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Will Pap Pal Push Britney Pix?

1/8/2008 9:02 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney Spears has plenty to deal with without worrying about her new paparazzo sidekick dealing in what are being described as "provocative" pics of the Britmess.

A "friend" of Spears tells MSNBC, "Photos are already on the market, and although they're tame, who's to say what the next round will hold?" Adnan Ghalib, Britney's current pap pal, has been spotted with Brit at hotels and restaurants everywhere from Beverly Hills to the desert.

Meanwhile, the Britwreck just kept clattering down the road last night, suffering a flat tire right in the middle of traffic. TMZ caught the chaos, and we'll have the video coming right up.

Author to Seinfeld – What's The Deal With Plagiarism?

Jerry Seinfeld and his wife are getting the lawsuit stick from a cookbook author whom Seinfeld compared to two of history's most famous murderers.

Missy Chase Lapine filed suit yesterday in U.S. District Court in Manhattan for copyright and trademark infringement, alleging that Seinfeld's wife stole her ideas for her own "Deceptively Delicious," a cookbook for kids. Seinfeld's lawyer says the suit is "without merit."

Lapine also alleges that Seinfeld defamed her when he called her a "wacko" on David Letterman and suggested that, If you read history, many of the three-name people do become assassins."

Party Favors: Sacha Cohen Very Happy to Be in Musical ... $725 to Stay in DeNiro's Bed ... Missing Madeleine Prents to Make Millions

Did you happen to notice anything extra-special (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) about Sacha Baron Cohen in "Sweeney Todd"? Well, director Tim Burton says the erstwhile Borat did a little self-aggrandizement down below to fill out his role as Pirelli, report Rush & Molloy. ... Robert DeNiro's Greenwich Hotel is opening April 1, reports Newyorkology, and rooms will cost $725 for one night -- but the Internet is free! ... The parents of Madeleine McCann, reports the Daily Mail, are in negotiations with IMG to turn their daughter's disappearance into a film -- a deal that could raise millions for her search.


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Lenn K.    

Britney is on a train ride to death at the rate she going. She's not listening and just like Anna Nicole I almost feel a bad thing might happen to her.

2448 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

The Talipap is going to make MILLIONS off regular pics! Imagine if he has sex pics? Jackpot!

2448 days ago


WOW! I guess we won't be happy until she's died. The parisite hanging around with her is sure to sell her out - why not everyone else is making money off her melt down.

2448 days ago


Bobby D. should run for mayor of nyc!!!

2448 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

The McCanns will earn millions not for a book but for a movie?? And this will aid in the search for Madeleine how? Let's hope that some of the purported money goes to hiring a babysitter so that the twins won't be LEFT UNATTENDED. Sheesh.

2448 days ago


Listen, if you don't know that bi-Britney has full control of her wanton sexy lifestyle, then you are clueless. This is a Madonna-like mind at work desiring to be desired in every which way that man will allow her to relate it. She is completely into the exposing of herself and nudity is no reason to blush.. She is fighting everyone that is trying to make her a modest Christian maiden and not crazy on that subject. Look up hypersexuality and you will see Lindsay, Paris, Britney, etc.

2448 days ago


Not interested in Britney stories, I believe we are being played.

Please write about someone else.

2448 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

ObEYE, no dude, you are the one who is TOTALLY CLUELESS! She is mentally ill! Perhaps you skipped that chapter in bible school- you know, the one where they tell you it's just evil spirits and there is no such thing as mental illness. 'modest christian maiden'- if that doesn't say that you live in a fantasy land, devoid of reality, I don't know what does!

2448 days ago

TZM keep your vid - that news is no old why bother.

2448 days ago


we've already seen the money? shots. Its FUGLY

anyone wanting to see that fat ass has got to be sick

2448 days ago


that pic of seinfeld looks kinda like gilbert godfried (sp?)

seems suspicious to me that the publisher had material from the other lady's book (because she submitted it,of course)

easy-to-hit-upon idea or not, seems like whoever helped seinfeld's wife write the book could have used some of that material

2448 days ago


I saw Seinfeld on Larry King and was surprised to see how nasty he can be. And egotistical. I believe the original author.I don't think the Seinfelds are very nice people. They have celebrity, money and a sense of entitlement that so often goes along with that.

2447 days ago


I am SO sick of seeing the Mccann's make the news. I've got 2 issues with this "family", 1. There are THOUSANDS of children missing, hundreds go missing everyday around the world, what the hell makes the Mccann's and the media think that their daughter is just so much more important then any other parents? You know that if they weren't rich, white, upper class doctors, no body would be giving them this much attention. 2. The real victim is Madeline, and I honestly do not think some random stranger broke into her room and kidnapped her, I think the parents did it. Didn't they find globs of Madeline's hair inside the rental car that her parents had rented 25 days after her disappearance, but unfortunately couldn't use that evidence? I think it's a Joan Bonnett in Europe. I think her mom had an "accident" and killed her and they've been playing it off this entire time. I mean I dont' think they intentionally tried to kill her, I think it just happened and n ow they're covering it up. I mean keep the world looking everyhwhere else but your own back yard. This family makes me sick. How about we spend millions looking for other people's children, who may not necessarily have rich white doctors as "grief stricken" parents.

2447 days ago

Hope Wilkinson    

Isn't it a shame Brit isn't at least trying to do the right thing - maybe a call to Federline to see how the kids are? Maybe a call to SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP HER? Is sex and playing the paps the ONLY thing her mother has taught her? Quack Phil got his tail busted -= and then there were none! Too bad. . . as I am sure the judge is watching her and seeing how stupid she is acting. IF she doesn't want the kids - sign them over. No one knows what or how Kevin is doing - but he keeps the kids out of the back seat and out of the glare of the paps! Give him credit for that much, at least.

2447 days ago

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