TMZ Geographic: Aloha Gummi Bear!

12/28/2007 1:20 PM PST
Maui tourists gawked and snapped photos of something rarely seen in the island paradise -- a Gummi Bear! The non-indigenous critter apparently stowed away on a private jet, and drawn by the smell of coconut tanning lotion, took over a sturdy chaise lounge at a resort -- to the delight and horror of beachgoers.

Wearing a lime green sarong to complement his pink shirt and yellow hair, the Hobbit-footed Gummi rolled onto his back and revealed the unfortunate remnants of a bacterial infection obtained during the drought in Los Angeles.

It was reported that Gummi's granny, Barbara Bear, was horrified by the attention of wildlife lovers and paparazzi -- and ran back to the hotel to console herself with her $4 billion-dollar fortune.