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Order in Brit Case -- Visitation Suspended

1/4/2008 8:07 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The Commish in the Brit case just issued his order and we got it first. -- K-Fed gets sole legal and physical custody. Brit gets nothing.
Read the order!
Brit's visitation has been "suspended pending further order of the Court." The order is in effect until January 14. There will then be a hearing to determine where the case goes.

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this is the best for now this is not to say when she can get some help real help that she wont be able to be with her kids i highly doubt that kevin in any shape matter or form is trying to hurt her in any way he is doing whats best for these children regardless of what some of you write about him i for one have alot of respect for this man and i am happy that he is taking care of his children

2492 days ago


Pebbles honey, you need to come out of that cave you been living in, and see this is the new world. Mom's don't always get custody of their children anymore. Sometimes Dad deserve them, and they deserve the child support for them, just like in the old days. Tell BamBam to put that club down, and stop dragging you around. You are bouncing off the cave walls.

2492 days ago


if she is mentally unstable they can take those kids away,and have for now.
and if she doesn't do some careful stepping, she will lose them for good.
get her a good shrink and and put her on some prozac .

2492 days ago


Hey #83 ... take your own mommy-issues to a shrink.

Britbrit has made her own decisions, the courts have ruled her a incapable of looking after he children ... SO DEAL WITH IT!

2492 days ago

Puter Boi    

Britney Spears' blood will be on the hands of Harvey Levin...TMZ..and all the vultures with cameras surrounding this woman's are evil ugly people....waiting for this woman to die.

Then who will you hound to death? Has your new target already been chosen?

2492 days ago


Pebbles: Are you serious? If you did even 5% of the crap this girl has pulled your kids would be yanked from you and you'd have DCS all over any visits with them for the next 10 years. Also, if you're a good mother you would *not* lock your kid in a room with you and expose them to a "hostage" style situation with the LAPD. This is not an 18 year old girl, this is a grown woman with two children and once you have kids you need to drop your crazy stuff (or deal with it like a responsible adult) and take care of your children. This chick drives around LA at all hours doing the most random stuff (and people) that no sane or rational person would do. She won't accept help, she wants the attention and is a spoiled brat who is getting what she deserves. Those kids have been handed a mental death sentence being born into her crazy world.

2492 days ago

Clair the breakfast club prom queen    

Good! It's about time. She needs serious help and guidance before those kids can be around her. Love them or not, she's totally unfit at this point to be near them. It should be a whole hell of a lot longer than Jan. 14.

2492 days ago

brainless britt    

It's about time!!! For the sake of her kids I hope she gets it together...but I still think she is a narcissistic twit

2492 days ago


>Pebbles< Where have you been? She may well be hurting inside, this is quite common for people who live in a world of instant gradification.. She had every chance in the world to stop this before it even began.. She was told to stop using drugs and alcohol, she was given a person to supervisor her visits with the children because she could not be trusted. She put out a new Album, and did not tour nor even promote the album.. I guess she decided that the public would automatically buy it because it was her release. The girl has created her own world of hurt and pain, and drug two small boys down into the muck with her. I'm happy that she has a loyal fan who would stand up for her.. The reality is, she needs people around her to tell her the truth when she is screwing up...

2492 days ago


TMZ.... why don't you make a feature so that people can flag spam... the same people keep posting junk on your website.

2492 days ago


I was under the involuntary 72 hour care and for the first 48 hours it was a nightmare but the last 24 were the best thing and I really took a good look at my life. A doctor told us that there is something magical about the 72 hours and she was right. Hopefully Britney will take advantage of the next 72 hours and get the help she desperatly needs.

2492 days ago

now britney can eat as many cracker jacks and beer as she wants by herself .

2492 days ago


she will be dead within a year...

2492 days ago


I think the blame should go to the paps, who hounder her unmercifully, driving her over the edge.
Well done, I hope you're proud of yourself, TMZ.

2492 days ago


Hey KINK - you're contradicting yourself. Mentally ill people are not responsible for their own actions. Ask a lawyer. Get a clue before being so quick to crucify someone.

2492 days ago
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