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Heidi Montag Appears Spencer-Free

12/22/2007 12:05 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ cameras caught "The Hills" star Heidi Montag out in Hollywood, without her usually attached-at-the-hip used-to-be-boyfriend/turned fiance/turned back to boyfriend/manager, Spencer whatshisname.

And the girl appeared to have no problem having a good time all by her lonesome. The only buzzkill of the night for the enhanced blonde beauty was the fact that the club played the Spice Girls as she was on her way out. Girl wants to get down!


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amazon woman    

She might be spencer free but not Pratt free... that's his sister she's with.

2495 days ago

I am poster 58    

Can TMZ please find out if Heidi really worked at Bolthouse? I heard that was a lie as well. Please find out and get back to us. Also, no one needs to pay them a dime to know about their relationship....if US or OK pays them, then they are dumb and have money to burn because we all KNOW that these 2 do EVERYTHING to see themselves in print.

2495 days ago


Not with Spencer....but with his sister....she has NOT dumped him!

2495 days ago


i... so hate this B**CH!!!! as much as I hate the NYGiants!!!!!

Go Patriots
perfect season on its way!!!!!!

2494 days ago


Sorry to disappoint you but she's with Spencer's sister... (I recognize her from the show)

2493 days ago


Ew. Heidi,Spencer, & his sister are lame. Knock 'em off the Hills! They're wasting everyones time with all their fake BS! I hope they dont bring skanky Kristin back either.

2489 days ago


Umm...isnt the girl walking with her the the other Pratt? Spencer's sister? So what does that mean?

2488 days ago

I am poster 58    

1. Heidi looks like a LITTLE GIRL even with her enhancements.
2. She can't sing.
3. Her boyfriend has to call the press to get any publicity going on her. Sad.
4. They have to brownie up to Lauren NOW so Lauren doesn't walk out on HER show if they are still on there.
5. Spencer uses places like THE MISSION to get FREE press and in the news....he doesn't do it out of the goodness of his heart.
6. Magazines who pay for their so called story are idiots when we all can clearly see that they are just desperate for cash. $$$
7. Why doesn't Spencer give the $30,000 that he made for the US Weekly story to THE MISSION? Yeah, he wouldn't do that in a million years.
8. I give them a year and no one will even know who they are....they will be working at walmart.

2484 days ago


You forgot Rumer Willis in your attention whore list She doesn't appear to have any talent and she is rather unfortunate looking but because of who her parents are, she never ceases to find a photo op.

2497 days ago

I am poster 58    

1. This breakup is for $$$ and press.
2. No one should pay them a dime to get an interview when everyone KNOWS they are in need of $$$ and just doing this for press.
3. Spencer notifies the press himself if they go anywhere (sad) to make sure that their picture is taken. A REAL star wouldn't have do that.
4. He doesn't do anything, but use Heidi and Lauren for fame and money.
5. Heidi, he is USING you (plain and simple).
6. The Hills are bringing on Kristin and Stephen and you 2 will be out....bye bye.

2496 days ago

too sad    

Heidi Man head

without the pratt

2496 days ago

too sad    

Spratt uses HEIDI MAN HEAD

and Heidi Manhead uses L.C and the Hils.


are useless.

forget abot them,

just say no .

2496 days ago


who really cares about this girl? the show is so fake. 15 minutes are up honey. LET IT GO!!!!!!!

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2496 days ago


Now that she's dropped that douchebag I'd like to throw old Heidi a bone.

2496 days ago


Well she is with spencer's sister duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

2496 days ago
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