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Sean Stewart

Hits Brick Wall at Villa

1/12/2008 3:30 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

The way a club establishes that it's the place to be is by not letting certain people inside -- a fact Rod Stewart's hair gel-loving son, Sean, became familiar with last night! Where's a brick when you need one?

Sean's frustration is priceless -- especially when he gets sandwiched behind the front door -- because "no" is a word celebuspawn aren't used to hearing.


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I actually had to chuckle over that one. Honestly, I didn't even know "Sean" existed until a few days ago. After seeing his reaction here, I can understand why. Milquetoast with your coffee anyone? Like most of he Hollywood brats, he's NOTHING like his father, and existing off his daddy's fame isn't going to carry him. When will these dweebs learn they need to develop THEMSELVES!

2385 days ago


if my son can't get in, i'll call. rod is the father of all the children ever born out of i wish

2385 days ago


Bwhahahahaha!!! What a tool!

2385 days ago


When will people wake up and boycott these pretentious places? Just because some douche bag at the door who needs to be on a power trip denies anybody entry to some stupid club does not make that person any LESS of a person or anyone that is inthere any BETTER than anyone else...big deal...Wake up...we are all created equal in this world...I feel sorry for people that base their own self worth on what club they got into that night...they are the f*** losers...So this kid was denied into a club so what? The whole idea of only letting "special" people into these idiot places is stupid. If everyone was smart they would stop going to these places to begin with that try to humiliate people at the door and embarass them. Then the club owners would have to shut down because they had such a special place that nobody wanted to go there and spend money...put these places out of business already...It is a joke that people still go to these establishments....we laugh at you all...

Posted at 3:03PM on Jan 12th 2008 by Nerf

Sorry idiot, but, although we are all created equal, some of us tend to slide into a hole of deprivation. He would be one of them. To be equal to him, I would have to lower myself to his standards, and it just aint gonna happen. Until he can prove that he is not a loser, (and it has not happened yet), he will remain a loser. Actions speak louder than words. Now who's laughing a-hole. Nice try. Next.

2385 days ago


Hey Frito...who cares whose son he is -- that doesn't make him worth anything. Maybe he'll realize now he needs to do something for himself other than ride daddy's coattails. If only these places would work on actual merit rather than whose your daddy. Nepotism is alive and well despite poor Sean Stewarts kick in the butt.

2385 days ago


What a punk! How creepy to STILL be hanging around after he was denied's as if he was begging to be let in. What a dog!

2385 days ago

Stop it    

I love Sean. I am not crazy about his Dad.

2385 days ago

grim fandango    

He peaked in the "Forever Young" video 20 years ago.

2384 days ago

Rod S.    

Yes, my son is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is stil a tool........

2384 days ago


You know...TMZ ..blows the clip out of proportion ...his frustration wasn't evident ..yeah he didnt get in ..big deal...stop making news out of nothing ..and that camera man needs a grammar lesson.

2384 days ago


Awwwwwww, poor baby. Why'd one stay after being told you're not getting in? Maybe it got him a bit too confused, heh.

2383 days ago
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