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Lindsay Back on H20

1/4/2008 1:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan is drinking again -- but she's back on the good stuff.

She's drinking agua, a good move after her New Year's Eve relapse. Lindsay fell off the wagon by sipping champagne -- but hopped right back on board again. Atta gurl.


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I root for Lindsay

FYI-relapse will 100% happen but how soon you can control it is the key doesn't matter you sober for 1 month or ten year

lucky for Lindsay this doesn't count as relapse no need for detox or another rehab

compare to brit,her sis,Mischa

Lindasy come out like an angel to me

2451 days ago


Are you guys gonna start kissing Lohan's ass like X17 does to Spears?

2451 days ago


Defintely "Lincoln Park AfterDark"
Please tell me it's not a no-no.........I wear it/love it!

2451 days ago


Do you really think anyone buys that crap that she's not drinking.......or drugging? It's her style and what WOprah taught her.

2451 days ago

Miss Behave    

lindsay ass-kissers are losers like her. face it.

2451 days ago


Gee, didn't you hear..that champagne in that bottle wasn't lindsay's. someone else put it in there...along with the coke in her pocket!

2451 days ago


Thats right Lohan. Stay in line and do what your lawyers and government tell you and everything will be alright.

2451 days ago


If you don't do what they tell you the government will imprison you like britney!

2451 days ago

MAMA jugs TO you    

Everyone should seriously just leave Britney Spears alone. This is not rocket science, people. This girl is in really bad shape and she needs our love, prayers and support. She needs to be with people that love her for who she is and not what they can get out ot her. Her family, the media and all these comedians are making money off her break down, ( including Chris Crocker).

All of you keep calling her these terrible names and making awful jokes, but can't you see Britney is in serious need of medical care, she just doesn't realize it.

I cringe to think of the backlashing that I will get for posting this, but you know what they say about opinions!!!

Pray for this girl that she gets the well deserved treatment and help she so desperately needs!!!

2451 days ago


Someone here said

" I don't even think she has a drinking problem. Girls her age, girls in college, they drink and they party. She unfortunately took it too far and had to step back. As long as she's off coke, who cares if she sips sparkling wine at midnight on New Years Eve while in Italy. Tell me you wouldn't. Give the girl a break and let her be."

Spoken like a true alcoholic who tells themself "I can quit whenever I want" Also kind of sounds like the problem child who whines "everyone else does". Getting sloppy drunk and losing control of your actions is not hot or sexy. Yes, some college girls do but more Don't. You can see the ones that do on any "girls gone wild" tape. I have nothing against exotic dancers but whatever you do with your life you should be proud of. Not have to get sloppy drunk in order to lower yourself to the level of behavior required of you. I'm more concerned about some of the commenters than I am Lohan who seems to have a shot at getting it right.

2451 days ago

Miss Behave    

Beatrice JoJo--When will BRITNEY leave THE PUBLIC alone? When will SHE go away?

2451 days ago


I wonder how many of you could go the rest of your lives without taking a sip of champagne on New Years or toasting to good news. How many of you would have the willpower to never have a sip again...taking a sip is not falling off the wagon...get a grip all suck...

2451 days ago

Miss Behave    

Britney and Lindsay need to get out of OUR faces. GOT IT?

2451 days ago


I hope Lohan did call her sponsor and that she doesn't let this slip screw things up for her. She has too much talent to throw away. I could care less what Brittney does, she has no talent to waste. She was never anything but a sexy girl who had an average voice and knew how to move. There's lots of sexy young things to replace her but Lohan has real potential, she has something unique.

2451 days ago


You wonder how many people would have the willpower to NEVER take a sip of champagne to celebrate something?
How many million successful recovering alcoholics are there? That's how many people have the willpower to do it. Personally I've made it for 25 years without a sip of bubbly or anything else. It's only hard if you're a current drunk.

2451 days ago
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