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Lawyers to Brit: Honey, You Gotta Show for This

1/13/2008 5:53 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Britney SpearsSources connected with the custody case tell TMZ Britney Spears has been strongly urged to attend tomorrow's hearing. We're told her lawyers know if she doesn't show, it will be curtains -- at least in the short term.

Sources tell us Brit's lawyers know Commissioner Scott Gordon expects Britney to address a number of issues surrounding the craziness at her home a week ago Thursday. In particular, commissioner Gordon wants Brit to explain why she violated the custody order by not turning the kids over to K-Fed's security guard at 7:00 that evening. The commissioner is also keenly interested in Britney's behavior that caused her to be placed on a 5150 hold at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Britney's lawyers know if she does not attend tomorrow's hearing, the Commish almost certainly will extend the ban on visitation until the April trial.

The wild card, of course, is Britney herself. She hates appearing in court and it's certainly possible she'll be a no-show on Monday. TMZ will stream live video at the courthouse tomorrow, so watch and see if Brit appears!


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Just would like to say I agree about more amazed and feel sorry for her kids!! Pretty is , is pretty does. Ain't nothing pretty about her and I have seen her picture. She needs to get her butt off the computer and go pay attention to her family.

2482 days ago


PLEASE BRIT, Do everyone a favor call (411) then ask for Dr. Jack Kevorkian's number call him and schedule an "Appointment" and just do it!

(But..first make a good decision go to NY get a new lawyer... hire Adnan's personal lawyer to draw up papers before your family commits you. Then make Adnan the sole air to your fortune and award him custody of Kevin's children if anything were to happen to you.)

If you are going to totally F-up your life and that of your entire family's do it big baby!)

2482 days ago


Why should she show up?

She has a new boyfriend and puppies. Who wants stinky kids with loaded diapers? And you think Britney is crazy.

2482 days ago

Lori B    

It will depend on her mood(s) and her chemical intake for the day.

Posted at 3:25PM on Jan 13th 2008 by Scoop
Xanax...Lots of Xanax will be in order

But Britney, don't drink and take Xanax at the same does bad things.

2482 days ago

L.A. Native    

Court calendar is showing hearing scheduled for 8:30 am ~ odds are BS will have some kind of illness and hearing will be continued until 1:00 pm.

We'll see what kind of influence this Adnan has over her ~ good, bad or just plain ugly?

2482 days ago


Wonder what the Vegas odd are of Brit showing up.

2482 days ago

Lori B    

33. Just would like to say I agree about more amazed and feel sorry for her kids!! Pretty is , is pretty does. Ain't nothing pretty about her and I have seen her picture. She needs to get her butt off the computer and go pay attention to her family.

Posted at 3:38PM on Jan 13th 2008 by your right
Thanks for caring, in fact, we're all here laughing at you right now.

2482 days ago


If she shows – HaHa … they better have an ambulance on hand to take her away, after Commish Gordon grills her.

No matter what happens tomorrow, I believe she will get some limited visitation. It won’t be for her benefit … but her boys benefit … so that they will know who she is, and if and when she can pull herself together … it won’t be like trying to have a relationship with a complete stranger.

2482 days ago


This Commissioner must be star struck--it's as though he'll let this go on indefinitely in the vain hope of seeing Spears

2482 days ago


" least in the short term." ? I keep reading that. It isn't much of a threat.

2482 days ago


More amazed, we were laughing so hard we peed our pants when we went to your my space. Thanks for the laugh. Have a good one.

2482 days ago

Jusst saying    

Can't wait to see what she's going to pull tomorrow!. She's totally incapable of showing up, on time, and doing what she's supposed to do, like a normal human being. Hope the judge mops the floor with her!

2482 days ago

Lori B    

So tommorrow, I hope that this commissioner gets his head out of his ass and cracks the whip on both of them and KFeds attorney. I would love to see him assign an attorney to the kids to represent them and protect their rights. Children are not toys, the damage that they are both doing to them is sick and unforgivable.

Posted at 3:35PM on Jan 13th 2008 by OMG
I agree with the majority of your post, however, have you read anything, anywhere, that K-Fed isn't being a good parent? He's getting $20,000 a month, he doesn't need to work(I sure as hell wouldn't be if I had a 1 & 2 year old to raise). As far as getting him drug tested, don't you think Britney's attorney's would be bringing that up BIGTIME if they thought he was? If there's a suspicion of that, then they should definitely pursue it. She doesn't seem to have anything else on him, so why not?

2482 days ago


"Sources" also told you that she was en route to Teterboro Airport. Blah Blah Blah

2482 days ago


Only Brit could have a Commissioner Gordon, Holy Whack Job Batman!!!!

2482 days ago
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