Dr. Phil to "ET" -- The Family Speared Me

1/7/2008 9:28 AM PST
Dr. Phil responded to the TMZ stories reporting that psychiatric professionals questioned Cedars permitting the TV doc into Britney Spears' hospital room without her prior knowledge or consent.

Here's what he said about his visit on Saturday morning on today's "Early Show": "I want to set the record straight. I went to see Britney at the request of her family. I talked to Lynne, Jamie, and Brian, because they were frustrated that she wasn't going to be held for a longer time."

Asked how he had come to be involved in the saga, Dr. Phil said, "Thursday night, the phone rang, it was Lynne, clearly she was very upset. Any parent would be. I was first contacted by her family a year ago, and had maintained a running dialogue for the last year or so."