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Ex-Yank Popped for Alleged Vehicular Homicide

12/28/2007 3:51 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Jim Leyritz, a member of the New York Yankees championship teams in the 1990s, is being held at Broward County Jail in Florida, after being arrested for allegedly driving under the influence and causing the death of a woman driving the other car in a collision.
Jim Leyritz
According to police documents, Leyritz was driving a Ford SUV when he ran a red light in downtown Fort Lauderdale and crashed into another vehicle early this morning; the other car rolled, and the driver, 30-year-old Fredia Ann Veitch was thrown from the car and died later at Broward General Medical Center. Leyritz was observed to have "red watery eyes, flushed face, and the odor of an alcoholic beverage" on his breath -- and he initially refused to take a breathalyzer test.

Leyritz was booked at 4:30 AM on two charges of DUI and was released this afternoon on $11,000 bond. Yesterday, incidentally, was Leyritz's 44th birthday. Local10.com of WPLG-TV first reported the charges.

Leyritz is best remembered for the dramatic three-run home run he hit against the Atlanta Braves in Game 4 of the 1996 World Series.

WPLG captured exclusive video of Leyritz leaving the jail at around 3:30 PM ET. In the video, he is visibly shaken as he gets into his car and clearly holding back tears.
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No Avatar

Party 'till you die!    

A drunk goes out and kills a person and you stupid little fools sit there and insult the whole issue by saying with all seriousness that it was because he was or wasn't with a certain team! I laugh at what childish fools you all are! Cattle!

2459 days ago

CVS Whore    

Untill those stupid judges stop slapping the hands of DUI-ers, innocent people will continue to die.

2458 days ago


can try giving your life to Him, if it does not work then take all the misery and pain back.

2458 days ago


"Jizy" This has nothing to do with him being a former Yankee, if you can actually read it says he was a member of the New York Yankees CHAMPIONSHIP teams.

2458 days ago


How dare that woman be in the way of a pro baseball player. Sports/Celebrity is like a 2nd religion to americans who dont have minds of their own and/or an iq high enough for other interests. That being said he should walk free after doing an anti drunk driving commercial and/or hosting an episode of extreme makeover home edition. Oh and I almost forgot most importantly "Find Jesus".

2458 days ago

Paul Priore    

To whom it may concern:

I was not at all surprised that former New York Yankees catcher Jim Leyritz was behind the wheel of his car driving drunk and killed this innocent woman, I have known Jim Leyritz for many years when I used to work for the New York Yankees years ago and knew something like this was going to happen sooner or later.

Jim Leyritz always had a alcohol and drug problem all the years that I worked with him in the Yankees clubhouse, I tryed several times during my working years at Yankees stadium to talk to him about his problem but like so many alcoholic and drug users, they refuse to see their problems.

My mother was also an alcoholic and that how I was able to see Jim Leyritz's problem but Leyritz told me to mind my own business and said he didn't have a problem.

This was something that was waiting to happen and I feel for the victims family because now the husband is without a wife and the children are without a mother, I wonder what it would be like if the shoe was on the other foot and Jim Leyritz lost a wife or child to a selfish, uncaring, no regard for human life or the law person.

I hope every day Jim Leyritz wakes up and has to live with the fact that he killed an innocent woman while being drunk and I hope he gets the maximum allowed of punishment by law, but as we all know, most celebrities get away with anything because they buy their way out of any trouble.

I don't see Jim Leyritz doing any real jail time but I do see him paying a hefty settlement of millions of dollars and paying his lawyers millions to keep his butt out of jail.

I hope the victims family makes Jim Leyritz pay through the nose for their lost even though we all know it won't bring back the victim but at least the children and husband can have some closer.

If the legal system allows Jim Leyritz to get off easy like they did with that rediculious $11,000.00 bail, then we should abolish the legal system because right now the legal system is a joke and what happened to this woman is a tragedy and a travisty of justice.

Jim Leyritz's needs to be punished for his crime of killing this innocent victim and I hope he gets what her deserves.


Paul Priore (Former New York Yankees Clubhouse Attendant.)

2458 days ago


Freddy Veitch leaves behind 2 young children and a husband who has to try and put the pieces of their lives back together. She was a fixture in the Ft. Lauderdale bar/restaurant industry and was loved by so many. It sickens me how people can be so nonchalant...

2458 days ago

free ipod classic    

it's been a bad month for leyritz. first hgh and now this. this is not going to end well.

2457 days ago


I think that drinking and driving is a selfish act and it doesn't matter who does it, they deserve to get the maximum penatly. I have absolutely NO tolerance for it. I used to enjoy Jim Leyritz's view on baseball, the Yankees, and the like, however my opinion of him has obviously changed. My question is this though, have the BAC results been released....was he intoxicated, or just tired? I am in no way defending him, I'd just like to have all the facts before I convict someone of a horrible crime.

My other question is, why the HELL wasn't this woman wearing a seatbelt?! I don't believe it's a law in Florida, but she would NOT have been ejected had she been wearing a seatbelt! Of course, that doesn't matter now when two children are without their mother and a man is without his wife, but this story should make people think about two things.

#1 always wear your seatbelt because there will ALWAYS be drunk drivers on the road
#2 as cliche as it sounds, don't drink and drive!

2453 days ago
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