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Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson's Fiesta Bowl

1/7/2008 4:12 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

With her film and music career frozen, Jessica Simpson was forced to go south of the border to heat up things with her Dallas Cowboy QB, Tony Romo. Score!

Tony and the ex-Mrs. Lachey were snapped partying with a few of Tony's teammates -- and Jess' mom -- in Los Cabos, Mexico this weekend. Partying before a playoff game? If the Cowboys lose, you can bet this photo will be all over ESPN! They don't call her Jess the Jinx for nothing!

Luckily for the blonde former teen pop star, gurneys, 5150 holds and visits from Dr. Phil were not needed!


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Tom Brady    



2483 days ago

Janet L    

Why does Jessica always need mommy &/or daddy around for everything?

2483 days ago


Good lord- what is the star quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys doing with Simpson when he could have his pick of the litter? "Outstanding beauty"? Ahem....she has about as much natural God-given beauty as she has brains in that bleached,hair extension coated head of her's. Check out a few pics of her minus the collagen injections and paint job and you might reconsider that comment. Anyhow, she is nothing more than the Hollywood pillow toy of the year and when Romo has had his turn, he will toss her out with the rest of the trash....but not before tossing the Giants game- GO GIANTS!

2483 days ago


Man, Tony Romo is too sweet for that stupid slut!

2483 days ago


Run Tony, run as fast as you can. The last thing you need is Jessica Simpson with Mama & Papa Simpson in your business and running your life. Take a clue from Nick- he ran as fast as he could to get away from the Simpson entourage.

2483 days ago


Dear Cowboy fans; I live next door to Jason Witten and I promise to ask him what on earth is Tony thinking by going out with Jessica. Does Tony not have more class than that?! I am glad he is not dating Carrie Underwood anymore, she is way to good for him! I am sad to say this, but I think the Cowboy season will end Sunday.

2483 days ago

Team Jon    

I don't think that jess and Tony are going to last long because I don't think his friends, team mates really like her. It seems that tony's friens are trying to keep them from getting closer

2483 days ago

oh please    

Tony is a big boy. Jess has nothing to do with his game. If he looses it is because he is not adult enough to block out everything else that is gong on in the stadium. Blaming Jess is just stupid. He is suppose to be a professional. Get real!!!

2483 days ago


Don't worry Jessica will drop Tony if he does'nt make billions are become super famous. Her parents won't allow it. Jessica=$$ over love (Nick) Brittney= love over $$ (Kevin)

2483 days ago

celeb watcher    

I just don't think he really digs her that much. God, I hope not. Every man she get's involved with loses I.Q. and credibility points I've heard he is a smart guy..waay smarter than he is given credit for. He is also supposed not as outgoing as people may think. It won't last. I have trust in Tony. The Simpsons are out for his money and his status in Dallas.

2482 days ago


What do you bet she has her very own Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader outfit. GIMME A T! GIMME A 0! GIMME A UH, WHAT WAS I SPELLIN'?

2482 days ago


It will all be over when they lose in the Playoffs.

2482 days ago


damn it! again, wouldn't you think after the game he had
against the eagles he would have thought about this vacation? with
her? at this time in the season? dumb a**hole. and do you honestly
think we would be talkin 'bout simpson if not for this? she and her
family are nothing but free pub hounds, plain and simple.

2482 days ago

cowby fan 4life    

Well relax people, they all nedd some well deserved time off the field. Dont make a big deal of time off. But he better win next week, and yes I agree lets keep Jessica away from texas this week. "Go Cowboys". I been waiting for this play offs and super bowl time since troy,Emitt,Irvin Yrs. So he better concentrate and footballs and not juggs..

2482 days ago


I thought Jessica was dating her Dad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

2482 days ago
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