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Bondsman to O.J.: I'm Not Going to Jail for You!

1/12/2008 6:26 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Miguel Pereira, O.J. Simpson's bail bondsman, tells TMZ he turned over the cell phone message that got O.J. thrown back in jail because he wasn't "going to get involved in illegal activity for him."

Pereira tells us he didn't listen to the voicemail right away -- he thought it was just another long O.J. message. Instead, he was tipped to its contents by an investigator who wouldn't identify himself. When Pereira went to one of O.J.'s attorneys, Gabriel Grasso, to tell him about the voicemail, Pereira says he was told not to worry about it.

When the investigator contacted him a second time to tell him about photos he had of O.J. in the Bahamas over the holidays -- a violation of his bail -- it was then that Pereira listened to the voicemail carefully and contacted the D.A.

KVVU in Las Vegas shot video of Simpson and Pereira when they landed in Las Vegas. A judge will decide on Wednesday whether or not to revoke O.J.'s bail. If revoked, he could remain in jail until his trial starts on April 7.


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I really am sad for Beautiful Nicole Simpson's living children now with out there Mom AND DAD BECAUSE THE GREEDY MURDERER JUST HAD TO GET HI'S TROPHYS BACK?

I hope you are given so many showers in there and don't think because of your celebrity it will be easy to mix in. Folks in the pen did not have the team of lawyers you had, and jealousy will prevail along with retaliation.

Have fun BUTT PLUG!

2484 days ago


Hey TMZ...the guys last name is PEREIRA, not PERIERA

2484 days ago


Miguel got the voicemail in late November - apparently Simpson to this date hasn't paid MIguel the bail bond full deposit - so Miguel turned in Simpson - so the most hated black man in the universe is back in jail.

2484 days ago


I beleave in our Lord, Jesus , no matter what, his day will come one way or another!! I wouldn't want to be him on that day!! I don't wish anything on anyone, but I wonder if it were one of his children that was so brutely murdered how it would affect him!! God alway gets his say in the end!! He seems to think the law doesn't apply to him. Hopefuly this time they will get him!! Enough is Enough!! This pig ,I hope will finally see his day in Court and I hope they thow the Big Book at him!! It wouldn't hurt my feelings if he never saw the crack of dawn again!! Mom, in Decatur IL.

2484 days ago


O.J. is my role model.

2484 days ago


The January 16 hearing is key - the judge must decide to keep STD-Simpson locked up & lock up the kids - they both have arrest records!

2484 days ago


Don't forget there's a murderer still on the loose in Brentwood CA. They NEVER CAUGHT the guy who did it. I'm sure OJ is helping the police with that unsolved crime. It's weird how it only happened that one time though....huh? Oh well.

2484 days ago


OMG the Bahama's? OJ's arrogance is endless! I truly hope that judge keeps him locked up and someone shanks his dumbass.

2484 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

Can't wait for O.J to become someguys prison bitch. Hope you love anal sex and the taste of semen, O.J.!

2484 days ago


The bondsman is to be congratulated for doing the right thing! Congrats!
O.J. the double murderer will get all the misery that's coming to him. Karma's after you dude, and she don't play! I too hope he gets shanked in the pen!!!!!!!!

2484 days ago


I know that you are not guilty, please people leave this innocent man alone! He did not do this, it was a white person that killed his wife. I am black so I know he is innocent!!!

2484 days ago


Just when will you people give this man a break. He was found not guilty a long time ago. Yet he is tortured everyday of his life. How did he get to the Bahamas during Christmas if his passport was pulled? And who's to say that an impersonator did'nt make that call to the bail bondsman. I thought I lived in a country that believed not guilty until proven guilty. But every blog I have read has him already convicted and hung. Get a life folks, only GOD knows the truth. I believe in justice and I believe justice was served many years ago. It's unfortunate that the real killer/s have not been found. I pray for O.J. that these trumped up charges will be discharged.

2484 days ago


BLACKHOLE - Did you go to school and learn to be THAT stupid! I guess you believe in the tooth fairy too.

2484 days ago


OJ is crazy people. He belongs in an asylum, not a prison.

2484 days ago


Thanks O.J.! Thanks to your persistence to stay in the public eye, people forget I got away with the same damn thing! Drinks on me when you're released!

2484 days ago
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