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Assistants to Jon Peters: Sue You!

12/26/2007 4:03 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

"Superman Returns" producer Jon Peters allegedly fired two female employees -- one for refusing to have an abortion and the other for refusing his sexual advances -- according to two separate lawsuits filed Monday.
Jon Peters' lawsuit

According to documents, Adriana Silveira says she was hired in December of 2005 to work at Peters' Malibu home and office. She says she discovered she was pregnant in June of 2006 and was immediately put on one week of bed rest by her doctor because of the precarious nature of her pregnancy. She says she asked Peters for the time off, but got canned instead. She then claims two weeks after she was let go, Peters told her husband Andrew, who was also working for the producer, that his wife should have an abortion if he "wanted to keep his job." When she and her husband refused to terminate the pregnancy, Silveira says Peters then fired her husband by e-mail.

In the other suit, Blanca Hernandez says Peters hired her in July of 2005 and "systematically sexually harassed [Hernandez] on nearly a daily basis."

She claims Peters touched her on the "breasts and buttocks and waist", tried to push her into bed while he was naked, called her breasts "pillows" and asked "her to have sex in exchange for money." Hernandez says when she complained in July of 2006, she was axed. She says she was told if she reported Peters to authorities said "her and her daughter would be murdered."

Hernandez says after she filed a complaint against Peters with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, he falsely accused her of stealing a pricey $10,000 lamp.

Peters is a former hairdresser who inspired Warren Beatty's character in the hit film, "Shampoo." Last year another assistant, Shelly Morita, also sued Peters, claiming she was "harassed, verbally abused, and intimidated" so much she was forced to resign from her position. A rep for Peters could not immediately be reached for comment.

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I'd do him for money. LOL

2495 days ago

He's Boring now    

Well we can thank Babs Steisand for creating this douchebaby...her former hairdresser, who suddenly out of nowhere does A Star is Born. I guess its true about not what you know but who you know out in la la land. he's got the biggest ego and he's been married 5 times. I wouldnt doubt for a second he tried to make moves on the help and has for years, only this time the help is taking his sorry ass on.

Enjoy the publicity still doing peoples hair?

Wank Job

2495 days ago

equal opportunity offender    

give a little, take a little is what i say!

2495 days ago

jen jen    

white america,
why dont you do us ALL a favor and go back and bury your head up your a$$? what does my quoting paris hilton have to do with anything? and what do you mean "go back"? go back where? of coarse i quoted paris hilton, this is tmz. are you lost? and i was attempting to keep the conversation light.... just being silly. something you are obviously not familiar with. btw when was the last time you laughed? i mean really laughed? what happend to you in your life to make you so angry? you are such a sad person. i am starting to feel sorry for you. not much, but just a little. judging by all the 1's in your exclamation points, it looks like someone is getting more angry than usual. did i strike a nerve? feelin a little sad? a lttle lonely? did someone get a big fat lump of coal for christmas? lol! i know i said i was gonna focus on the gossipy aspect but this is becoming fun. oh yeah, how am i a hypocrit? are you sure you know what the word means?

nova, it takes so long because our courts and the system are so clogged, probobly because of selfish, sue happy people. and the aticle stated he was actually nude not her...but either way, why would either of them be naked? i hear ya, they had a WORKING relationship. it doesnt make sence. and what difference does it make to him if she is pregnant or not? why is it his business? i guess he is one of those pushy types who feel the need to push thier backwards oppinions on people. sound familiar?

2495 days ago





2495 days ago


john peters is jewish.....

2495 days ago


Isn't this the guy who used to date Barbra S.?

What a creepy creep!

2495 days ago


according to whats stated in the law suit, this guy was the next hitler to be!!!! so you cant touch your underlings breast, waitst and buttocks? who knew!!!!!!!!!!

2495 days ago


It's the same Jon Peters who used to live with Babs Streisand??? She must have had some REAL problems to ever be with a jerk like that... I KNEW there was a reason why I never could STAND her... (besides just the fact she's a damn liberal.)

2495 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

people like 'duh'- (probably a woman smellin' like patchuli and lighting nagchampa for some freaky orgy dedicated to some animal god), are effin quik to defend a woman here in a blog all safe and faceless...but i bet in reality, when she'a at work and sees a guy harrassing a woman, she looks the other way real fast, or just chuckles and says "it's ok"!...dumb hoe!

2495 days ago


WHAT AN IDIOT !!!!!!!!!!!!

2495 days ago

Big Ol' Nobody    

and there's a huge difference between dyslexia and retardation jen strand. you sound like you fall into the latter not LADDER!!!

2495 days ago


Adolf. You really need to calm down, you're sounding a bit irrational. Must be your time of the month.

P.S. I don't call women ho's, I leave such comments to ignoramuses like you.

2495 days ago

jen jen    

what are you talking about? i am aware of the meaning of both words.are YOU retarded or dyslexic? both? can you really make that call by reading a chat box? are you a doctor? have you even graduated highschool? it is debatable. and as mentioned....who cares about spelling in this chat box? in fact,is that all you got on me? spelling? was that comment directed toward someone else? because it is doesnt really go with anything i have said. you dont know me well enough to pass judgement on my mental status so, you need to find another way to top me in an argument. since when is tmz a class in english and spelling? i thought we were talking about a sexual harrasment lawsuit? you must not have anymore good arguments for that so you have lowered yourself to nit-picking the spelling and grammar of others. please! btw,nag champa is TWO words. i dont even own any but i know that. is it hard to be a biggot these days? is that why u r sooo angry and lonely? you are a dying breed you know. thank god!!
as far as babs, she treats her help like dogs so it wouldnt suprise me if they were a couple. i have worked with her a few times and she is a royal pain in the butt. thinks her $h!t doesnt stink and what not...yeah alot of celebs/people like this jon guy dont seem to understand that people are humans with feelings and that they are not disposable.

2495 days ago

jen jen    

lmao. you hit the nail on the head rudolph. comment 41 makes no sence at all. i think "effen" means "f-ing". but thats really all i could get out of it.

2495 days ago
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