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Britney Makes Midnight Run with Trunk Open

12/22/2007 2:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

A TMZ photog was at Hyde last night when he spotted an unusual car -- a white convertible cruising down Sunset Blvd. using its spare tire on the right rear -- and with its trunk ajar. Get out the way! It's Britney!
The single momwreck and future auntie headed over to Rite-Aid drugstore to buy some "stuff for my babies" -- where she parked her car in a handicapped spot. Perhaps she can't read them funny blue picture signs.

After buying a stuffed horse, Britney went to make an exit, but had to deal with a starstruck drugstore diva before she could continue her late night errands ... or whatever the hell it is she does driving around at all hours.


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That mexican girl with her is the "mule's girlfriend." [Look up the definition of a drug mule] Don't you remember the same mexican girl acting like a paparazzi-with-a-camera at the scene where the paparazzi are surrounding BS? Then, the same mexican girl begins riding around inside the Mercedes? Now, the same mexican girl is shopping with BS - for what else a cheap, stuffed mule-horse! This is insane Brit's sense of humor. She is punking TMZ and giving every one else something to talk about so she stays on the front page over this holiday.

2499 days ago

liz, fla    


2499 days ago

91 YES They are Fly glasses lol awsome arnt they.

Comment to brits church

Herv wears his fly glasses at the beach only

Have a good and prosperous day

2499 days ago

ny chic    

TO PEOPLE PLEASE....who are u kidding that u don't usually read or comment on here...well, you seem to know an awful lot about clooney, roberts, et al...and yea i have no problem telling u that u are an idiot to believe that it is all the paps fault..this stupid bitch can't even show up for a piss test...does that tell ya something? she is a selfish bitch and does not deserve custody of those kids at's amazing how she can never show up for court, but seems to be well enough to go out that same eve..the bitch is a loser and deserves everything that will come her way....i see another anna nicole in the making..just wait and see...i do not wish it upon her, but look at her track record..oh, wait, you don't read these comments...yea right..merry merry

2499 days ago

liz, fla    

you are all so jealous of me - I have inside information

Don't I herv?

you tell them

I work for TMZ

I know more than your know

You are losers!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you wish you were me!

I look just like Brit - I have fly glasses too!

2499 days ago

liz, fla    

#95 - this has been said over and over for at least 3-4 months - nothing is gonna change - she gets awa with murder!!

2499 days ago

kim suck    

nothing wrong with her--right>?

2499 days ago

You're Talking Out Your....    

If all of you jealous idiots drove a Benz like hers you would know that after changing a flat and putting the real tire in the trunk it will not close. The tire is too big for the latch to come all the way down. I know you say well the trunk is closed later, its two different videos idiots. Yeah the paps and she deserve each other, because they both will never learn until someone is actually killed during one of these so called snap storms. Than TMZ will be in court again, but this time for a liability suit along with all the other dirt bag agencies who send crazed photogs out. But hey who am I? I'm a no body sitting here just like you addicted to reading these comments, and not the story. I just like to see how a mob lynching actually develops. All you need is a little spin and there you go and now you got the big news companies reporting it as the gospel.

2499 days ago


Why doesn't she have proper plates on her car yet? Didn't that cop who pulled her over months ago give her a week to do it?

What would someone do if Britney hit a person or another car and drove off? There's no plate number to report it. I guess the paps would catch it, but still... isn't that illegal?

2499 days ago


Hee hee hee.... Does she like cruise around town doing stupid stuff, hoping to get someones attention? Kind of reminds me of the guys in high school who drive around trying to look cool, when they really just look stupid as hell.
So, can you imagine just standing on the sidewalk when you see a car with its trunk wide open (silly fool) and low and behold, its Britney Spears?!? Could she not attract attention to herself anymore?? I guess she could paint her car bright orange and put red flashing lights on the roof. But her way is just as effective. Ha ha ha... silly girl...

2499 days ago

just me    

The c**ksuckers at TMZ are always making disparaging remarks about Britney "driving around at all hours." Hell, Britney is single and the boulevards are full of single people "driving around at all hours" of the night. What in blazes is odd about that? Other than the fact that the c**ksuckers at TMZ think it is odd?

Rather than hang out in bars or nightclubs to meet singles, a great many other singles prefer "driving around at all hours" of the night and shopping at all hours of the night to meet other singles. Fact is, other than bars & nightclubs and online matchmaking services, one of the best ways to meet singles is shopping "at all hours" of the night... so says my neighbor who is manager of a 24-hour Wal-Mart Supercenter Store. She says late night shopping-hookups between singles at 24-hour Wal-Mart Supercenter Stores has spawned a new fad. Weddings at Wal-Mart!

TMZ are such c**ksuckers. But then it is well known that Harvey is a homosexual and so I guess one must expect that.

2499 days ago


Jamie Lynn, take a glimpse at your future.......

2499 days ago

just my input    

TMZ....mental note...the Brit stuff is getting boring...she is an idot, loser, and going no where but down ! The stupid segments on the fights outside of Les Deux are more entertaining than this..........let this poor girl ruin her life in privacy , for God's sake!!!!

2499 days ago


Parking in a handicapped spot is not only the height of disrespect, it shows how little she cares for her fellow man. She is much too self-centered to care about anybody else. She obviously does not think the rukes apply to her. Stealing the cigarette lighter and stuff rom the porn shop and all of this other bizarre stuff is textbook antisocial behavior.

2499 days ago
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