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James Spader Attacked by Man-Purse!

1/5/2008 9:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Even more emasculating than Lilith Fair and Hillary Clinton, the man-purse has once again wielded its feminizing head -- this time leaving James Spader looking like a lazy drag queen. Boston illegal!

Spader was caught wearing the unfortunate crocodile handbag in L.A. on Thursday, while schlepping an orchid with his son. Not so pretty in pink!

Sometimes, father does not know best!


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oh james...we hardly knew ye..never mind the MURSE, what about that lady blouse complete with blooms? i loves me some spader, but it's getting to the point where i wouldn't be surprised to look up 'metrosexual' in the dictionary and see this pic. ;-)

i lusted after him for years (still do when he isn't quite so girly), but PLEASE...grow your hair longer like you used to have it....oh you were so f-in hot in 'sex, lies and videotape'....cold shower time.

2490 days ago


I also wanted to add that I think that JS is one hell of an actor...stunningly talented. Just please grow out your hair more so that I can go back to fantasizing running my fingers thru it as i listen to your rumbling baritone....ahhhhh. Er, not to be superficial or anything.......;-)

2490 days ago


one last thing...thanks to tmz for posting a js story as a break from the uknowwho coverage....reminds us of what true talent, class and integrity is all about. this man is incapable of turning in a bad performance. excellence all the way.

2490 days ago

Double Sandards Suck    

he's also wearing his mother's shirt

2490 days ago


He's man enough to be comfortable and not be concerned what others think, life should be that way for everyone.

James Spader is a wonderful talent, his character on Boston Legal is the reason I watch the show. He was good enough in his younger day to make me hate almost every character he ever played, nice to see that he has the staying power to emerge once again and be on such a wonderful show.

Keep the bag James, be our own man and don't let the Hollywood snobs put you down.

Your son is a very handsome young man!

2490 days ago

Merry Christmas    


Long hair will certainly make him look more masculine, huh? Please tell me you're joking. Your post is laughably convoluted.

2490 days ago


sorry if my post above seemed convoluted. i just meant that in my opinion, longER hair (not necessarily long, but longER than what js has now) is sexier on him. but that is just a personal preference, hehe. he would be sexy with no hair, but i just love that kinda feathered look he had in 's, l and v'. yes, call me retro but sometimes i wish we could go back to the '70s and '80's when guys in general had longer hair. i am probably older than you, and perhaps do have some nostalgia for that time period as well, which colors my personal preference.

having said that, i do, however, think that REALLY long hair (not just longER) can be very sexy and masculine on guys...i mean, the '70s deal, down the back. long hair doesn't necessarily mean feminine. it can be very masculine. again, my opinion.

2490 days ago


He used to be so handsome when he was thin. Now he looks just awful!

2490 days ago


his blouse, his blouse, his blouse, only my 86 year old mother would be caught with that number on!!! OK, so he's a "metrosexual" but with his money and a stylist he COULD hire, wear something pretty that's actually in style this century!

2490 days ago


Damn - i thought that was rumer willis next to james !!! sure could be "A" celeb look "A" like to me

2489 days ago


He's man enough to be comfortable

2488 days ago


He can still borrow my purse anytime!! MEOW.

2487 days ago

Jag - Australia    

Go James!
You look fantastic!
You have great taste James, in shirts and flowers!
Hugs from Australia!

2479 days ago

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