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Phoebe Price -- Kotter Fodder?

1/9/2008 2:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone's favorite "Who the hell is that?" pseudostar, Phoebe Price, was chatting with a pseudofan yesterday, when she broke some major news to him -- she's gonna actually be in a movie!

Phoebe announced she'll be in the "Welcome Back, Kotter" flick, where she'll most likely be playing the role of Vinnie Barbarino's non-speaking friend named Background Performer.


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Im just sayin    

Hey! I auditioned for that role. Bitch stole it from me!

2378 days ago

I'm hungry    

wow .....2 funny clips in a row ....who's writing your material today ..? better not be hiring scabs ..

2378 days ago

Bunny Rabbit    

Wow, if she's so irrelevant, then how irrelevant is the loser photographing and talking to her?

2378 days ago

Bunny Rabbit    

You insult yourself by insulting her, because at least SHE is semi-famous enough (yes, even the D-list counts) to be the target of your camera people.

Who knows the name of a single person who works for TMZ - other than Harvey obviously,

2378 days ago


Nice Bentley!!

2378 days ago


Gee, what a loser she is.

2377 days ago

Carolyn A-B    

No! They're doing a "Welcome Back, Kotter" movie? Wow. Love those sweathogs.

2377 days ago


Why in the world would anyone want to remake "Welcome Back Kotter"? I'd rather see a Partridge Family movie. Didn't anyone learn any lessons from "Bewitched", Inspector Gadget, George of the Jungle? Need I go on.............?

2377 days ago


Why does Hollywood feel the need to continuously throw crap at us? They are remaking Welcome Back Kotter? Are they serious? I already hope it fails heinously, because I am sick of the remakes, they all suck, they are NEVER good. This is why I quit going to the movies! Hollywood needs some new blood, FAST!

2377 days ago

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