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R. Kelly: Take My Pic, Go to Jail!

12/25/2007 2:58 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

R. KellyIn the irony to end all ironies, a woman was sentenced to five days in jail for snapping a pic of R. Kelly in court (big no-no!). Meanwhile, he hasn't even gone to trial yet over child porn charges -- and it's been over five years. Objection!

Jean Johnson, 49, used her cellphone camera to snap pictures of R. Kelly during a recent hearing. She plead guilty to contempt of court and was sentenced to the five days, but was released for time served.

Johnson claims that she is Kelly's "biggest fan," however, there are no pictures or video to prove it.


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2493 days ago


Pedophiles to the left of us, pedophiles to the right of us. Between him and Chris Stokes my head is spinning. That is what this idiot gets for being a fan of this Chester.

2493 days ago


Now where is the justice in that. This is a guy who is accused of having sex with minors, pix of child porn, and has taken 5 years to get just to the courthouse. This chick takes his pix, and has already done her jailtime.......what's wrong with that picture????

2493 days ago

Lenn K.    

What shocks me all the support he's getting from people who if this was their child would they really care? Five years to charge and take to trial a man who's accused of sexual molesting a child under the age of 16 years of. What does this say? It'll probably be dropped because his right to a speedy trial.

2493 days ago


lol funny,,,yea i know her kind,,,they usually are very loud, unrully, and over weight!! course shes not going to abide by any rules...

2493 days ago

The whole family ought to go back to their double-wide in Looziana    

Typical justice system....the person with all the money and big nme lawyers can avoid everything until it is forgotten, meanwhile, some run of the mill schmuck is stuck in jail because they get an unfair justice system. Don't worry R.Kelley, there is a special circle of hell for you and your pervert friends!!!!

2493 days ago

Bethany Sweet    

I HATE R Kelly!!! He's a pervert and it's so unfair he hasn't been imprisoned for that tape yet. Any "regular" non-star-famous-person would be in prison! That's where his nasty azz needs to be. If that was my daughter, he'd be dead already. Vigilante justice seems so appropriate here.

2493 days ago


i don't care about this crap..........give me the real news.....did Britney get laid last night?

2493 days ago


Unreal. But to be honest, anyone who is a fan of his deserves to be punished.

2493 days ago

Democrats are evil    

This is a pure example that the world is now being run by the evil and stupid. A creep pedophile predator continues to enjoy his freedom after committing heinous crimes against another, yet a bystander who takes a photo gets sentenced jail time for a picture in a camera. If you don't think this is a backwards society that is run by evil, then you are part of the problem and also as evil as others. You will all be judged in the end and then who gets the last laugh?

2493 days ago


I just want to see how this comes out in the end. I don't think he will do any time.

2493 days ago

know your facts    

What ever happened to innovent until proven guilty? I saw the tape, unfortunately, and while I do believe that girl was under age in the video, I also believe that it's is a little hard to make out her face or his for that matter. Yeah, you can tell she is underdeveloped like a child would be, but you can't see her or his face well enough to say with complete certainty that it's him.
Just like if it was your kid you would want justice, if you were being falsely accused you would still want the same.

2493 days ago


Let He Who Is Without Sin Cast The First Stone

2493 days ago


"6. lol funny,,,yea i know her kind,,,they usually are very loud, unrully, and over weight!! course shes not going to abide by any rules...

Posted at 1:50PM on Dec 25th 2007 by RoughDaddy"

yea well she may be overweight but i bet she can spell UNRULY

2493 days ago


I am a big fan too,so that could have been me.but i think that was stuipid for them to do her like that over a picture,unless R objected.but she was lucky to get to see him in person that close,I wish I could see him that close.but ,I wish him all the luck to get pass this and move on.I support him no matter what the out come, and enjoyed his shows and everything he does!! so,stay positive R!!!

2493 days ago
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