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Nicole Kidman -- Preggers?

12/29/2007 8:07 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Could there be yet another celebutot on the way, this time from Nicole Kidman?

TMZ contacted reps for Kidman, but haven't yet received a response to a Daily Mail report that Nicole is expecting. According to the report, Nic and hubby Keith Urban broke the news to their families during Christmas, and she'll be "winding down" her acting jobs in preparation.

Kidman, 40, adopted two kids during her '90s marriage to the current Mr. Katie Holmes, which ended in 2001.

Mischa Not Partying in Vegas After All

So it looks like Mischa Barton won't be hosting that Cathouse party in Vegas after all, in the wake of her splashy arrest on DUI charges.

Mischa "can't give interviews on the red carpet or deal with the press right now," a source tells the New York Post, "so they told her she can't do the event." As of yesterday morning, Barton was still scheduled to appear at the event.

Also on Friday, TMZ got an exclusive interview with a police source who told us that Mischa blew a .12 on her breathalyzer, and admitted to smoking pot earlier on the day of her arrest.

Party Favors: Letterman Makes Pact with Writers ... Seinfeld Disses Oscar Hosting Gig

David Letterman has made an independent deal with his writers so they can go back to work for him, paving the way for his show to get back on the air. "Late Night" has been off the air since the Writers Guild of America strike began on November 5. ... Jerry Seinfeld won't be doing the Oscar telecast anytime soon, or ever, he tells Empire magazine, because, well, it's a vintage Jerry rationale: "If I hosted the Oscars and I did it really well, they would just ask me to do it again. And then again. And again."


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10. If anyone cares, Nicole Kidman is finally pregnant with Keith Urban's first child. The Daily Mail beat to the punch.

Posted at 10:55AM on Dec 29th 2007 by Tamara

I see that you took my advice. Coincidence maybe? lol

2488 days ago


4 stories no one cares about!!!!!!!

2488 days ago


Congrats to Nicole and Keith. Hope she can carry it to full term without any health issues. She is just so thin and frail looking. She is one classy lady, and we all know what a great Mom she is. and Tamara, congrats for breaking the story here at TMZ, cuz these bozos here, too busy following Brit, Angie, and those Hills losers around.

2488 days ago


I hope she's pregnant as she wants a baby so bad.

2488 days ago


Jerry Seinfeld is exceptionally proud of himself for a sitcom that's been off the air a long time. His ego needs to come down. I realise he might have been joking, but he says a lot things like that and he means it. Plus, that show of his wouldn't have made it past the first season without George Costanza. There's no reason for his head to still be this big. Many, many sitcoms have followed and they've been just as funny, if not funnier, than Seinfeld. Maybe he should join us here in 2007 and take the freaking job while he still can.

2488 days ago

He's Boring now    

Not another thing from the Seinfelds this year please...thank god theres only a few days left. This has been a big boner year for anything connected to the man, Except maybe his Bee movie, but thats only because his hollywood friends all got their chits called in by him to promote it.

Right now he's probably the most unfunniest man in America...gazillions of money from reruns or not. And his wife...not that theres anything wrong with it...Oy Vez.

2488 days ago


Congratulations to Nicole and Keith. I guess the truth comes out... Tom Cruise's boys couldn't swim.

2488 days ago

Logo Designers    

congrats nicole

2488 days ago

Vintage '51    

How come one nevers hears about the kids adopted by Nicole & Tom when they were married? Are they out of the picture now that they have divorced and remarried? Tom is always in his own world with Katie and Suri (off in another galaxy) and never a mention of the older siblings.Who do they live with? Do they still consider Nicole & Tom "Mom & Dad" or have they moved on?Tom certainly dotes on Suri but nary a mention of his "other" two kids.

2488 days ago


Mischa, I recommend ditching all that advice Paris Hilton gave you.

Sober actresses get the parts. ;)

2487 days ago

Professor TMZ    

Seinfeld, seriously, he needs to STOP TALKING. Nobody cares, Jer. The oscars should be hosted by someone FUNNY anyhow. Face it, he rode on Larry David's coat tails, period. I had the unfortunate experience of paying money for Seinfelds "stand up" show a few years ago and it was so not funny, I actually felt sorry for him. Also does anyone remember he invited NONE of his Seinfeld castmates to his wedding to a woman he met the day after her honeymoon. He is a selfish, pompous jerk. He sucks. There, I said it.

2487 days ago


Who cares

2487 days ago


The Other Older kids..are mentioned A LOT...& they live with Both Parents...AND..TOM is a very on hands dad with ALL his kids....Oh and to the Poster who wrote...''Toms ''Boys'' couldn't swim''....ummmm, Then how to SURI come into this world....So mean.....

I hope Nicole really is preggers...Cause Theres a report of her being so every, It would be nice if this one is true....

2487 days ago


What planet are you on Vintage ?? Tom Cruise is a devoted father to both of his adopted children and they are with he and Katie a see he, Katie and Suri at the kids sporting events, etc.

As far as Nicole Kidman...I do hope she is pregnant (if that is what she wants) and I hope if she is, that she can have a healthy pregnancy and baby..I think she is a lovely ladey. Still would love to know what the sudden split, divorce between she and Cruise..

2485 days ago

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