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Brit Probably Bipolar

1/5/2008 1:06 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

BritneyTMZ has even more evidence now that this is NOT a case of substance abuse. As we already reported, we're told Brit has all the symptoms of what appears to be some sort of bipolar disorder. This is becoming the universal operating theory from people in both Brit and K-Fed's camps. They are privately hoping the docs properly diagnose her at Cedars.

Also, there are reports swirling about all the people in Brit's home who came to her rescue; who broke the door down, who just lingered. You would think she was having a pre-pre-pre Super Bowl party.

In fact, we know that aside from the monitor, there were a grand total of two others in the house -- aside from Brit and the kids. The two were both hired help.


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She may have always had these problems then they became worse and evident after giving birth and the demise of her marraige. I do feel sorry for her, I just hope the can finally get the help she needs. I think the drugs or drinking or just being masked to calm the larger picture which is a mental illness. I hope she is properly diagnosed. If she can be healthy then her she can establish a healthy relationship with her children.

2393 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

Mental illness can become more visible after life changing events triggers the symptoms. A lot of people live with depression but no one even knows it until they do something like try to kill themselves.Whatever is wrong with Britney, I hope she is open to treatment so that she can resume her life, and hopefully, a life that includes being with her children.

2393 days ago


brittany sucks!
why does anyone care about her and what she is doing???
the media needs to GET A LIFE!!!!

2393 days ago

Michigan Mom    

They have been reporting all a long that her drug test have been coming back clean.....My son is bi polar....they have good days and bad ones. He was never put on meds until he was 15, And as a adult he chooses not to take his meds. I hope she gets the help she needs, if so she can live a normal life and be a good mother.

2393 days ago

Look for obvious    

Ahhhh, Britney has given birth to two babies back to back. Pregnancies can wreak havoc on ones body. She's in post-pardum depression, it's obvious. Her whole endocrine system is out of balance and stranger than stranger symptoms begin to appear! 1-800- DOCTORS, GET A CLUE!!!!

2393 days ago

Puter Boi    

TMZ and Harvey Levin will never back off. They want that shot of Britney's coffin being lowered into the ground. They have already written the story.

Her blood will be on Harvey Levin's hands.

He is too busy counting his money and unable able to feel shame for what he has done to this girl.

2393 days ago


When you are bi-polar there are times you are thinking and acting normal. And yes it can come on out of no where. If this is what she has then I'm glad she is getting help and rest. Remember Patty Duke she was bi-polar and worked had children but she had times of distress. So I think it's time to let her get well, and stop all the bashing of her. Time for the paps to stay out of her face and let the medical personel take careof her. I think the news should have their 2 days of reporting about her then go on to someone else.

2393 days ago


Bi-polar is just an excuse for cruel people.

2393 days ago

Susan B    

Harvey, you are a lowlife bastard. TMZ, just back off and give this poor girl a chance to get healthy.

2393 days ago


She's a drug addict

2393 days ago

patsy ramsey    

to the people who posted comments that are as wordy as JLH is fat,

learn to get to the point, nobody reads your superlong garabge, for example here is my comment short & sweet,

Britney is a has been. Lets focus on more worthwhile people like Nicole Kidman or Shakira.

2393 days ago


I can already hear the furious typing of a million single mothers furiously trying to defend 'poor Britney'. Are you people serious about praying for her? What does that do, ease your conscience? Do you think she would ever care in a million years what happened to you?!?! Hellz naw.

2393 days ago


I'm honestly over all the Britney jokes & etc... I honestly pray she gets help and the media just gives her a time to clear her head for a while.

[= get well Britney

2393 days ago

Susan B    

24. She's a drug addict

Posted at 11:24AM on Jan 5th 2008 by VFB

Where is your proof?

2393 days ago


I have heard from some guys that partied with Kevin that he has said she has poor hygene habits. Doesn't wash, or brush her teeth.She stinks. He stuck it out as long as he could. If he only wanted the money, he could have handled that.

2393 days ago
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