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K-Fed = D-Con, Kills Party Fast!

12/30/2007 1:29 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Club LAX in Las Vegas was poppin' last night -- as Paris Hilton, Brody Jenner and Frankie Delgado were among a thick crowd of celebrats getting an early start to their new year revelry -- until Kevin Federline popozao'd in and ruined it all.

The backup dancer turned laughable rapper thought it was a good idea to grab the mic last night -- but all he did was spew a loud, heaping load of amped up annoyance -- causing clubgoers to flee for the exits. Somebody muzzle that mohawked emcee!

Too bad Federleezy doesn't have the knowhow to just lip-sync like his mealticket. Then again, that might not work either.


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Kayan Phoenix    

LOL that s funny .. i would've fled for the doors too.

2486 days ago

Lenn K.    

They say like it should be said, where are the kids? Are partying and not watching the kids like you are being paid to do? Britney is truly a mess, but K-take you for your money, isn't really that much better, he just stays out of sight better. Go Home and wait for the next check to come!!

2486 days ago



2486 days ago


yeppers dude.

2486 days ago

W T F ?    

Go to Perez Hilton's site and see the spin they put on KFed! Paris and KFed hooking up! Ha! Twitney will go balistic and pull her skanky weave out of her hair! KFed and Paris totally deserve each other! ha ha ha ha ha ha Hey Twit! Maybe KFed will give Paris a baby and then you can be one happy family! ha ha ha ha

2486 days ago


People who go to these things to SEE retards such as paris, brody, and whatever have serious mental issues. Who cares about them, why do people care about them? They are just low life self absorbed, rotten, degenerate human waste. What good have they done for anyone or any thing? The world would actually be a much better place without them.

2486 days ago

Ernie's Girl    

Are you surprised he's not home with his children? Twitney
is getting her just desserts! Remember he left Shar Jackson
for the Twit while Shar was prego with his second child - no talent
hack just cashing in on his meal ticket - doesn't mean
any SANE human being wants to hear his "jabber" on the mic-
why didn't they just turn the sound and lights off???

2486 days ago


Britney is so stupid to have ever let this low lifer end up looking "better" than her. How ridiculous is that. She could have had it made people would have felt so sorry for her, supported her, she could have been 10 times richer than she is now, and have some respect along with it NOT TO MENTION the most important aspect: HER KIDS. Britney if I am angry at you over anything it is HOW did he end up looking better than you????

2486 days ago

TMZ reader    

Federline was the fall of Britney Spears. If only she would have had higher standards back then, she might not be the train-wreck that we see today. The same thing happened to Whitney Houston when she met Bobby Brown.

2486 days ago


Guess Britney paid for that trip to Vegas. They should have kicked his ass out of the club!

2486 days ago

Grace E.    

No Bobby Brown had/has an actual career as a recording artist and hit single when Whitney Houston married him and the thing that Brit married for the second time was her back up dancer with a small part in an unsuccessful dance movie on his resume with one illegetimate child and a second one unborn. Not comparable in the least

2486 days ago


As a Las Vegas resident, this is precisley why I stay away from the strip.

2486 days ago


I like him, sorry guys! So what if he took a night off from his kids and went out?? Uh, EVERYONE does that every once in a while. My husband and I go out once or twice a month w/ out our kids. Its something everyone needs to stay sane. Just because you love your children doesn't mean that every now and then you need to talk about something other than the freakin doodlebops & backyardigans.
As for perez's spin on it, I LOVE IT !! So what if they were hooking up?? I am so sick of hearing poor poor britney, I hope Miss American Dream goes nuts and pulls that stank-tastic weave out a strand @ a time.
I STILL think Kevin is the better parent

2486 days ago


Wow..Paris has really changed her ways after jail time. She vowed to be different and now look at her! She's contributing so much to society! K-Fed is, has been, and always will be a "wanna be." He's a loser and that father of the year halo isn't so bright anymore...he just had a lawyer (paid for by his ex wife) to tell him to get away from the cameras. He has bodyguards drive his kids around and a nanny for when the kids are at home. I hope Paris and K Fed hook up - they are made for each other.

2486 days ago


OMG people left when he came??hahaha Maybe they know now what he is all about...$$$$$$$$

2486 days ago
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