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Lawsuit Says 'Judge Judy'

Sends Blacks Packin'

12/31/2007 11:25 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

An ex-producer for "Judge Judy" is claiming that he was canned for complaining that black litigants were being 86'd from the show.

Judge Judy
The lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court by former Senior Producer Jonathan Sebastien, alleges that Randy Douthit -- a supervisor -- told staffers, "We're not doing any more black shows," and "I don't want to hear black people arguing."

Sebastien claims when he complained about the alleged whitewashing, he says Douthit commanded his fellow producers to book "white upscale, pretty people" for Judge Judy, and to send black litigants to the "Judge Joe Brown" show. Brown's show is produced by the same company as "Judy."

Sebastien claims after he objected to the policy, his boss "berated and mocked him," and fired him on March 30. He is seeking unspecified damages from the show and CBS Paramount.

Judge Judy Sheindlin herself isn't named as a defendant. A rep for CBS Paramount tells TMZ, "CBS Paramount does not comment on pending litigation." A staffer from "Judge Judy" -- who did not want to be identified -- says the suit has "no merit" and that the claims are being being made by "a disgruntled former employee who was fired for cause."


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To the person who said burt has a bad attitude, his name is Byrd, not Burt! And I love Byrd's nasty attitude towards Judge Judy. it's the best part of that show!

2450 days ago


yeah me too.
and if she was so racist she wouldn't have a black baliff either.
this story is silly and unsubstantiated.

2450 days ago


Cassie, ur a moron! Don't agree with me!

2450 days ago


Cassy, ur a moron! Don't agree with me! I've read your discussion and your idiotic responses

2450 days ago


ok, look, I didn't mean to be that harsh or take anyone's side, but someone just explained to you that Judge Judy isn't the one who's even being accused of racism. The producer of the show is. So why you would say that sentence as if Judge Judy is the one who is being accused of it makes no sense. Judge Judy is the one who asked Byrd to be on the show and the show was actually against it according to websites about how Byrd got on the show, so producers of the show could very well be racist. You don't know if it is unsubstantiated or not and ur idiotic statement about Judge Judy not being racist doesn't prove anything

2450 days ago


my comments are directed at some guy who insists only white people kill people.
i don't mean to be mean ,but his comments about hoe only white people do horrible things was stupid.
that is why i mentioned the msnbc show,it is the truth,inmates are all different colrs,
white,black alike.and yes,black people kill just like whites, his comment is the retarded one.
who believes only white people kill?
how retarded is that.

2450 days ago


I watch Judge Judy...she is a no nonsense judge and cuts to the chase..I do think that she is unnecessarily rude at time and abuses her power..So strange, I was watching her show recently as I do every day and all of a sudden it dawned on me that she didn't have many, if any black people on her show..I think she has a right to pick and choose the Plaintiff's and Defendents that come on her show, and doesn't waste her time with white or black trash on her shows...A bigot, I think not..she just isn't going to let her show get into the Jerry Springer type cases/problems..and I am glad for that...not being a fan of Springer...and trust me, she has her share of ridiculous white, trailer trash cases..Judge Alex, Judge Christina don't have any illerates/white or black on their show looking for their 15 minutes of fame..

2450 days ago


Cassy, you wrote in your first sentence in response to me: you make fun of our race,how about the black
men who love White women.

My response: Uh! Your point is?! If this is to say, make fun of black people for liking white women, I AGREE!!! I would make fun of them too! LMFAO!!!

Youre next comment: white people killing everybody goes,please whatever.
these white people in the media you see,are all Celebrities,duh.

My response : Yes, there are many black celebrities (Will Smith, Jamie Fox, Eddie Murphy) who aren't constantly in every episode of Entertertainment Tonight for going to jail, drunk driving, rehab, drugs, abusing their children as 2007 was packed with from white celebrities
Your next comment: i watch court tv a lot,and lots of these stories are black killers,gimme a break,only white people kill,
your an idiot.

My response: As buttwax pointed out how you misread the article, you've also misread my statements. White people are more known to kill their families than blacks. You're an idiot Cassy! And I refuse to come back here and read your responses because I'll probably end up just explaining my self all over again.

2450 days ago


The pretty people are on those reality shows that are so horrible bad scripts fake tears I wanna see sisters pulling weaves out of each other heads and find out who the DADDY IS of their 2 babies!

Now That Is a reality show!!!

Judge Judy Is not Racsist in fact she Is much kinder to blacks on her show she Is sensitive but If they go off on her she will spit vile back!

Love Your Show!!!!

2449 days ago


LMFAO! Another moron thinks it's judge judy who's being accused of racism and get this.... his name is THE SOURCE! Cassy and the SOURCE, I think your New Years Resolution oughta be to learn how to read. So far the only people who have made remotely intelligent statement on this page seem to be black people and the white ones can't read

2449 days ago


Yeah, another brilliant white person saying what they really think. I love it. I hope all their shows are canceled. Ruf Ruf Ruf.

2449 days ago


STOP USING THE RACE CARD PEOPLE!!! I am WHITE & PRETTY & I DONT WORK FOR JUDGE JUDY!!!!! thats the problem in this world, people just sue each other for no-reason at all, THEY WANT MONEY!!!!

2449 days ago


Randy Douthit is a great guy and his wife is black for crying out loud. Give me a break people. Ex-employees will say and do anything to get money. Pathetic.

2448 days ago


It really doesn't matter if Randy Douhtit's wife is black. You see, white males have a bad rep for being both racist against minorities (especially African Americans) and sexist against women. Of course, these white males who are sexist can be married to women. Most of them probably ARE married to women, as it's more of str8 male attitude to behave in a sexist way. These str8 men could simply believe that women may be nice as wives, but simply don't belong in the workplace which is form of sexism. The same thing applies to Douhthit. Douhthit could very well say these things to himself, 'Black people may very well make good spouses in my opinion, but let's get serious! not a lot of people are as accepting as me and think they look good!" which would be 70% racist. Doesn't necessarily have to be 100% racist to be racist. You know, being married to a black person has nothing to do with it and the show needs to be sued. They make way to much money anyway, Some of that needs to go to the poor!

2448 days ago


What the?
Whites are being made afriaid of consequences in dealing with blacks. Always a hypersensetive issue. Judy's show can do what they want and create any image they want. If Judge Joe Brown's show wanted less whites, then who cares? Do whites care?

2447 days ago
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