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"Top Model" Goes Off on the Spears Sisters

1/12/2008 12:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

From one train wreck to another -- Adrianne Curry couldn't stop talking smack about the Spears clan!

The braless wonder's best advice to Brit: Move to Montana and "fix her s**t." Move ovah, Dr. Phil!


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Ok I can admit I like both Britney and Adrienne. I feel more for Britney though, as she can't take a leak without it being in the media, but at the same time, her priorities are screwed up as she as far as her children which getting help and following court orders so she can have some chance of getting them back.
As far as Adrienne is concerned, I don't think it was her place to comment on either Spears sisters with her history. I have admired her for being outspoken but at the same time, people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.
So for her to come out and make comments when she has had her own problems is totally unjustified. Problem with both of them is they are media whores, Britney though is in a crisis situation, and the best thing to try and help her until she can help herself is to leave her alone. Both of them though have totally manipulated the media for the own good and then when they get scrutinized they seem shocked. So my position is Britney get help and start all over again, and Adrienne while your candor can be refreshing at times, sometimes you need to stfu.

2475 days ago


That bi-otch can only dream of having super stardom, it ain't gonna happen. Her 15 minutes is up and she will fade fast. Her radio show is awful and unprofessional, the new "My Fair Brady" is 1 yr old and released because of the writer's strike. I am so sick of the reality performers yapping their stupid mouths off. Curry has never been a classy person and never will be. She can't do an interview without using filthy language. At lease we don't have to worry about her being a role model. She has a horrible past and admits to using drugs today. She drinks like a fish too!! Nice catch Peter Brady. Throw it back in!!!

2475 days ago


p.s. I forgot to add that after Adrienne went off on Tyra, she is no longer associated with America's Next Top Model. So while I said before her candor can be refreshing, sometimes, she has to think before she speaks as well as acts.

2475 days ago


She said exactly what most sane people are thinking.

Titneys parents pimped out their children, end of story.

2475 days ago


I thought she was right on the money with a lot her comments. I don't totally blame the Spears mother though, if Britney has a mental problem that is no one's fault.

2475 days ago

She sucks    

Adrianne Curry is a stanky, uninteresting UGLY ASS HO.

She is obviously JEALOUS of Britney. Muahahahahaha.

2475 days ago


Where does failed top model Adrianne Curry get off? She's a drug addicted high school drop out. This reality tv whore turned porn model is hardly the moral compass to give advice to wayward teens. Miss Curry you are in denial. You may have kicked heroin but you are still using and abusing alcohol and pot. A truly recovered drug addict knows they must abstain from all addictive substances. Go to rehab yourself and get off your high horse!

2475 days ago


TMZ has no problem making fun of Britney, but don't let anyone else do it.

I guess TMZ feels like Britney bashing is their exclusive turf.

Did you see the TMZtv parody on The Soup last night? It was funny, but not too far from the truth. The people working at TMZ seem to be mildly retarded hateful people. They all have goofy dirty looking smiles and all look kind of dazed. They know ZERO about Hollywood or Hollywood history. Even that vile slab of pork, Perez Hilton, outclasses TMZ.

It's sad to watch something with so much potential go down the tubes. Wow, TMZ has something in common with Britney after all.

2475 days ago


Say what you want about Ms. Curry, but she got the man she wanted, and has managed to keep it going, and just keeps popping out the reality TV shows like a fertile, she IS successful in her area of expertise.....and she is GORGEOUS!

2475 days ago


So strange, she always talks about all the pot she smokes, but she NEVER looks high! She is always clear eyed, and beautiful. What's the secret, Brady lady?

2475 days ago


I love adrian! More people should be like her respectful but know what they are talking about! This is coming from a 45 year old Grandma.. Adriane like myself has been raised in a real world,not the plastic,phoney world that Britney was brought up in..

2475 days ago


Geez, lay off Adrianne. She's saying what everyone's been thinking. And the point is, she's an EX-drug addict. Meaning that she's been there before and has helped herself get out of it, which I think gives her more right to dish out advice to Brit than people who've never gone through these kinds of problems before.

Also, though she's no superstar, she's done quite well for herself considering her age and past history. She's cleaned up, triumphed over personal adversity, and made her OWN career, while the only reason Britney ever was a teenage superstar was because her mom has been pimping her out to show business since she was a child.

2475 days ago


This ignorant piece of dung that is Adrianne has her fans go to any site that critizes her. They leave all kinds of posts to put her in a good light. The truth is the truth. Curry is a drug addict that is still doing drugs and alchohol. She should keep her mouth shut for her own sake. She is uneducated and it really shows!! She should worry about her own life and stick to her blog. She has done nothing but porno and reality tv. This time could have been spent educating herself, instead she makes herself look like the loser she is. I wish she would just go away.

2475 days ago


Lol, TMZ can always guarantee me a laugh.

2475 days ago


She is an ugly ho bag that should shut her filthy piehole!!!!

2475 days ago
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