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Pam to Rick

I'm Pregnant

AND Divorcing You!

1/10/2008 1:59 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

010908_pam_rick_filmmagic-1TMZ has learned the divorce between Pam Anderson and Rick Salomon is back on and Pam is pregnant!

You'll recall Anderson filed for divorce last month, but called it off just days later. But sources tell TMZ she is now moving forward with the divorce, even though we know she's pregnant with his baby.

Salomon has told friends he believes she is "acting crazy" because of the pregnancy and hopes she will settle back into the marriage. Interestingly, in her divorce petition, Anderson asked for spousal support but not child support.

The couple were married in Las Vegas on October 6.


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RE: Transfer of hepatitis c to unborn child.
I have hepatitis c and I have 4 children. I had them all tested and they are negative for hepatitis c, it is very rare
that you will ever hear of it happening. Personally, I do not know of anyone that has transferred it on to their unborn child.
Most people do not know much about hepatitis but are quick to assume and we all know what that means.
I'm not a Pamela Anderson fan but I do occasionally see what is going on with her.
If anything, at her age PLUS having hepatitis c, she should have considered it is very hard on her health wise and emotionally to become pregnant. Maybe she knows all the risks and wanted a baby so bad with this man but either way, we should all remember, celebrities or others in our immediate life....judge not, lest you be judged.

2485 days ago



2485 days ago


She has not aged well. She was beautiful in Bay Watch a for a few years after. She's allowed herself to deteriorate into a sagging wrinkled sex cartoon. Someone should tell her.

2485 days ago


What a shame. She's trying to "outbaby" the girls from 16 to 40 years old. This poor child will be choking on silicon if she breast-feeds.

2485 days ago


#20--Lauren---you are the ignorant one. Your facts are wrong, and you are arrogant. If you are going to call everyone else an ass--at least get your facts straight.

2485 days ago


Sorry but #20 and #154 you are the ones that don't know what you are talking about:

"HCV can be transmitted in the uterus from an infected mother to her baby. While health authorities currently have no recommendations for any treatment to prevent this transmission, they do recommend that all babies born to HCV-infected mothers be screened for infection"

Maybe you should educate yourself before typing dribble for everyone to read.

2485 days ago


She didnt ask for child support because she isnt pregnant. Simple lie and an effort to extort money from this guy..

2485 days ago


I, too, feel sorry for her 2 boys. Pamela Anderson has always been selfish and only thinks of herself and her body. She gets breast implants removed and then has them put back in. She hops in and out of bed with any man that will sleep with her. What kind of example is this setting for her sons? They have entirely NO stability in their lives. I say, Give the 2 boys to Tommy Lee..I think he would be a better example than her and then she can spend the rest of her life on this wild, sex-crazed life that she so desires to live. Pamela, YOU should be ashamed of yourself and you DON'T deserve children. So many woman out there who truly want a child and here, you have 2, and could care less about them.

2485 days ago

Junie T.    

Congratulations to Pam and Rick....on the marriage, separation, on-again marriage, separation, soon-to-be divorce, and the baby. I'm sure you will both make excellent parents. Rick, the really great news appears to be that Pam is already experienced with co-parenting and sleeping with her ex's. And, don't won't end at 18 years like a lot of people say...having kids will connect you to Pam for life! Way to go! I'm sure your parents are nothing but proud.

2485 days ago


Maybe Pam needs some sexy lingerie 2 catch that special man. Just kidding I feel bad for her. To much trying to keep up with her popularity. But she needs 2 settle down. What are these 2 innocent young boys going 2 think when They get old enough start reading about her and looking at pic's on the computer. Reputation means alot for children especially when they get in High School.

2485 days ago


Pam won't be happy until she infects everyone. She is one desperate woman with no morals.

2485 days ago

Sexy Moma    

Pam you are looking so old in most of your photos you should realize all those different men every six months has to have some effects on your once firm body. The face not so hot anymore. time for a lift

2485 days ago


Britney was getting all of the press, so pam had to do something. Every other week one of hollywoods trash class britney,paris,lindsay and now pam have to be in the press doing something stupid or saying something dumb. I give it to the end of the year and one of them will end up broke and back in the trailer park!

2485 days ago


What is up with this bird brained woman? Why oh why does she bother getting married? What's that supposed to do? Nothing obviously....and the guys she marries what the h*ll is she thinking? This trashfest needs to be b*tch slapped Jersey style...yea, and learn to swallow....

2485 days ago


Firstly, Salomon is the son of former exec president of Warner Bros'. No explanation needed there.
Secondly, He released " One Night In Paris" through Red Light District Video in 2005 and it just happened to be the best selling video of 2005, winning several AVN Awards. Lets also not forget about the $10 million dollar lawsuit against the Hiltons, whom he accused of tarnishing his reputation by suggesting that he had exploited Paris. I'm sure he is in no shortage of money nor will he ever be and I'm positive Pamela knew this. She said " He ( He being Rick ) rescued me by paying off a 1/4 million dollar debt" that she had obtained in Vegas. Ummm ... Hello ?!?!? Sounds like legal prostitution with a side of marriage to me. Pamela needs to keep her legs shut, and quit spreading around Hep C. Whats even more iggnorant is the fact that these men are willing to have voluntary s_e_x with her without protection, knowing she's infected. She's a washed out mess and needs to Go away and raise her kids. That's just my .10 cents, and my .02 cents are free.

2485 days ago
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