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Why Brit Locked Herself in the Bathroom

1/8/2008 5:37 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned what triggered the drama last Thursday night that ended with Britney being strapped to a stretcher and carted off in an ambulance.Britney Spears

Unimpeachable sources tell TMZ Brit pitched a fit that she had to attend a deposition in the custody case earlier in the day and she wanted "make-up" time with the kids that evening. Britney had visitation rights with the kids that day. She was supposed to surrender them to K-Daddy at 7:00 PM, but wanted two extra hours. K-Fed and his lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, wouldn't allow it, so she locked herself in the house -- thus the stand-off.

Here are the probs with Brit's theory. First, the reason her depo was set for last Thursday was because she failed to show the day before. Second, Thursday's depo was supposed to begin at 9:45 AM and go until 11:45 AM. She didn't show until 11:32, so the depo lasted less than 15 minutes. We've learned she only had visitation rights that day between noon and 7 PM. The depo ended at 11:45 and her house was only 15 minutes away. So she really didn't lose any time with the kids.

Bottom line -- Brit was legally off base.


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2478 days ago


Her logic is at least entertaining.

2478 days ago

What is wrong?    

Brit's an idiot - end of story.

2478 days ago


Drama, drama, drama......get over it!

2478 days ago

Your Mom    

2478 days ago


why won't the judge see that she is nothing more than a spoiled brat who needs to be told "NO." Britney is an ugly person, and I don't mean physically. Why anyone would want to support her is beyond me. People who are confident in themselves don't need to control and abuse other people in order to feel good.

No wonder she has no friends. She is incapable of being a friend to anyone. It is all about her, all the time.

2478 days ago


She didn't want to lose time with her kids? if this story is true then that's pathetic. This girl hasn't done a thing to get her kids back!!! She's disgusting.

2478 days ago


OMG Brit actually wanted to see her kids and you guys crucify her for it. Whats so important about the depo anyway, to take the kids away from her? They did that. Make her pay more money? Bottom line is that the only reason Kfed and kaplin are doing this is they see blood and want the money. Thats it. Good think Kfed didnt show up, Id love to have seen a shot of briney popping him in the nose.

2478 days ago



2478 days ago


Britney is a spoit brat who thinks the whole world revolves around her. She has no respect for court rules or her own parents.If she want more time with the kids she should comply with court rules. She refuse to do so.

2478 days ago


crack the nut . . .

2478 days ago

Mrs Joe Jackson    

"Brit was legally off base.".. um... how about legally, mentally and physically. This dumb knumb-skull is tanking her lipsyncing life. Bon Voyage, Kookoo.

2478 days ago


kevin is still to blame...what is 2 hours to him..he just likes having control..he doesnt want the kids..he wants the money..andi f she keeps acting up and out he is going to get it..pull it together britney for the sake ofyour kids and your bank account girl!!

2478 days ago


here's my questions TMZ - first off, Britney gave no reason for the standoff, so it's not like she is defending herself to you or anyone else - so it is it this "unimpeachable" source telling you her reasonable for the standoff AND her timeline? how is it that these things are known only to you guys? i'm starting to actually like this girl, b/c believe half of what is printed on this site anymore is an embarressment....

2478 days ago


What a nut case!!!

2478 days ago
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