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It's Over for Dita and Marilyn

12/28/2007 8:45 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Burlesque queen Dita Von Teese has finally shed something she's been trying to get rid of for some time -- her husband -- creepy rocker Marilyn Manson, who is now dating 20-year-old starlet Evan Rachel Wood.
Marilyn, Dita
The judgment of divorce was entered in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Thursday, and dissolved the marriage of petitioner Heather R. Sweet (aka Dita) and one Brian H. Warner (aka Marilyn Manson). They did, however, reserve the right to work on the final terms of the agreement.

Happy New Year and adios!


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will he be running around in full make up in his 60ish,,,thall look odd!!! the guy is obviously good at what he does thats why he get the nice young tails to marry him...... but not my kinda thing...

2459 days ago


lori, i agree with you. i am not really a fan of manson's music, however i distinctly remember a statement he made in a brief interview in the michael moore film, bowling for columbine. manson stated that all television news consisted of was "fear and consumption"...
you know i thought that was brilliant and although i saw the film years ago, and don't really like michael moores work at all, i always remember manson in that and he has proven to be absolutely correct.

2459 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Well, Marilyn and Dita gave it a good shot. They tried. I thought I read somewhere that she found his nocturnal lifestyle hard to take, and attempted to change him/it. Night and day people often struggle with the disparity. Musicians become nighthawks due to years of reversed work schedule. He's extremely creative, well-spoken and cerebrally gifted, & Dita's very smart and a class act. Too bad it didn't work out for them.

2458 days ago


I for one just wonder about Mr. Manson...and his appeal to women. It has got to be the money...he is just horrifying. Of course I am of another generation and back in the 1960's when the Beatles first made the news thaey were considered weird. My father said that any 4 musicians that ran around together had to be homosexuals! I replied that if that was true then Lawrence Welk and his band must all be homosexuals too. Dad looked like he was about to have a stroke....I can only wonder what he would say about Marilyn Manson. Musicians are a strange breed, for sure. And I don't doubt that Mr. Manson is smart. But what will become of him once he takes off the make-up like Kiss did!? Frankly they looked better with it on too and I was no fan but what of poor Mr. Manson? God help him if he looks better made up!

2458 days ago


Evan Rachel Wood is NOT a Mormon, she's Jewish.

2458 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Though I can't stand his music the man is intelligent , well read and holds a mean-ass conversation .Dlickhead. Thats' something rare in this day of posers , pretenders and wannabes. Dlckhead.

2458 days ago


Dita is avery talented clothing designer and burlesque artist. What she does could not ever be considererd "porn"This lady is a class-act and exudes that Hollywood glamour that the stars today sadly lack. It's almost as if she came out a time capsule,her body absolutely flawless , she has perfect skin and has such elegant style. How she ever married that freakazoid MM is beyond me! Glad she's rid of him!

2458 days ago


manson understands the media and its necessities. he knew what it took to invent himself as an icon -- the more absurd, the better -- thus, the imprint remains. he's extremely well-read and articulate (a would-have-been journalist). that said, he's probably simply bored with life so he perhaps indulges in activities most people can't fathom or afford given their lives and this makes him somehow freakish. (the image and the music, etc., define him more as an individual in-touch with his non-traditional tendencies. the fact that they happen to draw attention to him feeds the media machine. the irony is that his appearance is what most consider freakish whereas it's simply gimmick and it exposes both the judgmental qualities and the intellectual limitations of too many.)

celebrity relationships simply do not last. they're perpetually transitive, in congruence to the success levels of each celebrity. an individual in entertainment simply cannot live life as a "taken" individual. one cannot declare finite positions other than a general openness or they cease to be potentially all things to all people. von teese and manson simply re-learn this basic knowledge and yes, it's painful for them. individuals as intelligent as warner probably feel frustration in that their life repeats, painfully, so many times over the duration of their life span. this, it seems to me, is one of the non-negotiable drawbacks of (hollywood and/or los angeles-based) celebrity-dom. there are others, of course, the existence of tmz, for example....

2458 days ago


all i got to say is.....GOD HE'S UGLY!!!!!!

2457 days ago

Vinyl Cat    

MM is VERY intelligent, calmly centered and well-mannered. It's not what you'd expect from the so-called shock rocker but he is a former journalist and very principled. As for Dita, she is NOT a porn queen! She has a huge show in Las Vegas and is known as the Queen of Burlesque, which is a far cry from pornography. Google it and educate yourself. It's fun and sexy and not "dirty" at all. She's also a beautiful woman. No, MM isn't easy on the eyes but I can understand why women would be attracted to him because there are actually women out there who want (believe it or not) someone with real substance. MM is talented as well, though I'd like to say that he's a better fine artist than recording artist. If it weren't for Alice Cooper, the man wouldn't have a recording contract...period. I also do not understand the fascination with the nubile young Evan...wait...I just said "NUBILE," didn't I? LOL

2457 days ago

Jonathan Kramm    

I've kept my thoughts private for a few years now as I will continue to do so.

I will say this: Heather is one of the nicest, most hard-core business people that I have ever met and worked with that has a level head about herself.I noticed throughout the weekend of the event I was promoting in Houston (called DESIRE)...from the airport to the not-so-fancy..but yummy Tex Mex dinner (I did that on purpose...and she totally won my vote as a cool ass chick), clubbing etc. We got along extremely well, but lost touch via after about a year or so.after the event...and I'm guessing it was to focus on resolving a few battles.

With Brian, I have never met him, but I have several friends back in Houston that know him....good...bad...indifferent. Whatever...I make my own judgements. I've heard that he's pretty hard core about the business side of things as well. As a fellow professional artist I have extreamly high respect for his works...especially his movie soundtrack composition ability.

Now that I have moved to North Hollywood for my band (and our other business venture) I sooo wish I could get in touch with Heather...or somehow get this message to her. I miss you my friend. You're very special...and totally rocked my view on people.

2457 days ago
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