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Britney Jumps Between Personalities

1/17/2008 12:39 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

In a very "Sybil" move, two of Britney's inner voices were fighting for control last night -- bouncing from British Brit, "Whea's the cah?" to Southern-fried ding dang Spears in just seconds. My troops!

Before the high speed paparazzi chase that ended with four paps under arrest, Britney and Adnan ate, once again, at Gaucho Grill in Studio City. Brit was heard saying of the paps, "Why they out here like this?"

Maybe they can't resist the Chorizo Argentino either, y'all -- er, you theah.


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LIKE, OH MY GOSH, it's hurricane Britney

2410 days ago

kim suck    

someone bash her head in already

2410 days ago

kim suck    

someone bash her head in already!

2410 days ago


I wish she would change into the paparazzi whoop-ass personality. You guys derserved to have your asses beat - maybe you'd learn some respect. The paps are much less normal than Britney - pathetic parasitic stalkers. Get a real job, freaks. And leave her alone! I'd be way more ashamed to be part of the stalkerazzi than to be Britney.

2410 days ago


What's with her toy boy pap's hair? She is definetly not seeing straight. She really does act like she's a fry brain.

2410 days ago

kim suck    

nd I agree with the person who said the paps should leave her alone for a few weeks at least--BRITNEY'S ONLY CLAIM TO INFAMY IS HER DUMB PAPARRAZI OPS. W/O THE PAPS SHE HAS NO LIFE. They are not the bad guys, they're just doing their jobs, who can blame them??

--Not Dr Phil

you are a dumb ass!!!! way too much thought with this whore!

2410 days ago


I don't understand WHY this Adnan character acts so normal about all this - if I heard someone close to me all of a sudden speaking in a british accent, then to a sourthern accent, then to normal voice I would know something is terribly wrong. I think this Adnan guy is milking Brit for all she's worth - letting her act like this so he'll get more money for pix he took - maybe he's writing a book - he'll be the one to tell the media, after she is locked up, 'I did everything I could, she wouldn't listen'

It's all a bunch of malarky! She's doing it cause she's playing around - everything is a game - I think she just has to burn out, money will stop coming in, this Adnan guy will see his meal ticket is tapped out and he'll leave and that will probably be the time she has a total breakdown if not attempt suicide.

2410 days ago


As much as I dislike all her latest behavior -- can you imagine all that crap going around you all the time. Trying to walk and not know which way to go because of the mob. Getting the lights flashing like that. YIKES. Maybe it's burned out her brain?

2410 days ago


Hmmmmmmm, not sure whether I have gas or am starting to actually feel some pity for this creature...........please advise.

2410 days ago


#91--- YOU"RE the dumbass..way too much thought on MY post, pin head... It was meant for one person only (nope, NOT you ;(

2410 days ago


Rae, they camp out at her house - Robbie Williams, who lives a few doors down, even describes how they order take-out to their vehicles - to their vehicles! she goes shopping at 2am and they know about it - you mean to say the paps stake out stores like that too and its her fault for going there? you didnt hear about her going to Ralphs except in the last week, so she is going to different places and still being photoed. how many times on here do they have interviews with their paps where they say "we're at Britney's house and she is not back yet - or, she has not left yet - or just got back", or "we are at the usual exits"

. i'm not making excuses for whats already happened to her, not at all, but at the same time, she cant be the blame for EVERYTHING - no one is happy unless there is something or someone to blame. Lufit was on Seacrest this morning saying hopefully she will see the kids soon - things are "back on track" - she has doctor's appts, etc. so instead of sitting there and continously beating down a girl who is supposedly sick, stop blaming her for everyone else's actions, too. it's not b/c of the spectacle that she is that attracts the photogs, it's b/c they are already right behind her..

2410 days ago

Jusst saying    

You wanna see somethin really funny............check out X-17's site........... With her bare ass in torn fishnets and a skirt up to her hips... LOL......... God! what a wreck!! It looks like he's dragging in a cracked-out street ho from the gutter!! Oops, no, it's Britney-Bitch.

2410 days ago


#91, I agree with you totally. I find it strange that this adnan character wouldn't think she was freaking a freak!! I think it's all a game for her and she loves this attention. If she didn't want attention she wouldn't be buying a pregnancy test right in front of them too!! she could easily hire someone to go get her supplies or someone she is close to I am sure would be happy to go get them for her! She loves the attention. she makes me sick,

2410 days ago


She really seems like she's on lots of drugs to me. Her accent is really really bad too!!

2410 days ago


This is pitiful, people just need to leave her alone. People have taken away from her what matters the most, her kids. people need to stop and think, just how they would feel if something that they hold near and dear to their heart were taken away, how would they feel? it is no wonder she does some of what she does, think about it, how would you like to have camera after camera flashing in your face every minute of every day, just hoping that you will mess up, so people can profit from someone elses pain. people need to think of her and her children and leave them alone. i am a mother and i cannot imagine losing my kids, i would have nothing to live for. if people would understand what kind of pain she is in, I think the celebrity scene would be a completely better place. It seems she has nothing else, the people with the cameras have taken everything from her, except her life, and without the joy of your children, what kind of life would a person have. So please people, leave her and her family alone. If people would just do that for one day, I think we would see a complete different side of her. if nothing else think of those precious little boys, being without their momma. They are the innocent ones, they are too little to understand what is going on, all they see is that their momma is not around, to get them a bottle, give them a bath, or to tuck them in at night. That my friend, is not fair. People are not supposed to profit from someone elses pain. I hope the Britney reads this and sees that there still are people in this world that are praying for her and her children, they are the ones that, i think the people with the cameras are forgetting, Years down the road, when they are older, they will wonder why people just wouldnt leave their momma alone. She couldnt even go into a church, the paps wont give her any privacy at all. Is nothing sacred? So Britney, Jamie Lynn or any of her family that happens to read this, have faith and never give up.

2410 days ago
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