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Everyone Hears it Here First

1/4/2008 4:15 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The rep for K-Fed's attorney knows where to get his news ... TMZ, of course!

In a press conference today, Michael Sands was asked how he heard about what was going down at Britney's house. His answer -- "I read about it on TMZ!"

Of course he did.


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Yeah right.. Harvey made a call to his ass..

2422 days ago

just my input    

you people at TMZ are all get off on bringng this poor girl down....get over yourselves.....what goes aroubnd, comes of these days, TMZ is going to get slapped w/ a lawsuit by one of these celebrities you push around and exploit.....but gee...who would cover that one?! Get some pride guys!

2422 days ago


This guys a slimball attorney that wouldnt care hide nor hair about those kids unless he was getting paid.. You can bet he wouldnt rep this case for free. Go crawl back under your rock dude

2422 days ago

Eva and Nicole    

It is about time the Pop Princess
was put into custody before she kills
herself or someone else.

Sung to the tune of "Jailhouse Rock".
"Sittin' here up inside the county jail,
Even with my money I can't buy no bail,
I told the judge I'm sorry but to no avail,
Now I'm cryin' all the time and you can hear me wail!
The door to my cellblock,
Just ask my last fan Chris Crock,
I'm Britney, bitch, and I rock!
Everywhere I stand or sit are funny smells,
Creepy stains are on all things in county jail,
Where my hangers on have fled it's hard to tell,
All I got's a jumpsuit and a bag of fan mail!
Poor me!
I'm a star, why don't they see!
Laws don't apply to Britney,
Chris Crocker, set me free!"
Eva and Nicole

2422 days ago


HAHA everyone get the news from TMZ that is true. I don't know how TMZ get their info,but they are always the first to know things. Kinda scary.

2422 days ago

Truth Is    

Of course he heard it here first. Didn't everybody? TMZ speaks the gospel and everybody and their mama knows it.

2422 days ago


Have to give TMZ props....I used to watch Entertainment Tonight and Exta - but since discovering TMZ online (and on TV) I find out stuff before those other shows do....good job.

As for Britney - I used to say "poor thing" but not anymore - she has brought this all on herself. She needs to stay home and be a mother instead of partying every night - we used to think Kevin was the bad guy - my how things have turned around huh?

2422 days ago


Gay boy is enjoying his face time!

2422 days ago



SPLASH is reporting she tested NEGATIVE FOR DRUGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And coincidentally, Kaplan CANCELLED his press conference. Hmmm. Maybe it doesn't make this slimeball look so good to know his thug, wannabe rapper client has driven Britney over the edge and she is now clinically insane.

2422 days ago

Dawn Day    

Having the up to date news on a celebrity's breakdown isn't much of a pat on the back really, now is it TMZ?

I wouldn't wish being famous on my worst enemy any more! Well, except for maybe Paris Hilton!! ;-)

2422 days ago


That's because everyone knows that TMZ is a bunch of blood sucking parasites.

I actually feel sorry for Brit, I mean they send people to rehab to get cleaned up, it seems people (tmz included) are just waiting for brit to put a bullet in her skull.

2422 days ago


TMZ is the best!

2422 days ago

Merry Christmas    

You are NOT A NEWS SOURCE. You stalk people and your writing is unprofessional and immature. You don't even have the b@lls to put your name on your so-called "news." You show favoritism to certain celebrities and then turn around and make fun of others based on appearance, age, etc. You make fun of religion and then glorify transvestites.

Get over yourselves - SERIOUSLY. Please don't call yourselves "news." You are what you are - celebrity trash site.

2422 days ago


That should give you a clue about his credibility..He relies on info from a comic book (TMZ). I enjoy the TMZ's a welcome relief from real news. But when I read the blog, I sometimes think there are people out there who actually believe this tripe has substance. How sad.

2422 days ago


She might get jail time, you have a standoff someones paying for that.

2422 days ago
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