is not going to change her. If you don't like her fine! Don't buy her music or watch her videos. WE should ALL get a life cause she has one and is making millions off it. Everytime someone plays her songs she gets paid. Lay off the girl and give her time to grow.

2461 days ago


71. FIBiker...your comment was VERY funny. All I have to say about this clip is, I'm sure she's going to be taking that brand new stuffed pony to the nearest hotel, where the 2 of them will snort Ajax and discuss Kierkegaard.

2461 days ago

Little Chyna "Girl"    

Britney Spears behind the wheel of a motor vehicle makes about as much sense as a football bat.

2461 days ago
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