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Britney Sprung from Joint

1/5/2008 3:24 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has confirmed that Britney Spears has been released from Cedars-Sinai hospital, following an explosive morning in which she was done, done, done with it!

Sources say the hospital released her without notifying any of the principals involved in the ongoing kiddie drama. So, you ask, how could she have been released so quickly, given that she had been declared a danger to herself and others?

We're told the "5150 hold" means that she can be held against her will for a max of 72 hours, but if the hospital determines she is no longer a danger, they can release her before that.

UPDATE: Additional sources now tell TMZ Cedars absolutely made the decision on its own -- without consulting any of the lawyers in the case. We're told it is Cedars policy (and the policy of other California hospitals) to evaluate whether the "danger" has subsided at any point during the 72-hour hold.

As we have reported, even though there is significant evidence that Brit has a bipolar disorder, Cedars cannot hold her against her will to treat such a problem. If doctors determine she is no longer a danger, they must let her go -- pure and simple.


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#39- Donna Ma, if you want to ever be taken seriously or at least make it seem like you're smart enough to have a thoughful opinion, learn how to spell and speak. You sound like a living backwater American stereotype

2448 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

here we go on more starbucks trips, avoiding court appearances, and more breakdowns !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2448 days ago


TMZ, why do you always have to make bad news positive?

2448 days ago


Your the best! Go Brit, Go!

2448 days ago


HERE WE GO !!!!!!! Ya better hang on, this is gonna be a BUMPY ride !!!! I now know why they call it LA LA LAND !!! What a bunch of mindless twits !! The doctors at that hospital are nuttier than she is !! How could they even BEGIN to evaluate her ??? Didn't they even take into account her prior behavior ???? WOW !! I'm almost not shocked....the spoiled brat pitches a hissy fit and out she goes. NOBODY HAS THE BALLS TO STAND UP TO THIS WACKO !!!! WTF ??? They had her where she could get some help she needs and they let her go.....I'm too pissed at this crap.....Oh, well.

2448 days ago

brainless britt    

All of you that feel sorry for her..She is disgusting!!! Thank God she can't have access to her kids. Narcissistic Twit.
She can get help and she CHOOSES not to.

2448 days ago

No she didn't......    

#39, Donna Ma:
Me thinks YOU need to be locked up too.
But in reality I think you are just an idiot.

2448 days ago


I am really, really trying to feel sorry for this girl, but what I think is that somebody needs to slap the hell out of her spoiled rotten ass. She is mentally ill. Why did they release her? She's also a spoiled, self-absorbed brat who makes her own rules. Please, don't ever let her get close to her kids again. She doesn't want them - it's plain to see. I just hope she doesn't hurt some innocent person with her whacked out behavior.

2448 days ago

its a public matter because she violated a court order she should be in jail!

2448 days ago


WOW!! Who the hell did the trainwreck pay off? That wench needs psychiatric help that she will not get unless she is committed!! Keep her crazy ass the hell away from those babies!

2448 days ago

Glisten Garbor    

They should send her to Belle Reve Sanitarium..

2448 days ago

Poor kid    

If she doesn't get some serious help within the next few weeks she'll be dead by summer

2448 days ago


Maybe released to an in-patient care facility would be my guess.........let's no jump to conclusions over the OVER SENSATIONALIZED CRAP that TMZ loves so dearly. They have no ethics or no true journalism principles.

2448 days ago


Please, don't say nasty things like "I hope she dies". Have some compassion, my God she is someones daughter, sister, mother. You may type these words in jest, but GOD sees what you are doing and wou WILL have to answer to him in the end.

Instaed, pray that Britney gets the helps she needs.

Pray to GOD that she finds peace

Pray to GOD that she innocent children are able to have a mommy that loves and cares for them.

Pray to GOD that your words don't come back to you.

2448 days ago



2448 days ago
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