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Behold! Newest Scientolodroid Debuts!

1/15/2008 4:14 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

David Letterman made television history yesterday when, for the very first time, he welcomed an android as a guest on his show. It did not jump on the chairs.

When the KH-9878 Scientolobot™ arrived, its Sociability Module had not yet been uploaded, and it entered the Ed Sullivan Theater without greeting the waiting press and gawking public. Note its remarkable Wintour-o-Bob Cranial Headgear!

As the KH-9878 was properly configured, it demonstrated remarkable human-like dexterity with an ordinary pen -- not to mention a fetching set of "gams."

Watch the world-premiere demonstration.


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on several interviews she seem so rehearsed and careful about what she says including any mention of her child. She dresses like she's forty and acts like she went from twenty somethings to old and boring and it has nothing to do with becoming a parent. Where is her personality it is totally missing and she use to be bubbly now she is a robot. This girl needs a litle meat on her bones she looks like an eating disorder.

2437 days ago


Leave them alone. This is abusive. Report news, would you?

2437 days ago


I think her blouse is too low....wouldn't want people to see that you have skin on your chest. Don't like the way that she dresses. She always looks like she's in her Golden Years. How does she get away with wearing heels around Tom? Hair looks old too...

2437 days ago


i watched "katie's" interview from letterman last night. very disturbing. then, i went on youtube and watched an interview she did on letterman during her dawson days. wow, people need to see this. she is definitely not the same person. people just don't change that much!

2437 days ago


I am lovin' the cutline!

2437 days ago

Amy Silverman    

Hey Robogirl STFU you look stupid and will NEVER be a decent actress

2437 days ago


I watched Dave try to get something close to a reaction from katie. It was very painful to watch, gone is the cute animated young woman she used to be. She did resemble a stepford emotion, very controlled responses and she most definitely was coached on this questions about TOM allowed

2437 days ago

Buckeye Girl    

Scientology is not a religion.............................

Ron Hubbard's interview with Penthouse tells all. His father REALLY believed he was satan, and the chuch thing came to be to protect him from the Governments prying eyes. They have strong ties with Moscow. He also said if anyone tried to leave they would hunt them down blackmail, or set them up to make them look like they committed a crime, etc. Acoording to Jr. this was done to the Mayor of Clearwater Fla. and also top Government officials...... There is much more

Even if Katie wanted to leave she couldn't, because he would take Suri and she would never see her again. Nicole only got away from him because she wouldn't join.

2437 days ago


Carry her own Sharpie is a bit much. Couple years ago no one cared for her autograph. Apparently she's still an amateur. Silly wig.

2437 days ago


I hope she's a catalyst for change. Thirty year old women used to be adults. However, an entire generation has been brought up looking at childlike, bleached blond, silicone filled, drug addled dingbats on TV and in magazines. Celebrity hasn't always looked that way. Look to the past and see that Katie is taking cues from Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn. Katie's look and her manner is sophisticated and classy. It's new, so it can be scary. It'll be okay.

2437 days ago


NEWS FLASH !!!!!!!!!!!! SURI CRUISE and L RON HUBBARD.............are having a BABY!!!!!!!!!!

2437 days ago


I don't think scientology is a religion I think its a cult. But as long as they don't murder anyone or do the mass suicide thing to catch a comet then they should have the right to believe what they want I guess. But I do think Katie is stunning and not sure why she always gets slammed on here.

2437 days ago


Who the hell cares? What has she done since marrying Tom Cruise? NOTHING! The press and public swarm her as if she accomplished great things in her life...The woman has yet to even open a hit film. She won't get to that until the 9 year 11 month marriage contract to Tom is completed...then she will get to star in her "Moulin Rouge".

2437 days ago


I don't dislike Katie, but she sure seems to have aged a LOT in the last year or so.

2437 days ago

Biased information    

Avoid the Bigot Bandwagon

2437 days ago
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